Capricorn Season: January Horoscopes

Capricorn Season: January Horoscopes
  • Capricorn Season: January Horoscopes

    Capricorn Season is upon us! As 2018 comes to a close and we approach the New Year, we are more mindful than ever about how we've spent the last year and how we want to improve in 2019.

    Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet has returned home to Capricorn earlier this year, bestowing us with more responsibility, so take this time to plan the major milestones you want to accomplish in 2019. It’s time to embrace your flaws, frustrations, and even limitations this season–realizing that they are better enabling you to better focus on what matters most, on who you truly are, and what you are capable of achieving.

    1. OPI Infinite Shine Black to Reality

      Your home life is energized big time after January 5, which means that you can give up something outdated, or surrender to what is to feel truly free. All eyes are on you for the next 30 days. Lead by example.

      Echoing you. It's your match color.

      Shop the shade: Black to reality

    2. OPI Infinite Shine Berlin There Done That

      Stay grounded and healthy: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Post-January 5 you'll need to spend more time alone to reconnect with your higher self.

      Neutral and straightforward, exactly what you need. Balancing.

      Shop the shade: berlin there done that

    3. OPI Infinite Shine A Red-vival City

      You will receive a steady self-esteem boost, so feel free to be more confident or assertive this month. Your social life feels like more of a responsibility than pleasure, but make the extra effort to get out there and connect with the people who will make your 2019 great.

      This is your fierce color of the month. Balancing.

      Shop the shade: A red-vival city

    4. OPI Nail Lacquer March In Uniform

      This is a month where you will be on the go, and full of creative energy! Think of this month as a productive one, where you plan to channel your time in more constructive ways. Keep calm and move it along.

      Gifting you with grace. Your balancing color this month.

      Shop the shade: march in uniform

    5. OPI Infinite Shine Yank My Doodle

      Spiritually attuned and realigned. Let your stance about emotional security shift a bit. The eclipse on January 5 is moving you into some higher-minded places.

      This gentle hue of orange stimulates your mind.

      Shop the shade: yank my doodle

    6. OPI Nail Lacquer Do You Sea What I Sea?

      Channel your inner socialite this month! Prepare for unprecedented social momentum. Between socializing like mad and getting the rest you need, your emotional health and financial well being will require a bit of TLC.

      Supports balance, including your checkbook.

      Shop the shade: do you sea what I sea?

    7. OPI Infinite Shine Como Se Llama?

      It's all business and partnerships this month. The Full Moon last month was the catalyst for your progress this month, realigning you with your goals. On January 5, say yes to a new relationship opportunity!

      This color boosts creativity and confidence.

      Shop the shade: como se llama?

    8. OPI Designer Series - Classic

      Keep your mind on new opportunities and time management. Expect a packed schedule, which means that your health needs to be a priority this month. No escapism, flights of fancies, or meaningless distractions!

      A coral rose-gold sparkling match.

      Shop the shade: designer series-classic

    9. OPI Infinite Shine Vodka & Caviar

      Intimacy and romance need to be a priority this month, especially with yourself. The Partial Solar Eclipse on January 5 is particularly the perfect time to kick off a creative project or new artistic endeavor.

      This color breaks you out of your shell and inspires you to try new things. Balancing.

      Shop the shade: vodka & caviar

    10. OPI Nail Lacquer CIA=Color Is Awesome

      This month, be encouraged to make those big changes you’ve been putting off. Relationship matters come into play big time as well, and it's best to be straightforward about your needs and expectations.

      You, but more bold and flavorful. balance. 

      Shop the shade: CIA= color is awesome

    11. OPI Nail Lacquer Cosmo-not Tonight Honey!

      Be brave and don’t be afraid to shake things up this month. This is your moment to make a leap forward in your career or personal projects.

      Mindful, flexible, and lighter. Balancing. 

      Shop the shade: Cosmo-not tonight honey!

    12. OPI Nail Lacquer Berry Fairy Fun

      Yes, you have loads of responsibility now, but your life is also more stable and promising than it's ever been. This month definitely calls for a celebration, Sagittarius!

      Sparkling. Celebratory just like you–it's your match.

      Shop the shade: berry fairy fun

    13. Capricorn Season is the time to work with more balancing color, to experiment with more nail shades and embrace the new year. 

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    14. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora

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