Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight: @ginaedwards

OPI Celebrates Black History Month
  • OPI Celebrates Black History Month

    In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating four incredible industry innovators and sharing their stories. Introducing @ginaedwards, celebrity nail artist and lover of life and nails, whose work you will have seen on the nails of Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, and Naomi Campbell. Stay tuned all month to be inspired by these innovators in the industry.

    1. OPI Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight

      When did you decide to pursue your nail tech career?

      I decided to pursue a nail career while I was in college to cover smaller school expenses. I would go to people's homes or offices until I decided to work in a salon part-time You’ve worked with some iconic black celebrities - Naomi Campbell, Tiffany Haddish, and Tracee Ellis Ross to name a few.

      What is it like working with such big names?

      Working with celebrities is a surreal experience. The environment you're in is sometimes intense especially if they are going on a red carpet. Fine-tuning is everything...perfection. Most celebrities I've worked with are pretty chill because after the first time they see me, they know my work and feel comfortable. I always try to keep a calm balance in the room because celebs schedules are chaotic and intense. So, when I share some nail time with them I always want them to feel relaxed.

      Who was your first celebrity client?

      My first celebrity client was Mariah Carey. I was a bit nervous and I told myself not to go in there as a fan. I manicured her as she was sleeping in her NYC apartment.

    2. OPI Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight : @ginaedwards

      What's it like working as a nail tech in NYC?

      Working in NYC is great, although it can be tiresome pulling 60lbs of nail items through crowded streets and in buildings that have no elevators.

      What has been your favorite job/ client experience in your career?

      I have so many wonderful experiences but if I had to choose one it would be Lady Gaga. She was performing at Carnegie Hall, and I was escorted to her dressing room where I would do her nails. After, I finished her acrylic fill before polish she needed to rehearse on the piano which was only a few feet away from where we were. It was like magic, her voice, her performance right in front of me as if she was singing to me (of course not). I was in awe. My favorite job was the music video for "Wolves" Kanye West & Kim Kardashian another stellar performance only a couple of feet away.

      Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

      My inspiration for work comes from patterns in fabrics, murals I might see throughout the city. I love craft stores as well they always ignite your creative side.

    3. OPI Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight : @ginaedwards

      What's your favorite OPI shade?

      My long time favorite shades are I'm Not Really a Waitress, a gorgeous slight metallic red which has long been in the collection from when I started out in the nail biz and Lincoln Park After Dark.  

      What's your favorite system to work with and why?

      My favorite system to work with is liquid and powder. I like the mobility of the product and the ease of the removal process

      Advice to aspiring nail techs?

      My advice to nail techs is to know your worth, perfect your skill and step outside your comfort zone. I always have to tell myself that. That's when you will see your growth. Lastly, be humble and kind.

    4. We're celebrating Black History Month! Tune in each week for a new nail artist spotlight or nail salon spotlight all month long.

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