Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight: @naildega

OPI Celebrates Black History Month
  • OPI Celebrates Black History Month

    In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating four incredible industry innovators and sharing their stories. A virtuoso who's nail art has been spotted on A$AP Rocky, Olina Rose is the co-owner and founder of the award-winning nail salon Nail Dega (@naildega) in Inglewood, California. Stay tuned all month to be inspired by these innovators in the industry.

    1. Black History Month Spotlight

      What inspired you to get started in the nail industry?

      I've been inspired by nails since I was a little girl. I learned early the effect that nice nails had on a person no matter what age, color or gender. I've always liked to make people happy. When I realized that I could bring happiness by providing quality nail services I knew it was what I wanted to do.

      Do you have any tips for other nail pros using these systems?

       My tip to other nail pros is when working with any nail system you must "learn your system" meaning, understand how products work together. As a professional, it's your job to know how the chemical works down to a science. I think this is the coolest part of our job.

    2. Black History Month Spotlight

      You were awarded Best Nail Salon in Inglewood. Congrats! Can you expand on what that award means for you?

      When we were awarded Best Nail Salon in Inglewood, it was a symbol of accomplishment because we want to be the best. The award solidified and continues to solidify everything that we do this for. It's a beautiful thing to be seen and recognized and it feels good to be seen and recognized. I'm thankful.

      How did you get started in the nail tech industry?

      I got started in the nail tech industry by doing editorial nails for magazines. This was so fun because I really got to collaborate with stylists, photographers, and makeup artists to really design a look that would pop on a page. It was so creative and just dope. It's definitely one of my favorite lines of work.

    3. Black History Month Spotlight

      We saw you posted ASAP Rocky awhile back with a caption that read, "Men deserve manicures too!" At OPI, we support Mani-Up and men exploring color through their nails. Can you expand on your thoughts of men getting nail services?

      Working with ASAP Rocky was so great! He's really opening the window to show men that 'mancare' is important. He's so expressive and nail art is another way he likes to express himself. Men have the same right to get manicures as women. During these times, we all just want to feel good and if a manicure helps you feel good then go get yourself manicure because you deserve it! Plus, it just looks nice and I think as women, we want our men to look and feel just as nice as we do.

      Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to open a nail salon in LA?

      Some advice for opening your own salon would be to learn to be the best at your craft, save your money, grow tough skin, understand that it's not about you but the people you serve and remember to have fun.



    4. Black History Month Spotlight

      What's your favorite OPI shade?

      My favorite OPI shade is Suzi Chases Portu-geese.

      In your opinion, what makes the best salon experience for a customer?

      The best Salon experience for customers is quality from the moment they walk in. Communication, a positive, clean environment, and quality nail services.

    5. We're celebrating Black History Month! Tune in each week for a new nail artist spotlight or nail salon spotlight all month long.

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