Introducing the New OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat

OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat
  • OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat

    Today we’re unveiling our new durable gel lineup with serious staying power, including base coats for every nail type. The OPI GelColor system you know and love now has a new look and feel, plus, we’ve added a new innovation we can’t wait to share with you! Introducing the OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat, the ideal solution for clients with thin, oily, soft, or peeling nail types who love a good gel nail polish manicure.

    Download our 1 pager on the new OPI GelColor Stay Strong base coat below.


    Read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of not just this new product, but all the updates we’ve made to the entire gel base and top coat lineup to #StayOnStayStrong.

    1. OPI GelColor for Pros


      Let’s start with the base-ics. Each bottle in the new GelColor system line up (base and top coat) has been redesigned specifically with nail pros in mind. Everything from the texturized bottle caps for better grip, to the color coding and product names in clear sight, these product innovations make for quick identification when reaching into your manicure table drawers and a smooth application for every gel nail polish manicure.

      Now you might be asking yourself -- Stay Strong vs Stay Classic, what's the difference?

    2. The New OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat


      As an entirely new addition to the OPI GelColor lineup, this gel base coat nail polish is a great product for clients with weaker nails to enjoy gel nail polish manicures. The added durability comes from a formula with a higher gel to solvent ratio, this means a thicker viscosity and a brush we’ve specifically designed for thin and precise applications. Plus, it's infused with calcium and vitamin complex, which leaves nails feeling stronger during gel nail polish wear. With up to 60% more strength to the natural nail overall! Because of it’s serious staying power, it’s ideal for clients who visit salons every 2-3 weeks.

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    3. OPI GelColor Stay Classic Base Coat


      The OPI GelColor Stay Classic base coat is the same formula you know and love, just with a bit of a facelift! This gel base coat nail polish is ideal for clients with normal, hard healthy, or brittle nails that enjoy visiting the salon every 2 weeks. The original formula contains a higher solvent to gel ratio compared to OPI GelColor Stay Strong and still features the original OPI brush for an easy 3 stroke application.

      BROWSE STAY Classic 


    4. OPI GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat


      What about the top coat? Like Stay Classic, the OPI GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat is the same formula you love with all of the additional innovations to the bottle itself. Thanks to the 100% pure gel formula that cures to an ultra-shiny, virtually invincible (yet soakable) gel polymer coating, clients can still achieve several weeks of glossy wear and get the shiny nails they know and love.

      Browse Stay Shiny 

    5. OPI Pro Tips for Application


      When using the OPI GelColor Stay Strong base coat in place of Stay Classic, you’ll notice the thicker viscosity of the formula-- be sure not to apply too thick of a coat to prevent under-curing. This means you'll use less product overall when applying and use a burnishing technique (by using shorter strokes without lifting the brush away from the nail) to ensure full coverage and adhesion.

      See more pro tips from nail pros including who OPI Stay Strong Base Coat is ideal for by clicking the link below.


      When applying OPI GelColor Stay Classic base coat, OPI GelColor polishes, and OPI GelColor Stay Shiny top coat as you normally would, make sure to shake each bottle vigorously for 1 minute to thoroughly mix, and focus on thin, even coats to apply. Cure each coat in an OPI LED Light for 30 seconds.

      After applying and curing OPI GelColor Stay Shiny top coat, be sure to remove the inhibition layer with N.A.S 99 and a lint-free wipe. Finish with a few drops of OPI ProSpa Cuticle Oil.

      Check out our OPI Service Education course on OPI GelColor and test your nail knowledge of OPI GelColor application.


    6. OPI Pro Tips for GelColor Removal


      For faster removal, be sure to file the free edge as well as the top coat then soak off the product for safe and effective removal.

      When using OPI GelColor Stay Classic base coat, the average removal time with OPI Expert Touch Removal Wraps and N.A.S. 99 is 15 minutes, and for OPI GelColor Stay Strong, allow for 3 extra minutes of soak-off time due to the added durability.

      See our Service Education course on GelColor to see how to properly remove by hand and e-file.


      For clients with dry skin check out our OPI Protocol Pro Tip for Removal below.


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