Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
  • Black Lives Matter

    We are listening to you, we want to help find an answer, we know you’re in pain.

    We know we’ve made mistakes in the past, and we still haven’t figured it out today. But we want to begin making positive changes for the future.

    To begin, we want to turn over our platform to voices in our community who can speak with authority from their own lived experience and raise awareness for Black Lives Matter. In recent days, our team has been listening to your views and learning from your comments.

    To take a moment, to listen, and most importantly, to amplify other voices we will be continuing to silence our social media until the 7th of June.

    Though OPI may not be able to offer answers or comfort, we know that there are resources already available to help us start. We have compiled a list below for you to also learn, share, and start driving change.

    Black Lives Matter:
    Join the movement to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice. Sign up for updates, check out their resources, and follow them @blklivesmatter. 

    Know Your Rights Camp:
    Provides legal resources to address injustice within the black and brown communities, including hiring attorneys for victims of police brutality.

    Campaign Zero:
    An organization committed to limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability. Learn more about @campaignzero’s 10 point plan to help end police brutality.

    Amnesty International:
    Campaigns for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Get involved with @amnesty.

    Color of Change:
    Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. They help create a more human and less hostile world for black people in America.

    Make your voice heard. Text Floyd to 55156, call 612-348-5550, and sign the petition to demand justice for the death of George Floyd.

    Please sign the petition to ensure that arrests are made in the wrongful death of Breonna Taylor.
    #BirthdayForBreonna #SayHerName

    Additional resources and actions you can take to support Breonna Taylor and her family:

    Resources to Learn More:
    Fighting racism means standing up and speaking up, but it also means listening and learning. Below are some resources for more insight into rooting out racism and promoting justice and equality.



    The @naacp_ldf is the premier non-partisan civil rights organization fighting for social justice, education, racial equality, and human rights. We stand by their mission to achieve an inclusive society. To help with this goal, OPI is donating funds to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in partnership with our @cotyinc family.

    Learn more about their efforts and how you can take action as well.

    We know we can do better and are committed to change.

    To help us, we want to hear your thoughts:
    - How OPI can drive change as a company
    - What Black artists do you admire, follow and respect
    - What additional organizations and resources should we share with our wider community?

    Share your feedback with us below.

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    We must do better. We will do better.

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