Happy National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day
  • National Relaxation Day
    Happy National Relaxation Day! One of the best ways to tap into a more relaxed and balanced state after a hectic day or week is to take a moment to yourself and decompress. We’re celebrating this national holiday by sharing how you can take a mindful moment to tap into some spa-like relaxation techniques for your next DIY mani/pedi.
    1. Prep Work

      If you’re looking for the ultimate DIY spa experience, check out our Stay-At-Home-Guide to see what tips we have for some of our fave ProSpa products. Some of the basics include exfoliation, soaking, and massage as part of the nail prep process. We also share alternatives you can use from ingredients typically found around your home.



      When looking to make this DIY spa experience more mindful, there are a variety of ways to emphasize and enhance relaxation. Start by setting the environment up before the process gets moving; things like lighting, and even sound or smell can have a positive impact on mood! Try to soften any harsh lighting if you can, add a relaxing playlist for soothing background noise (we love Dreamy Vibes Radio from Spotify), and light a few candles or add some essential oils to a diffuser if you have one.

      While you work on exfoliating and soaking, try to focus on your breathing -- distinguishing inhales from exhales and where you feel it most in your body. Is it in your chest? Maybe your belly? Or even your throat? Then start to notice the smells that are around you, can you distinguish the scents coming from a candle you lit from the lotions you're applying? What smells resonate with you most?


    2. Infinite Shine Application

      Of course, with every mani/pedi spa day the part we love most is the color. Check out our below blogs to ensure smooth applications of our classic OPI Nail Lacquer and long-lasting OPI Infinite Shine formulas.



      To make the process of nail painting a bit more mindful start with the color you choose. We’re crushing on the new OPI Milan Collection and our shade of choice is a soft and elegant lavender shade with a hint of shimmer called Gallery Vittorio Violet. Before starting to apply, focus on how the bottle feels in your hands, how the shade might change in the lighting, and even how the color might make you feel overall.




    3. Mindful Application

      When it comes to mindful nail polish application, focus on details of how the polish flows, how it builds as you apply -- noticing any difference in shades and tones as the light hits it while you apply. This can even be an opportunity to focus on breathing again, inhaling as the brush moves across the nail, and exhaling as you pick up polish again. Be sure to spend a few extra minutes allowing for proper dry time too!

      Whether you’re looking to spend an entire afternoon working on self care, or just a few moments to recenter, there are always ways to make a DIY spa day more mindful and relaxing. Share with us what mindful moments you’re practicing this National Relaxation Day by tagging @OPI on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our channels.

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