Exploring Indian Fashion & Beauty with OPI & Mira Mira

We recently teamed up with Mira Mira, the creative online platform featuring exclusive films, interviews and galleries, for a unique collaboration. During their recent trip to India, the Mira Mira team documented the country’s inspiring culture of colour. Immersing themselves in the whirlwind of colours, fabrics and fashion, from Jaipur to Delhi to Samode Village, the team was captivated by the ways women adorn themselves.


In this Mira Mira video exclusive, the creative team documents traditional Indian beauty practices and the spirit of the cities they witnessed.



A woman makes her way through the city, as bright sunshine illuminates the kaleidoscope of color around her. From vibrant markets selling saris to people on rooftops next to bustling streets, she feels alive. Her inner beauty radiates as she dances and spins.




From her neck to her wrists, even in her hair, she is dripping in gems. From deep ruby red to breathtaking turquoise, the rich jewel tones of her intricate adornments complement tapestry-like textiles and beaded embroideries.




Swirling, detailed designs decorate her arms, hands and feet. These temporary tattoos are an ancient body art, an expression of self still important in Indian culture today. As she gets lost in the busy city surrounded by crowds, street carts, elephants and camels, she is unique.



As our OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fishman put it, "The colors of India are rich, saturated and bright. Inspired by the vibrant hues seen throughout Indian beauty and fashion, from the ancient tradition of body art to the beautiful saris and jewelry, these four iconic OPI shades -- Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, Cajun Shrimp, La Paz-itively Hot and Glitzerland -- represent the bold, brilliant colors of India. From deep blue and shimmering gold to bright pink and coral, these hues serve to translate the colors of India, providing a snapshot of this spirited, vibrant country."


See the way Mira Mira captured the different manners in which Indian women celebrate adornment, individualism and femininity here.


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