Get Excited: Salons are Reopening!

Get Excited: Salons Are Opening!
  • Get Excited: Salons Are Opening!
    You’re excited, we’re excited, we’re ALL excited salons are reopening. We have been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever, and now that the time has finally come, we’re counting down all the things we missed most about our beloved mani/pedi appointments.

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    1. Our nail techs. Catching up over screens is not the same as catching up in person. We miss talking our techs’ ears off and racking their brains for nail art ideas.
    2. Our nails need serious help. Remember that gel mani you got right before salons temporarily closed? We’re not saying we peeled our gel off, but we aren’t saying we didn’t. Our nails could use some TLC, especially our feet since summer is coming.
    3. DIYs aren’t the same. Sure, we learned how to do some nail art on YouTube and did our best with at-home manis and pedis, but nothing beats having a pro do our nails. We miss their skills that always left our nails looking Instagram worthy.
    4. We. Miss. Gel. So. Much. We miss having our nails look nearly perfect for weeks, nail art that doesn’t budge, and that feeling of super strong nails. While we’re on the topic of nail enhancements, we miss those long acrylics and dip powder too.
    5. Nail art is our life. We have so many looks saved on our phones that we can’t wait to try, like animal print, abstract art, and multicolored french tips.
    6. We can’t wait to see your nails after your first appointment back. Show them off by snapping a nailfie and tagging @OPI and #ColorIsTheAnswer, along with your local nail salon and tech to show them some love.

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