Cancer Season: July Horoscopes

OPI's Cancer Colorscope
  • OPI's Cancer Colorscope

    Cancer Season! Re-Integrating from COVID and Black Lives Matter–an overdue Revolution, waking us up to heal the past–as we ease into this much needed and nourishing Cancer season. Cancer, the zodiac sign attributed to our roots, family, and the divine feminine sign that aims to protect and nurture.

    Cancer season is marked by the first day of Summer, Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year when we move from glittery Gemini to sultry and alluring Cancer. In Gemini season, there was an aliveness, a chaotic buzz that meant the world around us could no longer go unnoticed. Now, during Cancer season, when the amount of light changes gradually, and we bask in the reflective light of our emotions, we’ll begin to digest and slowly heal the past three months. As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is where we experience the soul through the emotional body. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the light of consciousness, the feeling of all that is familiar, and the precursor for soulful expression. This season, although moody and introspective, does allow for deeper bonds to be made, family ties to be strengthened, and for you to get lost in the watery abyss of emotional sustenance. We all want to feel more secure, to know that our relationships are nourishing and meaningful, and to protect what we love and value (what we consider home–with whom, in our country, and the world). The Climate is Ripe for nourishing equality, taking care of one another, and healing our past as a nation, globe, and as a human race. When we neglect and demean a particular group(s) of people, we are going against the very grain of what it means to be human.

    June 21–New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: changes to home and family + work balance. The United States Sun Sign is Cancer, which means that we can expect to see more unexpected changes unfolding over the next six months (the time that an Eclipse has an effect).

    June 23–Neptune Retrograde: intuition, forms of escapism, i.e., being delusional and unrealistic, boundaries, creative, and psychic downloads, are all part of the process. While Neptune is retrograde, you’ll be refining this process, and more aware of where the above mentioned is out of balance. Be particularly mindful of victim/martyr roleplaying, more confusion, misplaced motives, and for our immune system to be more susceptible. Stay safe, extend compassion to everyone you come into contact with, and strive to develop a stronger connection to your intuition during this Neptune Retrograde transit.

    June 25–Venus direct in Gemini. Hopefully more mindful about how you’re using social media, your voice, and listening to others.

    July 12–Mercury direct in Cancer. More aware of how the past affects the present, and why feelings matter.

    July 20–second New Moon in Cancer this month! Building on the Solar Eclipse from June 21 opposite Pluto and Jupiter–even in the face of opposition, we can succeed. Challenged to honor our “Feel” our feelings, we realize how meaningful they actually are.

    1. Cancer OPI Shade

      The Annular Solar Eclipse in your sign is like the repolarization of an emotional build. Your emotions are a godsend and will always be triggered when you care deeply about something or someone. Two New Moons in your sign this month, equate to two new beginnings–you’re honoring your emotions more because of your high E.Q., and caring more for yourself so that you can give to others from a place of half full.

      Shop the Shade: Is that a Spear in your pocket

      Color: Complete me color. This green makes you feel held by their strength, healthy, abundant and inspired.

      Love: The Sun in your shine is showing you how to love yourself more compassionately.

      Career: When Mars moves into Aries on June 27, your career gets an energizing boost and will become your focus for the rest of the season.

      Money: Money multiplies when you are integral about how you spend and make it.


    2. Leo OPI Shade

      Cancer season represents the close of one season, which for you equates to rest, retreat, and deep inner awareness so that when it’s your season next month, you are ready to shine. The Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Cancer are calling you to retreat–if you can’t go to an actual one, if not, then create one yourself.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Do You Sea What I Sea?

      Color: Remedy color. Restful and self-nourishing–this vibrant blue brings you back to center.

      Love: Authentic, communicative, friendly, and complementary are how you feel about love now that Venus is direct.

      Career: The Full Moon on July 5 shows you how you can be more productive by getting adequate rest.

      Money: The more time spent in meditation, or quiet the clearer you are about your finances.


    3. Bare My Soul

      Cancer season is generally a good time for you–full of warmth, friends, and laughter. This season is no exception; with two New Moons, your focus is on growing your social circle, only with people that feel like family. Friends are where you find emotional comfort and security. Your planet going direct on July 12 continues to support your social status.


      Color: Complete me color. Can’t live without this color. It’s clean, creamy en vogue status screams I know my worth!

      Love: Neptune going retrograde helps you to get clear about what you want.

      Career: Be willing to promote your communication and writing skills. Make sure you’re ready to show yourself off. Money: After June 25, you may want to ask for a raise.


    4. Polly Want A Lacquer

      Two New Moons are thwarting you into career mode while the Eclipse on July 5 allows you to focus on home life less (which is a godsend considering that’s where the focus of your attention has been, not only in the past month but over the last year!). Your planet going direct on June 25 feels better now that your thoughts are aligned to your beliefs again.

      SHOP THE SHADE:Polly Want a Lacquer?

      Color: Complete me color. You wear it well, and you know it, so do others. Coy, mysterious, gentle.

      Love: Mars moving across from you in Aries on June 27, means that you’ll need to honor your desire for freedom without projecting onto your partner(s). Bite your tongue when you need to.

      Career: Put your career first and watch as the rest falls into place.

      Money: Depend on your ability to put yourself first, without any passive-aggressive guilt.


    5. Suzi Without a Paddle

      Your planet moving into fellow Mars-ruled sign, Aries is passionate and requires that you channel your intensity in constructive ways. Two Cancer New Moons are gifting you learning opportunities that will empower you to fight for what you believe in!! Feel your way into the positive changes entering your life now.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Suzi Without a Paddle

      Color: Remedy color. Wise, integral, grants you a feeling of deep inner peace.

      Love: Deeper intimacy, emotional honesty, and peace of mind.

      Career: Take action towards your goals and watch as they unfold over the next month.

      Money: Others support you and or unexpected returns–expect delightful surprise near or around June 25.



    6. Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

      An intuitive realization about how you’re currently transforming is deeply felt. The level that you’re comfortable in intimacy is changing for the best–not only sexual intimacy but emotional, even financial. Sharing yourself with someone doesn’t always have to be romantic. Trusting someone can be a learned skill, but only if you believe yourself first.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Nessie play hide and sea-k

      Color: Complete me color. Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k Not only does this sparkling blue turquoise color keep you calm and reassured, but it also has the power to heal you.

      Love: This season is focused on relationships. Only you’ll need to put your heart where your mouth is.

      Career: Taking creative risks will make you gleam with positivity, and that positivity will garner you more attention for your abilities.

      Money: The Eclipse on July 5 foretells that you need to be less practical with cash this season, and instead focus on your emotional wellness to be in better balance.


    7. You've Got That Glas-glow

      The New Moons in Cancer, your opposite sign, are solely focused on developing a stronger emotional connection with others, in particular, your lover or partner. The Eclipse in your sign on July 5 reassures you that a practical approach is of lesser importance now. On June 30, plan something big–Jupiter (the planet of luck) and Pluto (the planet of spiritual will) align in your sign!

      SHOP THE SHADE: You've Got that Glas-glow

      Color: Remedy color. Reconnects you to your innocence.

      Love: Felt, emotive, and organic–yet devotional, integral, and supportive.

      Career: Better time management and a clear head are what you need to be successful right now.

      Money: Committing to the needs of others will grant you better financial circumstances.


    8. Just a Hint of Pearl-ple

      Cancer season for you is something almost foreign because it implies attachment, emotions, and some facets that feel traditional to you. The beauty of a season is that it allows you to develop untapped parts of yourself. This season, although emotional is centered on work as your soul calling and that those whom you work with, ought to feel like a second family.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Just a hint of Pearl-PLe

      Color: Complete me color. Alluring, mysterious, emotionally comfortable is what this silvery color aligns you to.

      Love: Venus direct in fellow air sign Gemini on June 25, makes romance more stimulating, fun, and playful!

      Career: Allowing your emotions to inform you of what you need workwise. Now would be ideal for improving your work situation and or looking for more work!

      Money: Neptune going retrograde implies that you’ll need to reconnect to your intuition and trust when it comes to financial flow.


    9. I'm a Natural

      Cancer season is highly creative, romantic, and fun for you! Caring for others, via cooking and entertaining are some of your favorite ways to play and have fun–so do more of it! Especially with two New Moons this month. If you do not want to have children, then be mindful that you are particularly fertile this season!

      SHOP THE SHADE: I'm A Natural

      Color: Complete me color. Fertile, and feminine just like you.

      Love: Sweet, sensitive, nourishing, and like a past time. Plan as many romantic evenings as you possibly can!

      Career: It’s not so much career as it is living a lifestyle that’s who you are professionally.

      Money: If you want to save money, be mindful of your impulse to spend this season, especially after June 27.

    10. Shellabrate Good Times!

      Mars, your ruling planet, enters your sign on June 27, which will feel like all is right in the world again. Notice how your body temperature changes, how your skin is more flushed, and how you feel alive and in touch with your instinct again. Both New Moon’s this season are spotlighting your home life–you’ll need to balance your emotional needs with that of your physical needs. Plan to channel your abundant energy constructively!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Shellabrate Good Times!

      Color: Remedy color. Reflective, and balancing is just what you need to reconnect your inner needs.

      Love: Invigorating when you take the lead.

      Career: The Eclipse on June 5 reminds you that being in control isn’t always a good thing. You’re learning to go with the flow more.

      Money: Sticking to the facts gifts you the ability to ask for what you’re worth.


    11. I Can Never Hut Up

      The Eclipse and New Moon this season are allowing you to communicate from the heart more. Be mindful that your environment affects your emotions more than anything. Your planet, Venus, going direct on June 25, makes it clear how much you value yourself.

      SHOP THE SHADE: I can Never Hut Up

      Color: Complete me color. Stable, confident, and resilient to self-criticism.

      Love: Quality, sensual, and fruitful when you value yourself as much as the love you thirst after.

      Career: You’re in the process of accepting your new radical ideas and finding constructive ways to incorporate them into your work life–you’ve got this!

      Money: Your financial goals are easily attainable after Venus goes direct on June 25.


    12. Check Out the Old Geysirs

      Cancer season is grounding for you because it allows you to move from your overactive mind into your feelings and to understand them, which is more than what most people can say about being logical about their emotional state. The two New Moons are aligning you to better financial balance, but only when you’ll honor your feelings rather than logically excuse them.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Check out the old geysirs

      Color: Remedy color. Subdued, receptive, and gifts you enough patience to feel your way into things.

      Love: Venus going direct on June 25 in your sign implies that you are more confident and self-assured to attract the respect that you deserve.

      Career: Neptune going retrograde means that the possibility of feeling confused about where things are going is beyond perfect right now. Embrace the confusion and allow the creative onset to flow naturally.

      Money: Golden, you can thank the two New Moon + the Eclipse that promises a financial surprise!


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