Four Reasons to Choose OPI Sheers for Your Next Mani/Pedi

4 Reasons to Choose OPI Sheers for Your Next Mani/Pedi
  • 4 Reasons to Choose OPI Sheers for Your Next Mani/Pedi

    How many times have you arrived at the salon determined to try a new nail color, only to end up selecting an OPI Always Bare for You shade (again)? You're not alone! Sheers are the go-to for a classic everyday mani/pedi, and for good reason. Let's explore what makes our OPI Always Bare for You collection an irresistible choice.

    1. OPI Sheers are the Answer for Your Next Mani/Pedi


      Often when deciding on a color, you'll need to consider how the polish looks with your skin. Some greens might bring out unflattering undertones, while the wrong purple can give off frostbite vibes (burrr).

      When choosing a sheer polish, you don't have to worry about the color clashing with your skin. Sheers look good on every shade because the translucent coverage blends with the natural undertone of your complexion! You can choose between a grey/blue sheer like Ring Bare-Er and a pink shade like Baby, Take a Vow, but both will look flattering on you. Win, win!

      Shop the shade: ring bear-er

      Shop the shade: baby take a vow

    2. Sheers Look Good on Every Shade


      Whether your style is understated, in your face, or changes day-to-day, OPI Always Bare for You will compliment your look. With a sheer mani/pedi, there's no pressure to change your nail color if you decide to switch up your outfit. Sheer nails can look glamorous or casual, preppy or punk, and everything in between. They're basically a style chameleon. Choose a shade like Chiffon-d of You or Throw Me a Kiss and use accessories to enhance your look.

      Shop the shade: chiffon-d of you

      Shop the shade: throw me a kiss

    3. Sheers Match with any Style


      Have a job interview in the morning and a party in the evening? No need to worry about switching out your nail shade. Just as sheer nails look great with any style, they also work for any occasion! Whether you're getting ready for your wedding day, or a day by the pool, you can't go wrong with the naturally classic look of sheer nails.

      For the ultimate barely-there shade, try Bare My Soul.

      Shop the shade: bare my soul

    4. Sheer Shades are Easy to Touch Up


      Notice a little chipping before your next salon appointment? Sheer shades in OPI Nail Lacquer or our Infinite Shine system are easy to touch up. Simply add another coat of the shade followed by a layer of OPI Top Coat and your nails will look refreshed. Also, unlike more bold colors, imperfections are harder to notice with sheers since they play with the natural tone of your nails underneath.

      So, there you have it! The next time you're debating what to choose for your mani/pedi, remember that OPI sheers are Always Bare for You.

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