Decorate Your Device with Classic Faves

One afternoon on Instagram, we came across an illustration of what looked like a hand-drawn illustration of an OPI bottle, posted by London-based artist David Mahoney. After a quick like, comment, follow - we had to reach out and find out what compelled this Brit to doodle our bottle.

Long story short: a fashion magazine had commissioned the work and David posted it to his account too. Needless to say, we slid into his DMs and the rest is history!

David’s art is best described as “tradigital”, meaning he uses traditional art mediums, like ink and paint, then scans them into the computer, actualizing the rest of the piece digitally. David’s portfolio includes work for some of the world’s most recognizable brands: GQ, 20th Century Fox, Absolut, Kiehl’s, Adobe, the NBA and of course, OPI. Did we mention David is still in college? Talk about accomplished!

For our custom commission from David, we challenged him to incorporate actual OPI lacquer into a set of prints featuring four of our favorite classics: I’m Not Really A Waitress, Princesses Rule!, Peace & Love & OPI, and No Room For Blues. No stranger to alternative mediums, David painted huge swatches with our lacquer and used it for 3D texture like splatters and drips. But working with nail lacquer in this way was no easy feat! David said the color dried much quicker and was much thicker than his typical paints. Nevertheless, the experiment was “strikingly new and a fun change” thanks to the depth in color nail lacquer has compared to regular paint, even when transferred to the digital platform.

We were incredibly pleased with the results of his experimentation, as were the four lucky winners of his custom OPI prints. To get your hands on one of David’s creations, we had him design phone and desktop wallpapers just for you!

Tap the blue button below to download. Enjoy! 


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