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    I’m Lauren Steele, and I like to say that “I’m Lauren who writes and runs and travels, and thinks,” because I don’t think we are “writers” or “runners” or “travelers” and whatnot with all the kinds of boxes that we can put ourselves within that hold us hostage. If you ever have to label yourself, realize that a label doesn’t come with a box, but a box needs to be labeled. So don’t box yourself into one passion or profession—label yourself as the beautiful, unique, full-of-potential human that you are. Because a runner only runs and a writer only writes and a traveler simply travels but a person—well, a person can do anything. So with that, hello!

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    I write for publications such as Rolling Stone, Vice, NYMag, Men’s Health, and a myriad of others, but I also enjoy writing the occasional personal essay and plenty of texts and letters to my friends.


    New York City is my home, but in the past three years I’ve traipsed around the world from the Atacama Desert in Chile to the French Alps in Chamonix to the ends of the earth at Tierra del Feugo and into the jungles of Uganda and Rwanda. I was raised on a cattle farm in rural Missouri, and with every new nook and cranny of the world that I see, I realize that traveling give you the power to see the many wonderful things that makes us all a collective world—community, compassion, kindness, strength, humor—instead of focusing on the few things that separate us. The bigger you make your world, the bigger you make your heart and your mind.

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    Aside from challenging myself culturally through traveling and mentally with writing, I enjoy a good old-fashioned physical challenge, too. Whether it’s paddling down the Nile in a raft, skydiving, climbing 19,000-foot mountains, or running 50 mile races I’m drawn to the raw learning experience that only a true sufferfest can bring about. I crave those moments when I’m in the mountains or on the trails and in a place where you have to check your guts and prove something to yourself. It’s a good reminder that we are so capable of being brave, we just have to be willing to show courage

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    For my collaboration with OPI, we traveled to the Arctic island of Iceland to get off the beaten path and discover the beauty and challenge of this rugged place that has inspired so many adventurers and writers in the past. What resulted were a million memories that I will cherish forever and a collection of 12 new gorgeous OPI shades that we can all rock together.





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