Inside OPI: Shades For Winter Wear

Inside OPI: Shades For Winter Wear
  • Inside OPI: Shades For Winter Wear

    #OPIObsessed, where you at? The latest edition of Inside OPI is here for your reading pleasure.

    Our number one goal is to create color collections and shade series that live up to our mission - Color Is The Answer. But our second goal is to make sure we’re transparent and authentic, which is what this series is all about! Come on into the OPI Office, and meet some of the people that are just as #OPIObsessed as you are.

    Discover the OPI team’s fave winter shades!

    OPI Representatives:
    Zoe – Producer
    Sabrina – Community Management Intern
    Stephanie – Community Management Intern
    Victoria – Email and Web, Social and CRM Data Specialist

    1. Inside OPI: Shades For Winter Wear



      It's sweater weather! I love dressing in layers, boots, and hats. I also love Christmas time and being snuggled up on the couch with a good movie and a cup of hot cocoa!

    2. Inside OPI: Shades For Winter Wear


      Christmas movies, sleeping in all day, cuddling.

    3. Inside OPI: Stephanie – Community Management Intern


      Getting to stay home, read a good book, and burning a candle. That's my perfect winter day!

    4. Inside OPI: Victoria – Email and Web, Social and CRM Data Specialist


      Ankle boots and any type of warm, comfort food.

    5. OPI Malaga Wine


      Zoe: I'm really loving Lincoln Park After Dark. Deep shades have always been my jam, and Lincoln Park feeds my need for a dark color while offering just the right amount of holiday sparkle.

      Sabrina: Cajun Shrimp for Christmas, followed by Go To Grayt Lengths for New Years.

      Stephanie: Malaga Wine because it's the perfect dark red. And it’s an excuse to enjoy a glass or two over the holidays!

      Victoria: Yes My Condor Can-do! I love darker colors, and the deep purple goes perfectly with winter clothes.

    6. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


      Zoe: Lincoln Park After Dark on the left and OPI Red on the right! Dark and moody for the cold weather, but still fun and festive.

      Sabrina: Teal The Cows Come Home is perfect for a cozy day at the office because every time you look down at your nails while you're typing you'll see your icy blue nails (reminds me of the movie Frozen) and have a little bit of motivation to get through the day.

      Stephanie: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains is the perfect nude with rosy undertones.

      Victoria: Russian Navy. It’s both professional and bold!

    7. OPI Alpine Snow


      Zoe: Lincoln Park After Dark. LPAD is one of my top five favorite OPI shades of all time. It's edgy, classic, and gives you that extra bit of sass for a night out on the town.

      Sabrina: Alpine Snow. Since it's a chilly night, you'll probably be wearing sweaters and layering up. The bright whites of Alpine Snow will put the final touch on your ensemble!

      Stephanie: Silver on Ice is the best accessory for a night out with the girls. It definitely makes any outfit glow!

      Victoria: This Changes Everything, preferably paired with a long, almond-shaped nail.

    8. OPI You're Such a Budapest


      Zoe: Big Apple Red, because nothing says date night like a fierce red.

      Sabrina: My boyfriend's favorite nail color on me is Frenchie Likes To Kiss, so I'll go with that and You’re Such A Budapest for date night cuddles.

      Stephanie: Vodka and Caviar is my date night shade because it makes me feel confident and pretty.

      Victoria: Samoan Sand. Nudes always look sleek and sexy.

    9. That’s a wrap on this winter edition of Inside OPI! If you want to ask a question to the team at OPI, take a photo of your favorite OPI shade, post it on Instagram, and include the hashtag #AskInsideOPI, and we might select and answer your question in our next edition. In the meantime, stay #OPIObsessed!

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