Happy National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day
  • Happy National Coffee Day

    Well hello there, it’s a brew-tiful day here at OPI HQ as we celebrate National Coffee Day. It’s safe to say we run on caffeine, so from morning mochas to an afternoon espresso, our love of this magical mixture extends to the nail shades we love a latte.

    1. @polishm3pretty

      Give it your best shot as you get your caffeine fix with this nail polish in a classic java brown. Made for slow mornings and fast commutes, this nail color is guaranteed to mocha you happy.

      Shop the shade: Linger Over Coffee

    2. That's What Friends are Thor

      When you’ve got a latte on your mind, the friend that brings you your breakfast brew is more than a lifesaver. Match your love for your bestie with this classic shade that’s so good you’ll be saying “This is out of this world!”.

      Shop the shade: That’s What Friends are Thor

    3. Tiramisu for Two

      Don’t be all depresso over your espresso, share a dessert over your mid-morning cup of joe with this sweet shade that comes with none of the guilt.

      Shop the shade: Tiramisu for Two

    4. Happy National Coffee Day

      Love coffee as much as we do? Show us how you get your caffeine fix while wearing that one shade you’re #OPIObsessed with, and tag us on social media. And remember, there’s always room for one more cup of coffee - and one more OPI shade!

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