Efficient and Effective - OPI and KUPA team up to talk about electric nail files

OPI and KUPA team up to talk about E-Files
  • OPI and KUPA team up to talk about E-Files

    Nail professionals are the heart and the soul of OPI. Every single color collection that we create is meant to truly evoke emotion and help technicians make meaningful connections with their clients.

    Our dedication to professionals extends beyond our color collections, which is why OPI has a signature line of products geared directly for salon pros. All types of client’s walk through salon doors every day, and we need to make sure that our technology is up-to-date with the latest techniques and innovative equipment that help professionals do their best work.

    That’s why we’re incredibly excited to introduce the implementation of electric nail files (e-file) directions into our professional systems. We’ve partnered with Kupa Inc, a premier e-file manufacturer, to co-create OPI’s e-file educational plan for top-tier results.

    1. OPI’s e-file education

      An electric nail file is a tool used to speed up and streamline professional nail services like GelColor, Powder Perfection, Absolute and Axxium. Using the advanced tool can be a quick, effective and safe way to execute a service. Electric files can allow a tech to refine the cuticle area with precision, and it can also enhance a nail pro’s filing methods by allowing them to contour nail enhancements faster and do more proficient fills (for acrylic and hard gel services).

      We’re not eliminating hand filing from our curriculum. Instead, we’re expanding our education to include e-files. E-files are commonly used in salons in order to speed up shaping and removal time, and when used properly, aren’t harmful. Proper education around E-file use is critical, which is why OPI created the conversion chart with KUPA in order to properly educate the recommended bits (carbide or diamond/fine, med, or coarse) that should be used with our products for a damage-free result.

      Nail professionals who hand file their entire careers are particularly prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition where the median nerve in the hand becomes compressed. So an e-file can help offset a lot of that wear and tear of the body and help professionals work smarter, not harder.

    2. Expanding OPI education to include e-files

      If you are an OPI and e-file user, check out our conversion chart below to find out what bit works best with our professional systems. At OPI we constantly challenge ourselves to make sure we’re pushing nail technology forward, and with the adaptation of the e-file into our professional suite, we’re empowering nail techs around the world to use the best tools, safely and seamlessly.

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