Incorporating Pink Lady Style Into Your Summer Wardrobe

OPI Grease collection
  • OPI Grease collection

    Will Pink Lady Style ever go away? We don't think so. With an entirely new collection, inspired by the iconic style moments of Rizzo, Frenchie, Sandy, Jan and Marty we've compiled a list of ways to incorporate quintessential Pink Lady staples into your everyday wardrobe.  

    1. OPI Grease collection


      Take that satin fabric from the Pink Lady bombers and find a light pink bikini that matches. Pair it with a bright pop of color, like our Summer Lovin' Having a Blast! shade and some white-rimmed, cat eye glasses - you'll at least be Instagram ready.

    2. OPI Grease collection

      Pair a soft shade, like our Frenchie Likes to Kiss? or Pink Ladies Rule the School with a more feminine piece - think an A-Line Fitted Mini Dress or a Sweetheart Top with a Flowy Skirt. We KNOW you'll be dancing, so why not dress for it?

    3. OPI Grease collection


      Pair a seductive shade with any classic date night look. Our Chills Are Multiplying! shade will add a subtle touch to an all-black look. Pair it with some way-too-cute Mary-Janes and your date won't know what to do with themselves. 

    4. OPI Grease collection


      Tell Me About It Stud. The everyday red your look has been craving adds a bold kick to your day-to-day wardrobe. High-waisted denim, a white-fitted tee paired with a printed neck scarf and a bold red or pink hue. You're the Shade That I Want and now I know why.

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