Deferring Rent, Unemployment, & Staying Connected With Clients- an Interview with Galdina Jimenez

Staying Connected With Clients
  • Staying Connected With Clients

    With everything going on, we know a lot of people have money on their mind, so we reached out to OPI Professional Galdina Jimenez out of San Diego, CA to hear what her experience was like applying for assistance-based loans and unemployment benefits, and how she’s staying connected with clients to make some extra income right now.

    OPI: You applied for the Small Business Assistance loan that is now available – what was this process like for you?

    GJ: I did apply for a relief loan through the SBA which was still in review as of a few weeks ago. The process was easy because it was all online. It’s just all up in the air right now which is frustrating. I’m just focusing on having hope and keeping the faith – it’s all I’ve got right now.

    OPI: We’re sorry you’re going through this, and given the circumstances, we’re so appreciative that you’re sharing your experience with other nail professionals. Can you share any tips or advice for deferring rent or mortgages?

    GJ: My experience with rent, because I don’t own a home, is that you should communicate with your landlord about your situation. My landlord delivered a letter stating that they understand the situation and that they are willing to work with us during this difficult time. So they aren’t charging late fees and are even taking partial payments. My advice to anyone having a hard time paying their mortgage or rent is COMMUNICATION! Call your landlord or mortgage company, or any bill collector for that matter, and give a partial payment if possible. Even if you have to wait an hour to get through, try sending an email or even a written letter, and keep in mind, they are likely to allow you more time to pay.

    OPI: That’s helpful to know that your landlord was understanding. Do you have any tips or advice for filing for unemployment?

    GJ: I didn’t apply for unemployment until 3 weeks after I stopped working. That was because the first week I tried to apply, I was confused about how unemployment would work for a self-employed person like many nail technicians and salon owners. Fortunately, I still had unemployment from my previous employer from about 18 months ago. After completing the process, I should qualify to receive some money. Additionally, I spoke with one of my clients who is also self-employed, and the process for applying for unemployment benefits is the same regardless. You will have to have profit, loss, and tax information available for uploading, then there is a box to check off that says “self-employed.” My suggestion is wherever there is a location to enter, you must state that you are “unable to do business due to the COVID-19 government’s nonessential business shut down.”

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    OPI: We understand you have been working on custom press-on kits for clients as well as a cuticle oil project to bring in extra income. What are your tips for other pros who want to bring in some money while they’re staying home right now?

    GJ: I’ve been doing a lot of various nail related projects at home to help bring in a little income. I suggest using stuff you have in bulk already, as these items are easier to sell. I started creating cuticle oil pens with custom blends of oils and hand-painted nail tips to sell to clients during this time. If you don’t have access to items like these, try something like selling bottles of nail polishes or even nail art decals with some cotton and files to create custom manicure kits. Now is the time to go through all of the nail supplies that we've hoarded and try to resell them to someone who can appreciate them! Once you have what you want to sell, use your social media platform as a tool and shoot out an email or text blast to your clients, but keep in mind not everyone is on Instagram. Then, show off your products in a video or take pictures to help share what you’ve created. You can even send out your new products to those who may have a bigger following, and in return ask them to make a post for you.

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    OPI: That’s amazing that you have been able to stay in touch with clients and the community so much lately! Have you engaged with any clients via Zoom or Instagram live to offer tutorials or tips?

    GJ: I did an Instagram live with a client on how to remove their acrylics at home, and I did another Instagram live with someone I knew who needed help with doing her own manicure at home. She got her followers to join and watch while I walked her through the manicure process. I’ve also made a couple of DIY videos that are on my Instagram for my clients to see and share for themselves.

    If you are looking to make DIY videos or just showcase how you do nails, then I say go for it!! Now is the time, and it takes practice to get it right. Some tips and tricks for a good video are:

    - Charge your phone
    - Cleanse your lense before shooting
    - Put your phone on “do not disturb”
    - Have all your products prepped and ready to go
    - Ensure you have good lighting
    - Don’t forget to press record!
    - If you are doing an Instagram live, then make sure to have a good internet connection. Have your step-by-steps planned and written down next to you, and don’t have too much background noise.

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