Black History Month Nail Artist Spotlight: @_polishgirlnailcafe

OPI Celebrates Black History Month
  • OPI Celebrates Black History Month

    In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating four incredible industry innovators and sharing their stories. Hailing from Chicago and now based in Memphis, Wynter owns Polish Girl Nail Cafe (@_polishgirlnailcafe) and has worked in the nail industry for 27 years. Stay tuned all month to be inspired by these innovators in the industry.

    1. Black History Month Spotlight

      What's it like being a business owner in the nail industry?

      Being a business owner in the nail industry definitely builds resilience. The market changes. The clients' needs change. Every nail technician is unique. It can be a balancing act to remain steady and reliable for your clients but flexible enough to meet the needs of the business.

      What made you want to bring Polish Nail Bar from Chicago to Memphis?

      I moved to Memphis because I wanted something different; relocating my salon was always a part of the plan.


    2. Black History Month Spotlight

      Do you notice different styles/manicures requested in Memphis as opposed to Chicago?

      Our Memphis clients request dip powder, ombre, fun nail art, or trendy nail shapes on their extensions.

      What’s your favorite OPI color to use?

      I know that Bubble Bath has a huge fan following, but my all-time favorites are Lincoln Park After Dark and Put It In Neutral.

    3. Black History Month Spotlight

      What’s your favorite nail system to work with and why?

      Our most popular service and my favorite nail system is the OPI Gel System. The gel application, on average, works faster than the traditional enhancements—and this frees up appointment slots. There are so many benefits to using gel polish; it is easy to apply, easy to remove, has no drying time, and it works on the natural nail as well as extensions.

      Do you have any advice for anyone aspiring to own their own nail studio?

      I leave you with this: no matter how much this industry changes, as an owner, you must remain consistent and not lose your integrity.


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