How to Spread a Little Love & Kindness

World Kindness Day OPI and Hello Kitty
  • World Kindness Day OPI and Hello Kitty

    There’s no one better to celebrate World Kindness Day than Hello Kitty®.  Not only is she a beacon of kindness, but she’s all about her friends and making new ones. In fact, she loves friendship so much, we made a shade in her honor: Let’s Be Friends.

    This beloved shade embodies the spirit of kindness and friendship all in the most perfect cotton candy pink, and wearing it makes us want to spread a little love. Here are a few ways we’re spreading kindness, and a frosty pink high five for anyone who joins in on the fun.

    1. World Kindness Day OPI and Hello Kitty Acts of Kindness

      1. Smile at a stranger.

      2. Hold a door open for someone.

      3. Treat a coworker to some coffee.

      4. Surprise a friend with some flowers.

      5. Call a friend or relative to say hello.

      6. Pamper someone you love.

      7. Thank someone you appreciate.

      8. Offer someone a helping hand.

      9. Put a coin in an expired meter.

      10. Hug a loved one.

    2. If Let’s Be Friends inspires you, show us how you’re spreading kindness using #OPIxHelloKitty!

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