Happy International Women's Day

OPI, International Women's Day, BeBoldForChange,
  • OPI, International Women's Day, BeBoldForChange,
    This International Women's Day, OPI embraces #BeBoldForChange by empowering women through beauty. Nail lacquer offers an accessible, affordable means of self-expression through color, which can be used to reflect individual style, personality and even mood! Color truly has the power to change not only your look, but your outlook. 
    Nail lacquer offers a message in a bottle, and that message is unique to its wearer. Throughout history, many important women have made their mark on the world by standing out from the crowd, following their instincts and nurturing their passions. It's with this knowledge in mind that we turn to color to help us be bold and expressive. Today, we call on all women with this encouragement -- BE YOU! 
    We’ve sat down with OPI founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann to get her thoughts on empowering women.
    Q. What is International Women’s Day to you?
    A. For me, it’s everyone around the world celebrating women in their own language.  We should celebrate what we have accomplished and what we still need to do in the future. This is something that should be done every day but it is great to come together on one special day.
    Q. How does OPI empower women?
    A. I have always said that OPI empowers women through nail color. You can send such a message through the color that you wear and it is a good way to show self-expression. The color that is chosen can be bold, sophisticated, fun, happy, sad, whatever you feel like showing the world.
    Q. What has been your proudest achievement as a mentor for women?
    A. Helping young ladies become strong and telling them that they can be anything. Being a woman should never stop anyone from achieving their dreams. If there are setbacks, get back up the next day with even more determination and try again.
    Q. What advice do you give to your daughter?
    A. Be independent, strong, passionate about her life goals. Most importantly, No is not an answer.
    Q. What would you say to women who want to be an entrepreneur?
    A. Be passionate about your dream and have conviction. Be willing to put in the hard work to achieve your goals
    Q. Name a woman that inspires you.
    A. Coco Chanel. She was an amazing, independent woman who was ahead of her time. In the beginning, no one wanted her clothes, the collections weren’t accepted and she came back. She was someone that persevered and wasn’t afraid to take risks when the world was at war and was so troubled. She changed the way we look at the suit and the little black dress.
    Q. What shade will you wear on International Women’s Day?
    A. I will be wearing Rosy Future. This symbolizes my outlook for the days ahead. 
    Happy International Women's Day.
    Love, OPI
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