December Colorscope: Sagittarius

December Colorscope: Sagittarius
  • December Colorscope: Sagittarius

    Happy solar return Sagittarius! It’s finally your trip around the Sun and we can expect a lot of new changes and exciting things to happen. The beginning of Sagittarius season starts a bit rough as you are faced with coming to terms with yourself. There is a New Moon total solar eclipse on December 4th at 12° in Sagittarius. This New Moon will bring a lot of clarity, but most importantly you’ll know what you need to leave behind to move forward. On December 18th there is a Full Moon in Gemini at 27° revealing something that has been hidden through communication. Whatever needs to be known is made clear during this time.

    1. My Color Wheel is Spinning

      Happy solar return Sagittarius! It’s finally your trip around the Sun and we can expect a lot of new changes and exciting things to happen. The beginning of Sagittarius season starts a bit rough as you are faced with coming to terms with yourself. This is a very important time for reflection. Take a moment in solitude to get clear about why you are where you are right now. Some of you might experience karma, karma can be both good and bad things. Most of you will have a clear view of your timeline and how to move forward.

      Color: Your color of the month is My Color Wheel is Spinning by OPI. This beautiful color of the sunset is similar to your adventurous spirit. Wear this color to be reminded that you have many opportunities and your path is clear and beautiful.

      Love: Love is not the highlight of your birthday season although you’ll still have a lot of it. The focus is more on your long-term goals and investments, if you can find a stable partner who can help you reach your goals then it’s a win-win.

      Career: You have a great opportunity to advance your work or career situation. Focus on ways to increase your energy and use your time more wisely. Surprisingly the things that bother you the most can also be the things that give you the most drive.

      Finances: Lots of money fluctuations at the beginning of the month then things get better after Mars enters your sign Sagittarius on December 13th.

      Health: This is a great month to focus on your health as it can be all over the place. One thing you need to remember about your health is that your mood greatly affects it. The more positive you are with a positive outlook the better you feel.

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    2. Olive For Green

      Upon entering a new year you have a lot to look back on. A lot of you have made many strides or overcome many habits. This Sagittarius season you deserve to relax a little. With Venus in Capricorn and a Venus retrograde coming up soon you are in the perfect position to be a little selfish. You deserve a vacation and some spontaneity. This Sagittarius season go somewhere far, if that’s possible. If not, try to travel in other ways like through your imagination by reading books or maybe even discovering new spiritual practices. This is a time that you can really self-love on yourself like never before.

      Color: Your color of the month is Olive for Green by OPI. This deep elegant evergreen is luxurious and earthy just like you. Its color is deep and profound like your character. Wear this color for confidence.

      Love: Big changes happen in your love life during Sagittarius season. This is a time where you can truly connect and deepen your relationship with someone. Or some very strong connections may break if they are too superficial. Cherish those that are valuable to you, but also know how valuable you are and cherish yourself.

      Career: You’ve done a great job at finding a healthy balance between work and play. Sagittarius season is about that balance. Don’t overdo it and don’t underdo it. You know what to do. Consistency is key.

      Finances: Your financial situation is healthy. During high times do your best to save and invest.

      Health: Your health is great and thriving! Do your best to get out in nature, take walks or hikes.

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    3. Violet Visonary

      Your strongest ally is your network and it can be a huge benefit for you during this time. Saturn is finally moving direct and now you can see things more clearly but also make concrete plans. During Sagittarius season there might be some delays or hiccups, but a delay is not a no. You might have to reach out to your connections and network for help. It’s OK to ask for help. As long as the help leads you forward and not backwards. On December 4th there is a New Moon total solar eclipse at 12° Sagittarius. This New Moon reawakens your energy and inspires your action to do more.

      Color: Your color of the month is Violet Visionary by OPI! This Royal purple is destined for greatness just like you! Wear this color to be reminded of who you are and where you’re going. This is your time!

      Love: Most of you are elusive and easily attract the attention of others even if you don’t notice. Nothing changes during Sagittarius season but you are so busy finishing up your year plans that you might not even notice. If you already have a partner you will have to make sure to spend time as you might forget. Sometimes it’s OK to just focus on you. Or if you include your partner in your daily rituals it’s a win-win situation.

      Career: Your career is of the utmost importance and you need to take it very seriously. If there was ever a time to take grace, that time is now. Although Saturn is squaring Uranus all of Sagittarius season, Jupiter is making positive aspects to Mars which you can’t ignore. This is the definition of you win some, you lose some.

      Finances: Your financial situation is strong because you are disciplined. If you haven’t been disciplined it might be a struggle. Taking financial risks during this time is not smart.

      Health: You are a bit restless and anxiety-prone in the beginning of Sagittarius season. After December 13th your energy becomes more balanced. Take magnesium bicarbonate to regulate stress.

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    4. Abstract After Dark

      You are actually extremely busy during this time and need to focus on staying focused. There might be a lot of distractions but the biggest distraction is yourself. It’s time to look at yourself with realistic eyes. The truth of the matter is that you are extremely talented but sometimes may lack the ambition to follow through. Seeing yourself clearly this time can show you what you need to get ahead.

      Color: Your color of the month is Abstract after Dark by OPI. This beautiful starry mystic color is just like you, full of opportunities. It shines and glitters just like your spirit. Wear this color to boost your creativity.

      Love: Love is all around you and flows to you easily and effortlessly. A loved one might be able to help you see some of your plans through.

      Career: You are extremely busy with your career or business ideas. Your dreams are very high and very long right now, it can be difficult to see them through. It’s important to make small realistic goals and steps for you to follow along your journey for success.

      Finances: Your financial situation is strong and sturdy and I advise you not to touch it. If you must spend, why not invest so you know you can make some of that money back. Think assets over liabilities.

      Health: You have great health as long as you can eat healthily and consistently. Don’t eat too many rich foods or too many sweets during this time. If you’re craving sweets, have more fruit.

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    5. Maraschino Cheer-y

      This is a wonderful time for you to find complete balance with your work, your relationships, and your passions. You are on a much-needed winning streak with lots of creative ideas and lots of passion. You are finally feeling like yourself which is powerful and good. You deserve all the good that is coming your way and to walk with confidence. If you are not feeling confident during this time you might need to talk to someone or you might need to do something that can reinspire how you feel about yourself. Your intuition is also at an all-time high and you can intuitively know when to act anyway and to wait.

      Color: Your color of the month is Maraschino Cheer-y by OPI. This vibrant red is your color because it's sassy, confident, and sexy just like you. Wear this color to reawaken the confidence you were born with.

      Love: Your love life is fiery and passionate during this time. A lot of you are establishing long-term commitments. You can grow closer and more serious with your partner during this time. You deserve amazing love.

      Career: Your career or job is booming during this time and you are able to come into opportunities or a raise. This is why you need to stay focused and diligent so you can get everything that you deserve and all that you were asking for.

      Finances: You might be unrealistic about your financial situation during this time. Or there can be unexpected bills that come out of nowhere. Do your best to save what you have as you might not know when you need a security blanket.

      Health: Focus on your reproductive organs during this time. Drink red raspberry leaf tea to nourish and protect your reproductive organs.

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    6. My Studio's on Spring

      Sagittarius season might feel like a complete roller coaster to you. If you have been lacking to make changes this can almost feel like trauma. If you have been open to making changes this can feel like an epiphany or your true spiritual awakening. All of the emotions that you have gone through throughout the year we’re all for this moment right now during Sagittarius season. Here is when you need to get up and make change. There is no more waiting, there is no more plans, there is only right now and right now you need to change. Luckily most of you are open and willing for this change as you have been preparing for it.

      Color: Your color of the month is My Studio's on Spring by OPI. This lush deep green is rich and prosperous just like you. Wear this color to remind you of all the resources you have and help you save.

      Love: Your love life might be the main theme during Sagittarius season. For some of you, passion grows stronger and more efficiently but for others, passion can be fleeting. Love should be reciprocal but don’t waste your time on someone who is not in alignment with your dreams. Ask and you shall receive.

      Career: Lots of career moves are coming with patience. You might have to do things more than once to get them done. Don’t see this as a bad thing, see this as a way to correct yourself to put out the best possible product.

      Finances: Your financial situation is strong although you are spending a lot. If you must spend, spend on assets instead of liabilities.

      Health: Your health is good and balanced. You have a lot of energy. Exercise can be extremely healthy for your mental health.

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    7. Espresso Your Inner Self

      Your mind is sharp and inquisitive. During Sagittarius season the main theme will be communication and asking questions. Don’t feel guilty about over-talking or over-sharing during this time. The more you communicate the more you will discover and reveal. On November 24th Mercury moves into Sagittarius making communication a little bit more difficult. It might be more difficult to speak logically but it will be easier to connect with others and to share stories. Don’t try to communicate to be right, communicate to understand. There is a lot of new information being revealed to you, if you can connect to others and not throw them off.

      Color: Your color of the month is Espresso Your Inner Self by OPI. This deep espresso brown is deep and thoughtful just like you. Wear this color to stay grounded.

      Love: Your love life is prosperous and flourishing. During Sagittarius season a lot of your relationships will grow deeply and more passionately. Don’t be afraid to communicate how you’re feeling with your loved ones. You are moving past superficiality to something more meaningful and powerful.

      Career: Your career is at an all time high but you need to make more specific plans. Sagittarius season is the perfect time to rethink and revise your long-term goals. A lot of you might have to add a partner along with your goals where there wasn’t one before.

      Finances: Your financial situation is changing which can bother you a little bit. You are used to making money in one way, but now you are learning how to make money in new ways. The biggest thing here is to trust the process of change.

      Health: Focus on your mobility during Sagittarius season. This is a great time to get back into yoga or to implement stretching into your exercise routine.

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    8. LED Marquee

      Sagittarius season is the perfect time for you to reset your health and daily routines. You will be inspired to take action and do what is most beneficial to you, and you’ll get a lot done in the process. Consistency is key. Although you are super busy, Sagittarius season is also enjoyable for you. You have fun getting into a healthy routine and balancing your work life. This is a great time for you to start a new health regimen, make new goals for your body, re-organize and clean up your house, make a doctor's appointment, and revisit a strong work routine.

      Color : Your color of the month is LED Marquee by OPI. This beautiful starry blue is full of inspiration and ideas just like you! Wear this color as you embark on a new journey of self love and self discipline.

      Love : Relationships are a very common theme for you during this time. You are learning how to balance your intimate relationship and your work relationships. Your relationships can go stronger if you put in the time. Having a strong support system is important so effort is recommended.

      Career : Self-discipline and routine is the key to your career. Nobody works as hard as you do, but now you need to adopt some new routines so you can continue moving forward.

      Finances : Your financial situation is in a really good place to start significant savings. A lot of you might be thinking about purchasing a house or a new home. Only do so if it makes sense financially, don’t commit to something that you are not sure you can follow through with.

      Health : Take care of your lymphatic system during this time. Jumping on the trampoline, lymphatic massages, and jump rope are great ways to detox the lymph nodes.

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    9. Cheers to Mani Years

      Sagittarius season for you is about fun, relationships, vacation, and moving your body. If there was ever a time to enjoy yourself and relax, the time is now, you worked really hard all year and you deserve to let loose a little bit. Be as creative as you want to be and as vibrant as you are. In the beginning of Sagittarius season it’s a lesson of letting go. Do you need to let go of your doubts, let go of your worries, and let go of your fears. Whatever has been bothering you or creating self doubt can now leave you.

      Color : Your color of the month is Cheers to Mani Years by OPI. These vibrant colors are creative and expressive just like you! Wear this color to tap into your creativity.

      Love : Your love life can be amazing and full of adventure during this time. This is a really great time to take some time away from the people that you love. Love should be fun and exciting so don’t forget to bring the excitement into your relationships.

      Career : This is not a time to solely focus on your career but focus on taking a break. This doesn’t mean you can’t make career moves but you might find yourself less focused than usual. Instead of forcing it, give yourself a break and come back when you have more concentration.

      Finances : Your financial situation is fluctuating during Sagittarius season. Some of you might have some ups while others might have some downs. Don’t live above your means.

      Health : Your immune system is weaker than usual. Eating whole foods vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system naturally. Pineapple, papaya, and oranges are a wonderful source of whole foods vitamin C.

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    10. Isn't It Grand Avenue

      Sagittarius season can help you rebuild a strong inner foundation and release the issues from the year that have weighed you down. Therapy is so important during this time, if you can seek a therapist you have someone to bounce back ideas to. The beginning of Sagittarius season feels very intense as you can be clouded by thoughts from the past. You want to take this time to really express yourself whether on paper, to someone you trust, a reader, or a therapist.

      Color : Your Color of the month is Isn’t it Grand Avenue by OPI. This dark navy blue is subtle and classy like you. Wear this color to boost your inner confidence and knowing.

      Love : Love can feel like a job right now, it’s your choice to make it more fun. If you’re in a relationship, do things with your partner at home that make you both feel good. If you’re single this is a time for you to just spend in solitude.

      Career : It’s best to take a break and then focus on your career after Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 13th. Before then you can feel a bit all over the place and disorganized. Allow yourself plenty of rest. So you can work more efficiently.

      Finances : Your financial situation is strong and you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your life and decorate your home.

      Health : You are prone to anxiety and stress. Take magnesium bicarbonate carbonate before bed to help you sleep.

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    11. Turn Bright After Sunset

      Sagittarius season is a time for you to come alive. You should be out networking, communicating, and hanging out in your environment. There is a lot of fun and excitement for you with socializing and being amongst other people. With Venus in Capricorn the relationships you have cultivated are sturdy and strong. You have nothing to worry about and for once in your life, you can really trust others. With this newfound trust comes a lot more fun. You will be going through exciting adventures with the people you hold closest to you.

      Color : Your color of the month is Turn Bright After Sunset by OPI. This bright starry night is the exact energy you are exuding today! You have all the opportunities in the universe. Wear this color to be reminded of your greatness!

      Love : You’ve done a really great job at cultivating relationships you can really trust and depend on. Sagittarius season is about enjoying the relationships you’ve cultivated and spent time with the people that you love the most. When Venus goes retrograde you’ll have to tend to all the paperwork and business things that you may have started in the past.

      Career : Your career is on the up and up because you have spent great time working towards your goals and it shows. Continue to be consistent and dedicated to your work despite what others think of you. Most people don’t know how hard you work. When Venus goes retrograde there will be work that you need to redo to get your financial situation in order.

      Finances : Your financial situation is solid but there is still some paperwork you need to redo. If you need to talk to someone like a tax person or CPA now is the time to do so.

      Health : Try to avoid overly sweet things during Sagittarius season. If you are craving sweets it’s best to eat ripe fruit and drink smoothies.

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    12. We The Female

      This is a great time to focus on bringing your financial situation into new heights. With Mars and Scorpio in the beginning of the season you have all of the ambition and action to get the job done. Focus on what is hiding and what you cannot see, and you will see your blindspots to get ahead. Mars squaring Jupiter for most of Sagittarius season is like taking a Red Bull every day. You will have all of the energy, and the ambition to get your work done but also research new techniques.

      Color : Your color of the month is We the Female by OPI. This empowering red is full of passion and excitement just like you! Wear this color to enhance your passion and energy

      Love : Your love life is full of extreme passion during this time. If you are in a relationship that is unsafe, you need to reach out to someone for help as things could get worse during this time. If you were in a loving relationship this is the time to watch your love grow and flourish. Themes of trust will come up often during Sagittarius season.

      Career : Your career is completely dependent upon your moves. Luckily you’re in a place to get things done efficiently and effortlessly. The key here is to just keep consistent. If you keep consistent others will notice how hard you work and you will be rewarded.

      Finances : Your financial situation is firm and stable. If you are used to investing in stocks you might want to double-check your stock around the New Moon in Sagittarius.

      Health : You might feel more stressed and restless than usual. If you’re having trouble sleeping try kava and magnesium bicarbonate carbonate before bed.

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