Happy National Prosecco Day!

National Prosecco Day
  • National Prosecco Day
    Pop the cork and get your tall glasses at the ready, it’s National Prosecco Day and we’re looking for any excuse to celebrate right now. We’re enjoying this national holiday the best way we know how, with our favorite fizz inspired shades and a cocktail to match. See you in a prosecco.
    1. Be there in A Prosecco

      This soft, creamy nude is the perfect neutral for sipping Prosecco - and did we mention it is available in our Glamour 2020 award-winning Nail Lacquer system? It won't take you more than a second to fall for this gentle beige shade of nail polish.

      Shop the Shade: Be there in A Prosecco

    2. Fall-ing for Milan

      We’re in love with all things Milan, the inspiration for our Fall 2020 Collection. This bronzed long-lasting nail polish that comes straight off the runway, and is a stunning accessory to any look - or drink!


    3.  Pomegranate Pear Prosecco Cocktail

      Want a fresh cocktail with a twist? Try this recipe that will elevate your prosecco to the next level.

      Get the recipe

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