International Women's Day 2019

International Women’s Day
  • International Women’s Day

    Happy International Women's Day! Every 8th March we celebrate some serious girl power and this year is no exception. Now over 100 years old, this worldwide event celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. We're kicking off the celebrations with some of the kickass women at OPI HQ. We are lucky to have some strong and successful women in our team, get ready to feel seriously inspired.

    1. OPI International Women's Day 2019


      Job Title: OPI Global Digital Director
      Years with OPI: 2 years

      What are your favorite things about working at OPI?

      My team without a doubt - they’re all intelligent, ambitious women who know how to support each other and like to have a drink and a laugh. But also OPI is a really fun brand to work for, with a great story to tell. I love how personal the brand is to each person.

      What are some characteristics of a strong woman?

      I think the characteristics of a strong woman, and of a strong person really, are to be brave, determined, accountable and to show integrity. I also think in the work environment kindness and respect can be overrated but they are a strength.

      What are some tips in having a balanced work and personal life?

      I love my two little boys who are two and five but I feel like I’ve sacrificed them to work many times. There is no way around the working mum guilt trip. The advice that I try to go by is compartmentalize: if you’re at work be at work, if you’re with your family be with your family. If you’re with friends be with friends and make the most of the present. 

      What is the most important lesson you've learned in your career?

      Be respectful to others and stand up for yourself if you see or feel there is an issue in the work environment - tackle it head on and don’t let it dwell.

    2. OPI International Women's Day 2019


      Title: OPI Global Marketing Director - Consumer
      Years with OPI: 19 years

      How did you end up working at OPI?

      I was working for a competing nail company & a recruiter reached out to me about the position. As soon as I came in for the interview I knew it was the place for me. I loved the entrepreneurial spirit & wow what a ride it has been for me!

      What are your favorite things about working at OPI?

      For me it is seeing how our shades along with their names have touched people's lives. I say every shade tells a story & I have a story for every shade. I also loved over the years when we have given back by going to shelters or different young girl groups & seeing first hand how giving a manicure with our color transformed their faces and brightened up their day.

      How do you empower the women in your life?

      I have 2 beautiful little girls- Ava & Valentina- that I tell almost daily that they are special, kind & that they can do anything they set their mind to! I learned that from my late mother- who was the most amazing mom anyone could ever ask for. She always believed in me & said I could do anything even though I came from a small town with not much opportunity- she wanted me to see the world.

      What OPI shade makes you feel powerful?

      I have 3 power shades I go to: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around- a perfect nude that gives you a sophisticated understated look, We the Female- a perfect power red, and one of my favorite shades of all time, and Lincoln Park After Dark- a sexy, dark shade that makes you feel invincible!

    3. OPI International Women's Day 2019


      Title: OPI North America + Global Professional Beauty Director of Influencer Marketing
      Years at OPI: 5 Years

      What are your favorite things about working at OPI?

      My favorite things about working for OPI are …The endless possibilities of activations that you can dream up + actually bring to life! I love that painting your nails at work is totally acceptable, it’s even encouraged. 

      What are some tips in having a balanced work and personal life?

      Plan, plan, plan...then stick with the plan! I’m obsessed with bullet journaling because it’s a fun and creative way to map out my plans. It keeps me on track with everything I need, should, and want to do.

      Do you have any advice for young women wanting to work in the beauty industry?

      I advise all young women wanting to work in beauty or in any industry to treat your first few years in the workforce as if you’re interning… Learn as MUCH as you can while you’re on the job, don’t treat it as a clock-in, clock-out scenario rather a learning opportunity. Energy + perspective are everything so remember how you do anything, is how you do everything - so do it well + with a great attitude.

    4. International Women’s Day

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