Increasing Profitability with OPI GelColor

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    As an OPI educator, beauty industry insider and salon owner for nearly two decades, I often get asked how I’ve been able to create a successful business and increase my profitability while only seeing clients two to three days a week. In reality, while I do enjoy an extraordinary level of flexibility and freedom, I also schedule time to work on my business seven days a week. It’s that behind-the-scenes investment of time and energy that has allowed me to grow despite the economy and the increasingly saturated beauty market. What’s my secret? It all starts by building a book of $100 clients by following these four key concepts…

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    1) Offer products and services that significantly impact your profitability. For instance, the OPI GelColor collection delivers the gorgeous, chip resistant manicures clients demand in half the time. ProHealth’s advanced formula eliminates the risk of nail damage, soaks off in seven minutes and only takes 12 to 15 minutes to apply. If I’ve done my math correctly, when you combine this service with one product sale, you have the potential to make $50+ in less than 30 minutes. Add a pedicure to the package and you’re not only making a notable profit, you’re also on your way to securing a $100+ client.

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    2) Treat your clients like royalty! Loyal clients are critical to your success. While they typically help promote your business via word-of-mouth marketing to their network of friends and colleagues, they also become walking billboards that prospects can approach for a referral. Ensure your customers’ nails look as fresh as the day you painted them by selling them their gel’s matching lacquer for touch ups between appointments. And don’t forget to regularly treat your VIPs to a free gift or upgrade – remember the return on your investment is loyal $100 clients that serve as proud ambassadors for your brand.

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    3) Communicate, promote, post! There’s no easier way to maintain a consistent $100 client than pre-booking her/his appointments (remember to monetize the full life cycle of a set with time scheduled to include soak off, application and up sell). As a general rule of thumb, you should spend at least one day outside of the salon communicating, promoting and posting. This might include following up with clients to confirm appointments, creating in-shop events or promotions and responding to emails and social media messages.​​​​​​

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    And, if you choose to market your business via social media, remember, the more love you give, the more love you will receive. Daily posts, tags, likes and comments will ensure your brand rises to the top of the news feed, while also encouraging clients to stay engaged with your business and generating excitement for new products and techniques. Additionally, following innovative brands and fashion and beauty insiders will help you stay on trend and inspire you to push your creativity to new limits.

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    4) Become a $100 client! As beauty industry professionals, we have a responsibility to our clients and ourselves to look and feel our best so we can deliver extraordinary advice and service. Make a commitment to yourself and your business to block at least half a day once a week for self care and maintenance. Remember, your hair, skin, nails and more are a reflection of your brand and, just like your marketing strategy, they deserve consistent attention.


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    The same goes for your brain! Ongoing professional education is essential to your success. Whether it’s simply reading each issue of OPI World News or participating in regular OPI classes at your local nail supply distributor, an investment in your education always reaps an invaluable return. And, trust me, those $100 clients notice when you’re up-to-date on the latest news and trends!


    Ultimately, what you put into your business is what you’re going to get out of it, so work smarter, not harder! Treat your business to the same level of care and love you would give a client and soon you will be enjoying the flexibility and freedom you deserve!

Written by Jeany Perez, Founder, Unity Nails Inc. & OPI Educator -