Designscape Tutorial: Pink Winter

If you didn't think pink was a winter shade, think again! We're loving this edgy designscape courtesy of Maria Vlezko, founder of @so_nailicious using some of the hottest, most iconic Infinite Shine shades.  

Infinite Shine Products Used:

OPI Primer Base Coat
OPI Pretty Pink Perseveres 
OPI Girl Without Limits
OPI Vampsterdam

OPI Glow the Extra Mile
OPI Gloss Top Coat

The Steps:

1. Apply OPI Primer Base Coat. Apply 2-3 coats OPI Pretty Pink Perseveres.

2. Use a striping brush to paint half of the nail with OPI Girl Without Limits.

3. Use OPI Glow the Extra Mile and detailing brush to paint the small golden half moon details as pictured.

4. Use OPI Vampsterdam and fine striping brush to add the dark red T-shape lines.

5. Allow your nail design to dry for 3-5 minutes and seal it with OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat. 

Written by Maria Vlezko of @So_Nailicious -