Gemini Season: June Horoscopes

Gemini Season: June Horoscopes
  • Gemini Season: June Horoscopes

    Welcome back to another month of Colorscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month highlighting the sign of Gemini!

    Match and Balance 101:

    Beyond your horoscope below, we’ve also included a suggestion for the shade that is your best “match” or “balance” for the sign of Pisces. Your “match” shade: this is a shade/hue you would usually go for. You’ll find confidence in this color and feel aligned. Your “balance” shade: not your usual go-to shade, but you should consider outside of your comfort zone because you will feel more balanced when wearing this color.

    All things Gemini:

    The twins, well known as Castor and Pollux in mythology are the visual of Gemini. The two are stars that shine brightly overhead. One is mortal, the other immortal, one is feminine, the masculine. Together they symbolize the duality of soul and form as one. Those born under the sign Gemini are synonymous with two opinions, personalities, and forms of expression. This sign reminds us that there are always two sides to everything we encounter and we must stay open to the continual flow of information that is in a state of constant change and adaptation. Ruled by the planet Mercury – communication leads to opinions and more robust thought forms, which then leads to conclusions that are shaped in the mind. During Gemini Season, we all focus on the plethora ideas buzzing about; similar to how the bees in spring rush to pollinate the flowers that are soon to bloom. Think of Gemini’s like the bees of the zodiac spreading information fervently, as if to stimulate the rest of the world into a new and exciting place of ideation.

    1. OPI La Paz-itively Hot


      Both Mercury (May 21) and Venus (June 8) move into your sign. Expect your mind and heart to feel more ignited! With Jupiter opposing your Sun for most of the year, you’re likely reaping the benefits. Think of the New Moon on June 3 as your Lunar New Year, celebrate by making a pact with yourself about how you want to feel for the next twelve months.

      Gemini is an air sign: Communication, abstract thought, and the ability to synthesize. The first of the Air Signs Gemini is considered a mutable (flexible) sign whose ambition is to provoke and play with the world. They are gifted at deducing loads of information into meaningful concise ideas.

      SHOP THE SHADE: La Paz-itively Hot

      This your match. It’s a sassy that you will find to be quite up-lifting.

    2. Lisbon Wants Moore OPI


      You’re more spiritually attuned this season, finding peace in nature and planning for the year and your birthday ahead. Think of this month as if you’re still in the womb about to come into the world, as excitement builds, so does the world around you! Mercury moves into your sign on June 4. Your thoughts will soon become feelings, so prepare yourself for a possible slew of emotions.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Lisbon Wants Moore OPI

      Your match. This shade is soft and elegant just like you.

    3. OPI Cosmo-not Tonight Honey!


      It’s time to turn your inner restlessness into fruitful contacts. The New Moon on June 3 paired with Venus on June 8 is bringing you new network opportunities. Seize the opportunities that are present, share your ideas with others, and be honest about turning them into something more profitable.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Cosmo-not Tonight Honey!

      Your match shade. It’s gold and shiny like the Sun and your future.

    4. OPI We Seafood and Eat It


      The direction of things might seem to be going in a slightly different Direction that you had imagined, but nonetheless, this is a good look for you! This month is all about your reputation and ideas. You consider yourself practical, and you are, but now it’s time to communicate your ideas to the world and to develop confidence about how good they are! The New Moon on June 3 is about putting a new plan into action.

      SHOP THE SHADE: We Seafood and Eat It

      This is your match. So much so, that it can be called your alter ego.

    5. OPI Shorts Story


      You’re stimulated by a new perspective. This new outlook implies that you’ll need to plan on trip or visit to a place you’ve never been. This month is about expanding your mind through new horizons. Plan a trip or fun activity on or just after the New Moon June 3.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Shorts Story

      Your match shade this season – even though it’s little brighter than you had hoped for.

    6. OPI Reach for the Sky


      You’ll gain refreshing insight on what makes other tick and how you’re apart of that experience. Your own level of comfort can be increased by delving more into your own process through self-discovery. This season is about bettering your intuitive communication skills and starting a new financial plan on the new moon June 3.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Reach for the Sky

      You’ll find balance in this shade as it softens hard edges.

    7. OPI Be There in a Prosecco


      Duality for you, means considering that someone else's experience can be equally intriguing as your own. This season is no longer about your experience, but rather the effect that you have on others, as well as recognizing the effect they have on you. The Full Moon in your sign on June 17 is about letting go of your perspective.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Be there in a prosecco

      Your balance shade. It’ll neutralize the mind.

    8. OPI You've Got Nata on Me


      Efficiency is your monthly motto now, and your critical thinking skills are flourishing. Think about what you can do to improve your time management and communication skills. With mercury entering Cancer, you’ll need to take others feelings and ideas into consideration when implementing your own, which can make all the difference in your success.

      SHOP THE SHADE: You've Got Nata on Me

      This balancing shade will gift you with new insight.

    9. OPI Chiffon-d of You


      You’ll be especially aware of your need for approval from others in regards to your creative ideas, which isn’t your norm; however, this a good thing. You need other people sometimes, whether to act as a sounding board or to consider alternative solutions. Innovative ideas only take off when they are received by others. The New Moon on June 3 makes you more inclined to romance.

      SHOP THE SHADE: chiffon-d of you

      This is your balance shade. It’s everything you didn’t know you needed.

    10. OPI Throw Me a Kiss


      You’re making long-term plans for the future based on your emotional needs and experience of the past, and discussing them with others. You have a serious gut instinct and likely find that while speaking aloud you come to some pretty profound insights about yourself; this is one of your gifts, likely inherited from your father. The first week of June feels alright, but June 18 is when you really make solid plans that are sustainable for your future.

      SHOP THE SHADE: throw me a kiss

      Your match this season. This shade will remind you that there is no separation, only an illusion.

    11. OPI Suzi Shops and Island Hops


      Everything is stellar. Gemini season is typically an exciting time for you as you feel the buzz of the world circulating around you. You feel more aware and connected to your environment and thus to your own process. The New Moon on June 3 is an opportunity for you to learn a new skill set and stretch your mind more.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Suzi shops island hops

      Your balance shade. It’s a bit softer than you like, but it will help you instill patience – which is exactly what you need to live your best life this season.

    12. OPI Substantially Tan


      This Gemini season, all feels right in the world for you. Your senses come alive and what you truly need and value come more into focus. For a modest sign, you realize how much you value communication and the people around you and are more vocal about it. The New Moon and Venus moving into Gemini mean the possibility of more opportunities to experience what you need in life.


      This is your match shade. What you need is sometimes right in front of you.

    13. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora


      Rose Theodora is a long time astrologer and writer. With a degree from UCLA in neuroscience + art, and a long list of name brand clientele–Theodora is expert when it comes to color and lifestyle. Each month she'll be selecting polish colors that are thoughtfully selected with your sign and the current astrological landscape in mind. You can read for your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign here.

      To learn more and to get an astrological reading, you can contact Theodora here, or follow her on Instagram for daily updates.

      Let Gemini Season be your motivation to communicate, and most importantly, take some time for some self-care. Schedule a visit to the salon, to the salon, or even just a tranquil moment at home where you can sit and enjoy the calming ritual of applying nail polish. The shade choice is where you can experiment and push yourself.

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