Gemini Season: June Horoscopes

OPI Gemini Colorscope
  • OPI Gemini Colorscope
    Gemini Season! Lively, Mercurial, and orally fixated Gemini season evokes a playful curiosity about the world around us. The Sun, spending the next thirty days in Gemini, a mutable (adaptable) Air (communication oriented) sign will stimulate us all mentally to be more agile, versatile, and amused by information, even hearsay–so be mindful about where to invest your mind, ideas, and how to engage in uplifting conversation. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini season is thoughtfully titillating, more social, and overall more lighthearted. Gemini, otherwise known as the “twins” Castor and Pollux, are also synonymous with a duplicitous nature, not because they’re superficial or insincere, but because of their reflection of the multifaceted nature of Man. In the sign, Gemini is where the human personality is explicitly expressed through the multiplicity of choice. As Spring comes to a close, we can thank Gemini’s for teaching us to adapt to the changing season–as we recognize our right to choose, or to change our minds should we want to.

    This season is most supportive for like-minded air signs Aquarius and Libra, and require a little adjustment for water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces who are less inclined towards the lighthearted buoyancy that this season often preludes.

    This season, A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign Sagittarius on June 5, 2020

    Mercury Retrograde in the sign Cancer on June 18–July 12, 2020.

    1. Gemini: Happy Birthday!

      The New Moon in your sign on May 22 is unabashedly smiling at you, waving its hand over at you–recognizing you, encouraging you to continue being yourself, to speak from the heart–to keep expressing yourself. The Lunar Eclipse opposite your sign in Sagittarius on June 5 is putting the focus back on you, loving yourself leads to a more fulfilling relationship with others. Mercury, your planet goes retrograde on June 18–which means that you’re rethinking feelings and what quality means to you.

      Color: Complete me color. Reconnects you to your center.

      Love: Venus is still retrograde in your sign; past loves may come back into so that you can heal any missing parts and move–feeling more self-confident.

      Career: Self-promotion isn’t tactless if it’s coming from the heart. Be proud of who you are and share your ideas so that you can be more recognized for them.

      Money: The New Moon on May 22 is tied to your emotions, so let your finances be a reflection of where you’re at. Wait until May 27 to implement new money-making ideas.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya

    2. Cancer:

      The Lunar Eclipse is shaking up your routine to align you to healthier choices. Your spiritual wellness is beckoning for your attention so that you can share more of universal knowledge with others. Make the necessary time to connect to yourself through more R+R. Mercury enters your sign on May 28 but then goes retrograde on May 18–rethinking your communication style.

      Color: Remedy color. Playful, whimsical, and inspires you to connect with your higher self.

      Love: Love is universal and is always omnipresent.

      Career: Unexpected changes with work are a godsend; say thank you despite how uncomfortable they might feel.

      Money: Flows when you trust that there’s always enough of it.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Turn on the Northern Lights

    3. I Am What I Amethyst

      The Sun is shining a light on your ability to relate with others, remember that relating begins with you first and foremost. If you over-identify with others’ beliefs and ideas too much, you’re leading a lost cause. Mercury Retrograde portends to you, retreating into yourself and reconnecting with your thoughts and emotional intelligence.

      Color: Complete me color. This icy blue helps you to detach from approval. It’s calm, cool, and collected.

      Love: a friendship could turn into more, or it might be that you’re learning to be friends with your lover.

      Career: Making a name for yourself through sharing your unique ideas make you irresistible to people willing to support you.

      Money: You earn more money when you’re organized and emotionally aligned with what you want.

      SHOP THE SHADE: I Am What I Amethyst

    4. Silver On Ice

      Your planet Mercury going retrograde on June 18 means that you’re rethinking your friendships and associations in general. Remember that your friends are a reflection of you, perhaps the old you because you’re changing. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 alleviates you from an otherwise outgrown living situation, say thank you.

      Color: Remedy Color. Allows you to tap into your emotions in a way that is empowering and cleansing.

      Love: Passionately focused and more motivated to make things work.

      Career: The New Moon on May 22 means more recognition; all-season, your attention is career-focused.

      Money: Venus still retrograde is gifting you lost opportunities to capitalize on.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Silver on Ice

    5. I'm Not Really A Waitress

      Spirituality, experience, and wisdom aren’t facts, but rather a way of life. This season your mind is on fire, and you’re more inspired to learn, to travel, and to soak up all of the information that life is throwing your way–remember that to embody knowledge, you’ll need to live and breathe it. You’re on a mission this season.

      Color: Remedy Color. A deep rose sparkle, is just what you need to stay inspired and positive.

      Love: Mentally pursued is where you want to be and where you’re willing to find love this season.

      Career: Mercury retrograde on June 18 allows you to gain the necessary clarity and to move forward more healthfully. Your feelings are a significant indicator of where you’re at, so don’t neglect them.

      Money: You always come up regardless of what the financial climate looks like, trust the process.

      SHOP THE SHADE: I'm Not Really an Waitress

    6. Nice Set of Pipes

      A deep soul calling moves you to rethink what’s important to achieve and provokes you to question your very belief system. A mental realization that leads to a rebirth can be somewhat of a blessing if you choose to see it that way. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 + Mercury retrograde on June 18 reminds you of what’s essential.

      Color: Complete me color. Connects you to your powers of telepathy.

      Love: Love is a belief, the question is not whether it’s real or even possible, but if you believe in it as a principle.

      Career: Mercury retrograde is inspiring you to take a class, or continued education to rekindle your emotional connection to work.

      Money: All season long, your focus should be on sharing resources with others and pooling together to make matters more lucrative.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Nice Set of Pipes

    7. All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

      Gemini Season, your opposite sign, means that this season you’re focused on becoming more well rounded. Relationships are an integral part of your life, and this is the season to nurture them through honest communication. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on June 5 implies that you’re allowing a part of yourself to morph into a lighter being.

      Color: Complete me color. This Sheen Fuscia keeps you open and lighthearted.

      Love: Playful, orally fixated, and mind-bending if you’ll let it be. Try changing things up to feel more intrigued.

      Career: Try working from home more this season, or if self-employed, revamp your office space to feel more motivated at work.

      Money: Refinancing, rethinking, and revisiting the idea of streamlining your debt for greater abundance and emotional security.

      SHOP THE SHADE: All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

    8. I Can Never Hut Up

      Gemini season keeps you busy multitasking; just make sure to rest when you need to–otherwise, your mind is likely to go into overdrive. Especially when Mercury goes retrograde on June 18, the New Moon on May 22 signifies an exciting work opportunity, say yes!

      Color: Remedy color. Reminds you that life is neither black nor white.

      Love: Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign, Cancer on June 18 allows you to be more honest about your feelings.

      Career: Focus on what you can do now to capitalize on your vision. 

      Money: When you are connected to the right people, for the right cause, money always follows.

      SHOP THE SHADE: I Can Never Hut Up

    9. Chicago Champagne Toast

      The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 gifts you space and freedom to communicate your true feelings, even if that means losing acquaintances in the process. Gemini season positively stimulates you into unique creative expression, which is worth investing every minute in.

      Color: Remedy color. Softens your independent nature so that you remember support comes when you start accepting it.

      Love: Romance means noticing where you like variety and sharing that openly and unapologetically.

      Career: Mercury retrograde on June 18 allows you to consider what would be emotionally fulfilling and healthier for you.

      Money: Spending money when you feel inspired and happy magically opens you more to the flow of abundance.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Chicago Champagne Toast

    10. Baby Take a Vow

      This season, you’re focused on beautifying your home and connecting more with family. The New Moon on May 22 allows you to open new lines of communication with family, or even with roommates that will make living more comfortable. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 will enable you to focus more on your personal life.

      Color: Complete me color. This barely-there color is natural that it allows you to focus rather than escape into distraction.

      Love: Mercury retrograde reinvigorates your passionate feelings so that you can remember how and who you want to share your life with.

      Career: Being an authority on your profession garners the respect that you deserve.

      Money: Do not postpone your ideas; taking action will lead to more money. Let’s repeat that–don’t hesitate!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Baby, Take a Vow

    11. Lima Tell You About This Color

      The New Moon in Gemini on May 22 is stimulating and thought-provoking and making your environment more lively. Short trips and modes of transportation that enliven you are more appealing now until Mercury goes retrograde on June 18, which will likely lead to a move.

      Color: Remedy color. Soft and gentle gifts you a sweet disposition.

      Love: The art of relating and finding the commonality between you and your lover brings you closer.

      Career: The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 lures you out of your comfort zone so that you are inspired to make a difference in the world around you.

      Money: Sharing your point of view of how relatable ideas can make you a money magnet.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Lima Tell You About This Color

    12. Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants

      Gemini season for you is about finding the value in communicating practically. There is something to be said for knowledge that is used to reassure others, to find security, and to add value to one’s life. You understand communication in a way that others rarely do Taurus. We hope you do it more.

      Color: Complete me color. Stimulated to communicate openly.

      Love: Focusing on what you value most is where you find the meaning of love for you.

      Career: Reinventing yourself and taking time to do it aligns you positively to your career goals.

      Money: The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 is making you more self-sufficient. It’s best to ween any financial dependency sooner than later.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants

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