Inside OPI: Holiday Edition

Inside OPI: Holiday Edition
  • Inside OPI: Holiday Edition

    #OPIObsessed, where you at? We’re excited to launch a new series called Inside OPI and invite you to our offices to meet the people who work at OPI and impact your lives through color.

    Our number one goal is to create color collections and shade series that live up to our mission - Color Is The Answer. But our second goal is to make sure we’re transparent and authentic, which is what this series is all about! Come on into the OPI Office, and meet some of the people that are just as #OPIObsessed as you are.

    OPI Representatives:
    Cassia – Coordinator, Influencer Marketing OPI North America Professional Beauty
    Destiny – Social Media Coordinator
    Sam – Global Social Media Manager
    Christina – Digital Content Coordinator

    1. Inside OPI: Holiday Edition


      Cassia – Seeing my two younger cousins, Marlee and Rory. They are so funny and can roast me like no one else.

      Destiny – I look forward to spending time with my family, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to go home to Indiana for Christmas this year.

      Sam – Quality time with my family.

      Christina – Spending time with family.

    2. Inside OPI: Holiday Edition


      Cassia – My brother always tricks me into watching Incredible Hulk during Christmas for the past 10 years. He played at least 10 times the first year and I hated it. He puts it on when I least expect it and It's become a running joke ever since.

      Destiny – My family is big on holidays, but not in the traditional sense. My grandmother's birthday is on Christmas Eve and for some reason, she loves when we open our gifts on her special day. I guess you could say that's one of my family's traditions.

      Sam – My sister and I still get gifts in our stockings. My mom sewed our stockings a LONG time ago when we were little girls, and we've had them ever since! They really are cute.

      Christina – Picking out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

    3. Inside OPI: Holiday Edition


      Cassia – Nick Foles Eagles Jersey.
      So I am prepared for their inevitable super bowl win. Go, Birds!

      Destiny – Monay, monay, monay, monaaaaay!
      I'm excited to put my holiday money into my Girl Boss endeavors.

      Sam – What else do you want as an adult? MONEY!

      Christina – I always love thoughtful handmade gifts.
      They mean the most to me!

    4. What's your fave holiday song and why?

      Cassia – Anything Mariah Carey, she is iconic

      Destiny – Destiny's Child 12 Days of Christmas FOR SURE! I'm always Kelly BTW.

      Sam – Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." I literally listen to it on repeat around this time of year.

      Christina – Anything from the Justin Bieber Christmas album... guilty Belieber here.

    5. Inside OPI: Holiday Edition


      Cassia – If it's not glitter, it's a true holiday red like Candied Kingdom

      Destiny – Ginger's Revenge and Gold Key To The Kingdom from our OPI Nutcracker collection! I love a classic red nail and Ginger's Revenge is so rich in color and the glitter of Gold Key To The Kingdom is so glam!

      Sam – I like a classic red like Big Apple Red. I'm loving the holographic Tinker, Thinker, WInker? in our new Nutcracker/holiday collection. The bright Toying with Trouble is also a fun alternative to a classic red, as it's a bold, bright pink.

      Christina – Ginger's Revenge and Lavendare to Find Courage, they are so cute and festive and pair easily with any holiday outfit.


    6. That’s a wrap on this holiday edition of Inside OPI! If you want to ask a question to the team at OPI, take a photo of your favorite OPI shade, post it on Instagram, and include the hashtag #AskInsideOPI, and we might select and answer your question in our next edition. In the meantime, stay #OPIObsessed!

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