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    Capricorn is at the helm when we enter 2020! One of the four leadership signs, opposite Cancer–their seasons occurring during two of the biggest seasonal changes on Earth. Capricorn season doesn’t just affect Capricorn’s–we all channel a little more Saturnian perseverant work ethic (Saturian referring to Saturn Capricorn’s governing planet). This season lends itself to planning, taking life a little more seriously–valuing our time and energy more, and wanting it/life/things to feel stable and assured. As a cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn’s carry the weight of responsibility due to their Saturnian rulership–they are the ones who need to be an authority on something–even if that only means in their communication–but this extends to their family, work, and social circle. They command respect and mostly with an austere aura.

    Hint: Look at your natal chart to see where you have the sign Capricorn (we all have it somewhere in our birth charts i.e. house cusp), or planets in Capricorn–this is the above filtered and expressed through your chart and highlighted during Capricorn season. We are all working to become a little better versed in Capricorn themes.

    1. I'm Not Really A Waitress

      A Solar Eclipse + Jupiter, the guardian planet of growth and expansion moved into your sign on December 2. This is big news because it means that you are teaching the world how to be a hustler. No pressure right? You’re leading by example– applying your savvy business approach to all aspects of life. Put your energy where you’re heart is to feel truly fulfilled. Expect this to be a life-changing year. The Eclipses gift you fated and the unexpected to push you into excellence.


      Complete me color. Red is too loud for you, but a deep burgundy makes your heart throb. It’s your power color. This one has just enough sparkle to make you shine.

      Love: It’s obvious how much you’ve changed. Your magnetic to others when you care about presentation, energy, and when you own that you’re a boss.

      Career: Your life has shuffled just enough to align you to the right people. Trust that people leaving your life could have hampered your success, while the new people entering it are here to support. January 12 means owning your wisdom.

      Money: Stay innovative and clear about your unique vision in order to get the biggest bang for your buck. Tip: this color is also your money color.



    2. Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

      Venus is in your sign until January 13, so make the most out of it! This means aesthetics and presentation become a vehicle for your unique self-expression. The Eclipses are reworking your routine so that you can make more time for yourself. Spend time alone when you need it, dive deeper into spirituality (not just this month but for the entire year!) and give yourself a beauty makeover.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

      Remedy Color. Brings you back to center, keeps your mind engaged, and heart open.

      Love: The first two weeks of this season love comes to you in unexpected ways and likely from foreign places. Stay open and post more selfies. You’ll need to love yourself first, owning your unique attributes which make you untouchable to anything perceived as competition. You are a diamond, shine like it!

      Career: You can thank the eclipses for bringing you more into alignment with your authentic career path. You can’t just work any job, you are bent on a vocation that completely consumes you.

      Money: This month you’ll have a little extra to spend on yourself, but when Venus enters your financial sector on January 13 you can expect more.

    3. Kanpai OPI!

      Now that Jupiter is no longer challenging your life’s vision, but supporting you to create it, trust that what you’re sensing is real, grounded in longevity, and can truly bring you closer to your dreams. Venus enters your sign on January 13 where it loves to be! This season is a dreamy escape of your own choosing. The Eclipses are thwarting you into exciting new social paradigms. Are you ready?!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Kanpai OPI!

      Complete me color. You love anything that sparkles like your soul. This color reinforces your alluring soul essence.

      Love: You are love. Ask for what you want and trust that it can happen. Remember that boundaries are key for you and so is alone time. Expect synchronistic meetings that could turn into more. The Eclipses have been reworking your relationship criteria all year long. Don’t settle.

      Career: Your network allows is what allows you to shine brightest. This season is about letting your image and reputation speak for you.

      Money: Your finances are generated from knowing how to communicate and to ask for what you want. With Venus, the money planet in your sign starting January 13, you can expect extra financial support from the universe.

    4. We the Female

      Jupiter moving through the top of your solar chart is a game-changer. The last two and a half years you’ve come to terms with your role in the world and likely had a lot of realizations around it. The eclipses promise that this month initiates a new beginning of your life. The Eclipse on January 10 is bringing domestic issues to a head so that you can focus more on a career. It’s not what you do, but who you are that’s key. Stay true to your fierce spirit.


      Complete me color. A year ago a bright red would have been a no brainer, but now you’re more grounded and so are your color choices.

      Love: Love needs to feel like a friendship now. To you, loves means receiving the type of support that comes from honesty and liberation. A friendship turns into love or just the opposite.

      Career: On fire, and you know it! You can thank the eclipses.

      Money: You’ve got to bring it back to innovation. Your money sector is always Venus-ruled, but in a challenging aspect for the first two weeks this season financial abundance comes when you’re willing to take more risks–as in investment, not a shopping spree.

    5. Grandma Kissed A Guach

      Jupiter now in fellow Earth sign Capricorn supports you to expand your life’s vision. For a fixed stable sign like you, this season is exciting and promises profound growth as long as you’re willing to strategize–especially after January 10 when Uranus, the planet of awakening and unexpected events comes out of retrograde in your sign. Your focus this season is on learning (sign up for that class, program) and traveling–doing things that expand your knowledge. You’re laying the groundwork for the next year–make it count!


      Positive Vibes Only Remedy color. Life will never be the same as you’ve known it. This bold color gifts you the courage to leap.

      Love: Love isn’t about escaping into someone else, it’s about becoming so secure in yourself that you fall into the perfect relationship, or shift the one you’re already in.

      Career: Climaxing. You’re on a new learning curve and with Venus, in your career sector, you’re getting a taste of what’s to come. Stay focused on “the mission” (notice we didn’t say your mission ;) There’s something bigger at work here and others will follow suit.

      Money: Giving back, putting your energy on strategy rather than reward helps you win, even if that win is a lawsuit or student loan. Money comes from unexpected places this season.

    6. Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me

      Wearing polish doesn’t just accentuate your liveliness, but it complements your oral fixation quite nicely. Jupiter is gracing your resources, sex, other people's money, and rebirth section of your solar chart. Expect a deep current of life to awaken within you. People are emerging from the woodworks to get in on what you’re creating. They want a piece. Think about who and what are of value to you before jumping into bed with them. Time and energy are an investment so don’t accept what you don’t need–make this your motto this season.


      Remedy color. Darker than you prefer to wear because it’s you behind closed doors. It empowers you to bypass B.S. Love: Bite your tongue before causing chaos. Mercury, your planet entices you with alternative options. After December 28 you’ll want to go deeper with a particular someone, but you’ll probably have to be the one to say it. Someone from a different culture is always appealing to you.

      Career: You get ahead when you are managing your resources wisely and responsibly. We don’t mean to sound like your parents, but it’s true especially this season. Success is more of a personal investment.

      Money: Money comes from sharing your beliefs. Post more, speak your mind, and accept help when you need it. The Solar Eclipse on Decemeber 26 is gifting you unexpected cash flow, say thank you.

    7. Chopstix and Stones

      Moonchild, the Eclipses realigned your life in 2019. It may not always feel clear about why, but it will soon. The Eclipses are wrapping up in your sign this year and moving on–to make the most of them–surrender to the changes and welcome all that is new and wonderful. Jupiter moving across from you means all relationships in your life are like a godsend, business, and romantic. People leaving your life are making space for the new and important ones you couldn’t have dreamt of if you tried.


      This deep sparkling color reminds you that your emotions are your greatest asset.

      Love: Love is at your door. It’s in front of you–be your edible, vulnerable self and let the other person be what you’re not. You’ve got the support of Mars, Venus, the Eclipses and Jupiter on your relationship side. The Eclipse is basically eclipsing a destined relationship into your life. If already committed then things get hot and real.

      Career: Focus on building the right partnerships since it’s where the planets are dominating your life at the moment. Rally people who can do what you can’t and lead with your strength.

      Money: Financial success comes from the way you’ve been fostering your relationships. Money is a surprise when you least expect it.

    8. A Little Guilt Under the Kilt

      There there, take a beat. Jupiter is bringing you more work than you know what to do with. If you neglect your health in favor of being too busy–the Eclipses will not play nice. Managing your time and energy are key for you this season. You get an energy boost when Mars moves into your sign on January 3, but before then you can rely on others, just ask for help. After January 13 you get an opportunity to make a wise investment, say yes!


      Complete me color. Basically your best color when you’re not hung up on creamy nudes. This is your vitality color, need we say more.

      Love: Eccentric, erotic, friendly. You love a person who knows how to penetrate your mind. There’s not much else you need to do. Mars is making things more exciting–stay spontaneous. After January 13 a relationship gets dreamy.

      Career: You’re working your way up, keep doing what you’re doing. The Eclipses add a layer of unexpected drama, but you love a little drama–roll with it.

      Money: Money is more promising after January 13 when Venus gives you an empathic embrace for all your hard work. Think bonuses, indirect and unexpected resources.


    9. Samurai Breaks A Nail

      Sometimes you need to plan free time in order to discover hidden talents. If children are on your agenda then tis the season for procreating, if you’re not, then make creating a project a priority. This season is all about making time for Joy in your life instead of waiting for the right time. The Eclipses December 26 and January 10 will make sure that you stay spontaneous and actually make space for the things that you enjoy. Passions and past times will likely turn into a career if you invest your time wisely.


      Remedy Color. You need this, really. Nudes, reds, taupes, and mauves just aren’t your best look right now.

      Love: After January 13 Venus moves across from you which means that life gets so much lustier and you take a commitment seriously. How exciting!

      Career: Post January 3 expect an opportunity to move that could benefit your career. At the very least, developing your talents takes you far. Think bigger.

      Money: Make the most out of your resources. Lending a helping hand, or offering your services will yield you extra cash before January 13.


    10. Good Girls Gone Plaid

      December 30 is interesting because there is so much that has been happening with family and your home life that you finally get some answers, or at the very least some relief. Jupiter and the Eclipses promise exciting changes and the possibility of a new home, or living situation that will help to support your career in the long run. Be reserved when it comes to your private life but more open when it comes to relationships!


      Remedy color. Although you love this one, for its soft feminine hue of lavender–it’s grounding, restorative, and sensual–just what you need to feel balanced right now.

      Love: Love is your life. This season it’s fun, detached, and spontaneous–go with it.

      Career: Focus more on what’s happening at home so that you have extra energy to focus on work. Home first, work second–after December 29 this feels easier. See if you can work from home more.

      Money: Financial flow is promising before January 13, when you are able to turn a creative pastime into a business idea that becomes lucrative. Think the internet, innovative, helps people.


    11. All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

      Communication is everything and it’s something that you’ve realized over the past year. The Eclipses are making the small things obvious–the ins-and-outs of your immediate environment, to how your relationship to your sibling(s) and or closest friends affects your thoughts about life. Jupiter promises you more short trips, the possibility of a new car, better transportation, and authority when you speak (a.k.a. The power of voice).

      SHOP THE SHADE: All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

      Remedy Color. It’s not red, but a rich violet matte glitter velvet, need we say more? Colors speak, and this is where you’re at.

      Love: Mars, your ancient ruling planet is in your sign until January, 3 making you hot and magnetic. You’re literally oozing intense, so depending on how you want to use that card, it’s up to you–it can either be overpowering, or magnetic.

      Career: Status depends on your ability to communicate. The Eclipses have been supporting you to learn a ton so that you’re prepared and confident. Now it’s up to how you come across–you’ve got this!

      Money: After January 3 you’re more apt to break the bank than to save for a rainy day. If your goal is to save then don’t spend frivolously on last-minute adventures.


    12. This Color's Making Waves

      New Year's Eve is particularly lovely for you due to the sky overhead. This year Jupiter, your planet ignited you once again–you’ve spent the last year choosing between mass amounts of everything that came your way. Now, with Jupiter in Capricorn, you’ll finally be able to see some of the seeds you planted come to fruition and with capital to follow. This is your year to cash in, and your season to begin this fruitful journey.


      Remedy Color. While your life is on lock-down, meaning you’re committed–this color keeps you connected to your optimism and luck. Love: The focus has been on you, while it’s likely that relationships have either fallen away or grown with you–you’re now ready for a Serious commitment. After January 13, the challenge is learning to be comfortable with vulnerability.

      Career: The Eclipses have brought you to where you are. Now it’s all about strategy and follow-through. Oh! And surrendering to the last minute surprises that December 26 and January 10 eclipses are bringing forth.

      Money: Ask for what you’re worth and don’t be so willing to dive into the commitment before talking compensation. Last season you made a little extra, this season is more about what you do with that.


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