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    Ever wonder what the difference is between OPI’s product lines? We know it can be confusing to distinguish between all of our systems, so we put together a quick breakdown of our core products.
    1. Force of Nailture

      OPI’s newest line of natural origin nail polish. It’s great for clean beauty fanatics. The formula is plant based, vegan and 9-free. It lasts up to 7 days and can be used with a natural origin Top Coat for extra shine.

      SHOP Nail Lacquer

    2. Less is Norse

      OPI’s classic nail polish formula made of the highest quality pigments. For best results apply Base and Top Coat. This system is great for DIY nail art as it’s easy to apply at home, and dries quickly.

      SHOP Nail Lacquer

    3. Less is Norse

      OPI’s long-lasting nail polish formula available in a 3-step system. It applies and removes like a regular nail lacquer, but wears and shines like gel without the need to light cure. Plus, it lasts up to 11 days.

      SHOP Infinite Shine

    4. Less is Norse

      OPI’s gel nail polish system that provides up to 3 weeks of wear and stay true color. It uses a gel base and gel top coat and is cured in an LED light for 30 seconds per coat. It’s perfect for nail art that lasts. This system must be applied by a licensed professional.

      SHOP GelColor

    5. Less is Norse

      OPI’s nail dip powder system that provides color, added strength and durability all in one, with no light curing required. It lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks, and is great for those whose nails break easily. This system must be applied by a licensed professional.


    6. Watch the video to see what each line looks like on:


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