Inside OPI: @nailartbysig

Inside OPI: Pro Educator Spotlight
  • Inside OPI: Pro Educator Spotlight

    This week we took a look inside OPI, and what it's like to be an OPI Pro Educator. @nailartbysig shares her story on her passion, the path to becoming a Pro Educator, and advice to aspiring nail artists.

    1. OPI Pro Educator @nailartbysig shares her story


      When did you find out you had a passion for nail art?

      In 2013 I started doing nail art as a new way to artistically express myself and I got hooked. I was inspired by other women to start my own nail art blog and I haven’t turned back since then.

      When did you decide that this is what you wanted to pursue as a career?

      Soon after I started my own nail art blog, I pursued a job at NAILS Magazine. The role coupled my background in journalism and my new found passion for nails. After being on the editorial for more than a year, I got the team’s support to go to nail school and get my license. Getting licensed gave my writing more credibility, but more importantly, it allowed me to think like a nail tech because I was a nail tech.

    2. Becoming an OPI Pro


      How long did it take you to become a pro and what were some of the challenges?

      I was in nail school for about seven months. California State Board only requires 400 hours of nail school, but I attended a 600-hour program where we got the opportunity to learn a little bit more on acrylics and hard gel. The biggest challenge for me was juggling a full-time editorial job and a minimum of 20 hours of nail school a week. Plus, the school that I attended was almost a two-hour commute away from my apartment. But I choose to attend Advance Beauty College in Garden Grove, CA because of the school’s heritage and the huge nail community in that area.

    3. Nail Art by OPI Pro Educator @nailartbysig


      What is the one must have item/tool in your nail art kit?

      A dotting tool for sure! Dotting is a nail art staple yet it can be so versatile.

      What’s the best thing about being an OPI Educator?

      The best thing about being an OPI Educator is the opportunity to pass on pro tips that can improve a nail pro’s workflow. I live for the ah-ha moments students get during a class or when I share a tutorial online.

    4. Finding Inspiration for Nail Art at OPI


      Where do you get inspiration for your nail art from?

      I recently downloaded Pinterest again so I have boards dedicated to patterns and color palettes. When I feel a lack of inspiration, I ask my husband for a nail art challenge. He usually has some great ideas!

    5. Being a Part of OPI


      What’s the one OPI product you can’t live without?

      Bond-aid is a must have product during prep. It’s a ph balancer that makes the nail plate more alkaline and increases adhesion for a longer lasting manicure.

      What’s the best part of your job?

      I feel lucky to be a part of the creation and execution of such an iconic brand. I get to make beautiful and colorful things every day and everything I do, I do with nail pros in mind.

    6. Glitter Nail Art by @nailartbysig


      What do you wish more people knew about being a nail artist?

      Every nail artist has a different expertise and a unique artistic expression. Some have a passion for sculpting and shaping an amazing enhancement while others love painting intricate designs.

      Do you have any career advice for aspiring nail artists?

      The nail artist career path is not linear. You can work behind the table, start your own business, work on-set or become an instructor. Those are just some examples of what a nail tech can do but if you have the passion, drive and perseverance, your career will be what you make it.

    7. OPI Educators are a team of dedicated nail professionals committed to sharing their OPI knowledge. Ready to join? Apply to become an educator today!



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