From Nail Pros to Nail Pros: Top 10 things to Focus on During the Quarantine

From Nail Pros to Nail Pros: Top 10 things to Focus on During the Quarantine
  • From Nail Pros to Nail Pros: Top 10 things to Focus on During the Quarantine

    Some weeks have passed since the beginning of the quarantine, and while many nail businesses are on pause, the nail professional community is still hard at work. We're here to help you feel inspired! Here are the top tips from some of our most innovative pros on how to keep busy and add value at this time.

    1. Make a Mani Kit


      We recently chatted with OPI Educator Julie Le on how she’s staying in touch with clients and making some extra income. “With this shelter in place order and the shut down of non-essential businesses, I quickly tried to come up with ways I could still make money while I wasn’t working with clients. I am the head of the household in my family and I am the owner of a full-service salon that I am responsible for as well, so it was a fight or flight situation! To let my clients know about the kits, I posted on both my personal and business pages on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I also let my followers know that they could purchase these kits even if they were not personal clients of mine.”


    2. Get a head start on spring cleaning!


      Adela Munoz: “I have been reorganizing, spring cleaning, decluttering and working on client events for the rest of the year while researching online for new products for when my suppliers are available again. I have also been getting any printing drafted and ready for when I have the green light. I am taking the opportunity to get as much done since I know we will hit the ground running!”

    3. @samanthanailedit


      Samantha Silvius: “Social media has been instrumental in staying connected with clients. Our guests are equally concerned about the status of the salon and our well-being as we are. Through Facebook and Instagram, I have made a point of keeping the clientele updated about the salon’s closure and reassuring them that we are all in this together. Additionally, right now I have chosen to share and encourage clients to follow other nail pros. There are so many talented nail artists online and sharing some of my favorites has been surprisingly engaging.”

    4. @chelseas_nails


      Chelsea Baart: “I have been staying connected with my clients via Instagram and my Facebook Business Page. I've also been sending personal emails and texts to those clients I know who are not on Social Media. Even if all you have is a home phone number, give them a quick call and let them know you're thinking about them, ask if they have any questions about their nails you can help with over the phone, and if you have time, have a chat. They're used to having the chance to chat and or vent to us every few weeks and even checking in with them just once during this time will leave a lasting impression.”

    5. OPI Pro Education


      Tara Psilopoulos decided to brush up on her sanitation techniques and has received a barbicide certificate verifying her training and understanding of proper sanitation and disinfection practices are consistent with the current highest industry standards. A great way to brush up on your techniques is by starting our OPI Service Education course on Sanitation!


    6. Custom Products


      Galdina Jimenez: "I’ve been doing a lot of various nail related projects at home to help bring in a little income. I suggest using stuff you have in bulk already as these items are easier to sell. I started creating cuticle oil pens with custom blends of oils and hand-painted nail tips to sell to clients during this time. If you don’t have access to items like these, try something like selling bottles of nail polishes or even nail art decals with some cotton and files to create custom manicure kits."

    7. Removal Kit


      Tara Psilopoulos: "The most engaging and helpful content for my clients has been regarding proper removal. I would suggest my clients first grow out their enhancements, then properly remove their product, and overall continue to properly care for their nails. I have created DIY removal kits (remover, wraps, salon mitts, cuticle stick, and instructional content) that are available for pickup based on the product used on the client. I currently work with acrylic, hard gel, gel color, powder perfection, and nail art. I also have DIY kits for proper maintenance after removal including but not limited to files, oil, lotion, nail envy, and gel break."

      Looking for more information on proper enhancement removal to share with your clients? 

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    8. Nail Art


      Galdina Jimenez: " I’m currently working on some DIY projects like a French manicure and nail art using things that you have around the house. An idea that I have is to do an Instagram live walkthrough with a client/friend who needs help on how to remove the product from their nails and do a DIY manicure. I’m also working on my nail art content for professionals. How to do nail art extension with DIP and troubleshooting.”

    9. Manage Your Money


      Leona Vergantino: " Start going through your papers, review your books (financial), unsubscribe to subscriptions, take online classes to better your leadership and business skills, stay engaged with your team (very important), check on them and their families, etc. I would also call all credit card companies and mortgage companies to defer payments."

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    10. Stay Healthy


      Shannon Rooney: “I practice gratitude each morning, finding at least 3 things that I am grateful for. This keeps you grounded, centered on what is important in your life. This will keep you mentally healthy. If I start to get caught up in some people's frenzy, I remind myself that stress will lower your immune system. Keeping your immune system strong will keep you physically healthy”

    11. With news about this pandemic constantly updating, we encourage you to stay healthy and do what is best for you and the health of the community. Social distancing does not necessarily mean social separation, stay close to us: don’t hesitate to ask questions and share advice or tips on @OPI_Professionals, head to our OPI Pro YouTube channel for inspiration, and visit us online to review OPI protocol or try nail art techniques at

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