INSIDE OPI: Our Best Nail Polish Collections

Inside OPI: Nail Polish Collections
  • Inside OPI: Nail Polish Collections
    Here at OPI, it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with color – from our nails to what we wear to meetings, we never shy away from bright pinks, pretty pastels, or a bold neon. And since we’re doing our part and staying inside during the quarantine, we’re taking a peek at some coveted nail polish collections in the office, big and small alike, as well as how beautifully they’ve been organized. Here are some of our most beloved collections, stories behind our favorite shades, and testimonies as to how painting our nails has helped us during this time.
    1. Sig's Nail Polish Collection
      “I organized my shades into three categories- GelColor, Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer. Each section is in a rainbow order because it’s so satisfying to see the palette and it’s easy to pick the perfect shade for a specific nail art design. The first ever OPI I got was a gift set of minis from the Maria Carey holiday collection but Tile Art to Warm Your Heart is a favorite shade. I love the sense of calm that blue inspires and that shade is a beautiful rendition of a true blue. Right now I am wearing wavy nail art featuring a combo on Do You Lilac It? Polly Want a Lacquer? Suzi Needs a Loch-smith and Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal. Being quarantined, painting my sense provides a sense of normalcy but also self-care. It’s also a really great way to get me off my phone and just enjoy some 'me time'."
    2. Victoria's Nail Polish Collection
      “I just moved into a new place, so I’m still unpacking! Right now, I have my polishes organized in a way so that they’re easy to grab and go. “You Don’t Know Jacques” was my first OPI shade which I bought in high school when my nail salon didn’t offer it. It’s still one of my favorite colors, and I plan on adding it back to my arsenal. My favorite overall shade is Samoan Sand. I love nudes and how they really pop with minimalist nail art. Right now I’m wearing Nail Envy in Samoan Sand. My nails really need a strengthening formula. Being in quarantine, painting my nails has been very meditative. Between working from home, trying to stay connected with loved ones, listening to the news –I find there is a lot of noise during these times despite being in the house. Painting my nails is a form of self-care and a chance for me to turn off my thoughts for a few minutes and re-align my center.”
    3. Christina's Nail Polish Collection
      "I organized my collection this way because I typically love to paint my nails after a nice warm bath! I do most of the exfoliating while I soak in the tub and then once I’m dry, I moisturize and paint! Plus I love all the bright colors, so storing them in a place where I can enjoy them helps brighten my day. My first OPI shade was called I Eat Mainely Lobster, it’s a bright coral pink and I remember asking the nail tech so I could go straight to the store after to find it. My favorite shades are all minty-teals. A classic is My Dogsled Is A Hybrid, and I cannot stop wearing Mexico City Move-Mint and Verde Nice to Meet You. Right now I’m wearing Glisten Carefully! From the new OPI Neo Pearl Collection. I love how buildable the metallic purple is, and it’s even color changing in different lighting. Painting my nails and playing with nail art has been instrumental in my staying sane during the quarantine. I have given my roomie and mom two manicures each, and several to myself! I love how nails are like a tiny canvas, and I’m without all my normal painting supplies right now so it’s been great to try creating art in a different way."
    4. Noelyn's Nail Polish Collection
      “I love this shelf because I can easily see all my shade options. The top row has my current fave shades plus my base and top coats. The middle row has my Infinite Shine shades organized into a rainbow. The bottom features my nail lacquer shades. My first OPI shade was Strawberry Margarita. The day I found out I got the job at OPI my younger sister, Margarita, gave me the shade to congratulate me and to celebrate my new journey. It's really special to me. I absolutely adore Mi Casa Es Blue Casa from OPI Mexico City because it's a nod to Frida Kahlo's "Blue House", and she is one of my favorite artists. Normally I'm a pink girl, but I'm leaning towards blues these days. I'm currently wearing Gelato On My Mind. I love painting my nails. This "quaratime" has given me time I normally don't have to paint my nails. I've been keeping up with the weekly #stayathomechallenge, and it's allowed me to work on my nail art skills as well as give me something creative to do."
    5. Chelsea Baart
      “I used the OPI Shade Booklet as a cheat sheet to re-organize my colors, and my husband built the shelf - I absolutely love the color-coding! The first OPI shade I ever bought myself was Koala Berry and I was in Nail School. I'm a big fan of pink and Koalas are my favorite animal so it felt it was meant to be. Right now, I’m wearing Bubble Bath that I plan on adding some floral nail art too. Painting my nails has always been part of my self-care routine but during these times especially it's a great way to find my creativity and brighten my mood.”
    6. Amy Tran takeover

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