January Colorscope: Capricorn

Your OPI Horoscope: January Colorscope
  • Your OPI Horoscope: January Colorscope
    Capricorns it’s that time of year again, your birthday month, and there is so much to be excited about for you this astrological year. Whatever issues you’ve been dealing with the past couple of years are finally going to be lifted. The theme for you this month is to worry less and adapt to your environment. You can finally take a huge deep breath as the weight is being lifted off your shoulders. No one works harder than you and no one is more responsible or disciplined. The changes you’ll start to see in different aspects of your life will change the perspective you have on the world. A new perspective with new environments can bring you insight and help you tap into your intuition to further your growth. Again, this growth doesn’t feel painful maybe like the past couple of years. This growth doesn’t feel forced. This growth feels light and free.
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      The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will highlight where you are still lacking sensitivity and kindness for yourself. Take this time to purge any old unwanted thoughts that are keeping you from a bright future. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will show completion of the cycle you released from the full moon. Remember you will always be rewarded for your dedication, hard work, and for how you treat yourself.

      Color : Your color of the month is Leonardo’s Model . The shimmer and glitter remind you of the universe and just how connected you are to the infinite universe. Wear this color to boost your aura of healing and spirituality.

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      Love : Love can be confusing this month if you try to please others instead of honoring your needs. Learn the difference between superficial love and unconditional love. You deserve to be loved without conditions but that firstly begins with self love.

      Career : Your success is dependent upon your perseverance. How well can you withstand the test of time. If you fail, try again.

      Money : You may feel more inclined to spend this season instead of save. Try to budget in recreational expenses with your finances that way you aren’t overdoing anything.

      Health : Remember to stay hydrated this season. Back pain can be associated with worrying. Practice slow and steady breathing when you’re feeling anxious or uneasy. You can make yourself sick from stress or worry so visualize yourself being healthy.

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      Aquarius, this is your time to shine. With the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction happening in your sign this month the future never looked so bright. You have the tendency to stall sometimes when it comes to going after your dreams. Jupiter will be lighter in Aquarius making it easier to accomplish goals and receive opportunities. If there are any roadblocks they will be minor or purpose driven to set you back on your path. Now is not the time for self doubt or self loathing. The only thing keeping you from your dreams is your mental framework and how you feel about yourself. For those of you who are hard on yourself you may need to lighten up to see things from the perspective of your higher self. For most of you the opportunities are career and reputation related. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will be highlighting your intimacy issues and where you need to change and transform your beliefs. Your beliefs can cause a lack of intimacy in your life. Intimacy is valuable because it helps you grow and transform as a person. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will be highlighting your financial situation. Maybe you’re good with your money but you need to find new ways to save and invest. Reflecting on your finances can bring up new ideas to create new avenues of financial success.

      Color: Your color of the month is Tutti Frutti Tonga. The light natural shimmer reminds you of how light and easy this year can be for you. The color will bring out an aura of internal healing in peace.

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      Love: Love is playful and mentally stimulating for you this month. If you’re in a current relationship make time to do things you love with your partner. Even the small things count like watching a movie in bed with popcorn. If you’re single then make it a point to love on yourself extra hard. In other words, treat yourself!

      Career: Your career can feel difficult during this time as a lot of people are expecting much from you. If possible choose your own schedule and this should lighten up the load. If not, choose your mornings wisely to make it feel like you have more freedom. You work better where freedom is involved.

      Health: Maintain a healthy gut by paying attention to how your body feels after a meal. If you notice bloating or difficulty digesting then maybe it’s time to eat differently or find new ways to build your gut bacteria.


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      Whether it’s a spiritual conquest, a creative project or a feeling of existential dread, you are looking for ultimate love and understanding. This month can highlight where you are lacking universal love in your life. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is lacking and what you need which can thus make it harder to ask for what you want. Remember that closed mouths don’t get fed Pisces, not everyone will be able to read your mind. Start shifting the confusion by making plans. You can start with small plans and then progress into bigger plans. Making these small plans and crossing things off your list will start giving you more clarity about your path and what it is you want. Although things may feel confusing now about which path you must/want to take this feeling is also temporary. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will highlight what your hobbies and passions are. How do you want to be remembered and what for? If you can during this cycle do a lot of writing. Writing lists and making small goals will help with clarity. You’re on a path of finding your truth which can lead to finding your passion for success. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th is a great time to maybe hang with family, friends, or close loved ones and make a vision board. Use this vision board as inspiration for the year ahead.

      Color: Your color of the month is Bling it On by OPI. This Icy Blue brings in intuitive and throat chakra opening vibes. Wear this color to tap into the feeling energy of aura color blue. It is sensitive, empathetic and inwardly focused.

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      Love: It can be difficult to make up your mind about love this month because you feel so passionately about everything. Maybe channel your love into helping others. You will receive love by giving love.

      Career: You are witty and charismatic and people love being around you. Use your bubbly energy and sweet nature to make connections in business or make your work life more sweet.

      Finances: Your financial situation wants to increase but slowly and steadily. It’s making you work hard for what you want but hard work brings better results. Be patient and trust that everything always works out for you.

      Health: It may be hard to eat healthy right now as you may be craving sweets. Remember that sweet and sugary are two different things. You can have sweet fruit and minimize sugary candies.


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      Aries, it’s been a tough year with setbacks and intense emotions. The beginning of Capricorn season will be the end of this instability. You can finally start seeing movement from your efforts. You are ready to be innovative and creative and there’s no better time than now. Some of you may still have some deeply rooted feelings that need to be addressed but you can also release this energy through your creativity. Avoid arguments and battles and make peace your priority. Patience is the key to getting ahead. It will not happen overnight but with patience and perseverance things will start moving forward. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will highlight issues with your career and reputation that need to be addressed. Maybe there is work you’ve been slacking on or procrastination issues. Maybe you’re not nurturing your business the way you should be. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will encourage you to spend quality time with the people you love. Be open and honest about what you need. When you’re honest you allow the people that love you to be both there for you, and helpful.

      Color: Your color of the month is Eternally Turquoise. This pale shade of blue is simply beautiful yet consistent. You can wear this in a professional setting or playful one. This light blue brings in the aura of open communication.

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      Love: You’re confident and know what you want but intimacy requires a level of respect and understanding. Don’t be so quick to rush into anything. Remind your partner that you are a safe space.

      Career: Most of you can expect happiness regarding your career during Capricorn season. What you have worked hard at will start seeing rewards. If you have been nurturing your career with love and commitment that energy will reflect now.

      Finances: The second half of the month can bring unexpected income fluctuations. Try to avoid buying things for temporary satisfaction.

      Health: Your body may be prone to more inflammation during this time than usual. This can also show up as acne or a rash, which is temporary. I recommend making fresh ginger tea to ease your mind and also reduce inflammation.


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      Life has been feeling very unpredictable for quite some time. If you haven’t already you should be getting used to spontaneity. The more you are able to adapt to the flow the better you will feel. The square Uranus in Taurus is making with Jupiter in Aquarius is frustrating but with time enhances your perspective. You will start to see doors opening up for you to accomplish your goals. This will bring success over time. You will not see success overnight but what you plant now can reap the benefits for years to come. Luckily most of you are really good at being patient. Be mindful of impulsive actions and spending until January 6th. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will be highlighting your mental framework. It may be time to start thinking about long term goals and where you see yourself in the next 10 - 15 years. Visualize how it will feel when you reach these goals instead of how you’ll make them possible. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will reward you where you’ve decided to enhance your thoughts during the full moon. Again, keys open doors and your mental framework is the key to these opportunities. If you’re feeling blocked try doing something you love that is creative. There may be a hobby or skill you might want to get back into. This will clear your mind and once your mind is clear you'll gain more clarity.

      Color: Your color of the month is Let's Take an Elfie. This shimmery purple is beautiful and magical. This color reminds you that you are a boss babe and the aura color purple enhances your crown chaka energy.

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      Love: Love is experienced through friendship this season. You will find love in your close relationships, in exploring your world and appreciating all life has to offer. Love isn’t linear, love is everywhere.

      Career: Your career is in the spotlight. You are being noticed more in your profession or at your job. Now is not the time to hide away but to shine bright.

      Finances: You might feel inclined to spend money fast but then you’ll notice you may be blocked from getting more. Use your money wisely.

      Health: Try not to overindulge and be cautious of overeating. Don’t eat on the go but sit down and chew your food slowly.

    6. Shop Stay Off the Lawn!!

      Letting go of old beliefs and patterns is what progresses you forward. Right now in your life you may notice a common theme of healing through old perceptions for new energy to form. This is a positive change Gemini, and believe it or not you don’t know everything. What you thought you knew is now being challenged. Luckily you are very adaptable and flexible and don’t mind change. Use this month to focus on creating a healthy routine for yourself. The more you can get into a routine that feels good the more you can get done. You’ll be organizing both your thoughts and your actions. The full moon in cancer on December 29th will be highlighting your fears. What are you fearful about in your day to day and what can you do to turn this fear into faith? The more trust you have in your goals the more power you will have in your mind and thus your actions and experiences. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will bring an awakening regarding your thoughts but at first this can be a bit scary. You are learning that there is much to learn and much to change. There can also be new opportunities in your work and personal life.

      Color : Your color of the month is Stay off the Lawn!!This deep green brings in the energy of new beginnings and change. You are planting valuable seeds for your future. Wear this color to enhance good luck and prosperous beginnings.

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      Love : You usually have a smile on your face and this time is no different. Unlike most people you’re able to appreciate people for who they are and not what they can do for you. This can bother some who wish to possess and control you. Have fun with love during this time and relinquish control.

      Career: You are meticulous about your career during this time and this can take you very far. This energy doesn't come often so use this time to get really organized, even at home.

      Finances: Your financial situation can fluctuate a lot. Save and be resourceful as much as possible. Unexpected loss and gains are both possible.

      Health: You’re really busy so don’t forget to drink water. When you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed take a break. A consistent workout routine can boost your mood.


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      You are the protector of the family and this Capricorn season it feels like a masculine energy or maybe the masculine energy within you will need some attention. Being that you are always there for everyone, your feminine side may be too pronounced causing you to attract situations where you need to be more dominant. We are all a balance between masculine and feminine no matter what gender we are. Start standing up for the masculine energy within you to demand what you need from your environment and from others. This energy can also show up in your home. Maybe you’re used to taking a more submissive role. Now is the time to be dominant. Dominant does not mean aggressive. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will illuminate your life and the relationship you have with yourself. You will start to see yourself more clearly than ever before. This can bring about a new mental thought process. Working on being in balance will make you stronger and wiser. The New moon in Capricorn on January 13th can help you improve relationships that you have with masculine energy or people in authority. Use this time to say what you need to say in a respectable manner. Your thoughts will be heard.

      Color: Your color of the month is Red-y for the Holidays. This color is bold and demands attention. It brings out your root chakra aura.

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      Love: Intimate relationships may be asking you to show up differently during this time. Although you may show that you care through task and commitment, your partner may need more conscious listening and touch. Be willing to transform your beliefs from what you think someone needs, to asking them exactly what they want.

      Career: Be willing to compromise and come to agreements with coworkers or in business projects. People will appreciate your kindness and will genuinely enjoy working or doing business with you.

      Finances: Having multiple sources of income can be extremely rewarding. Think about fun easy ways you can increase your financial situation by doing something you love.

      Health: If you don’t get time to exercise strictly every day, stretch throughout the day and move around. Get the body moving to increase better circulation in the body.


    8. Now Museum, Now You Don't

      Your relationships are expanding and challenging you at the same time. Some of you are truly growing through the bonds and relationships you have with others. Now is not the time to run away from conflict but to work through it together. Conflict doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. Conflict gives room for personal growth. We see ourselves more clearly in the way we respond to conflicts with others. When the energy or the intimacy goes deep be prepared to go with it and not against it. Depending on how you handle yourself this can either be a very fun or traumatic time. Change is truly about perception. Trust that all change can be benefiting your highest good. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will be highlighting your finances. What do you need to let go of to attract a financial situation that helps you save and prepare for the future? Some of you may be thinking of new ways to maintain or invest your resources. Your money is meant to be enjoyed but not at the expense of your security. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th will highlight what intimacy issues you’ve been avoiding. Whether you're ready or not, important conversations regarding intimacy will come up around this cycle. You may not be prepared for such conversations so take some time to reflect and when you’re ready speak up.

      Color: Your color of the month is Now Museum, Now You Don't. This color helps bring out your sparkly energy which may feel hidden from being tired or overworked. Wear this color to enhance your passion and sensuality.

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      Love: Love is an adventure. Have fun with your partners or with yourself. Take yourself on as many adventures as possible. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have when you go with the flow and try new things.

      Career: You may be obsessive about your career and reputation right now. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Attention to detail can help you define and align your job or business more clearly. Leveling up is possible when you are focused.

      Finances: Be weary of emotional spending.

      Health: Take care of yourself the natural way and treat your body right with fresh food. Try to avoid eating too many foods from packaging. Cooking will nourish the body and soul.


    9. Lincoln Park after Dark

      Some may think you’re a bit extreme but your dedication to be great is admirable. This month the energy focuses on what your true beliefs are and how your beliefs are showing up in your life. If you find yourself doing something you hate or something against your beliefs you’ll be faced with the tough question of staying. Everything is about timing though so there’s no rush for what’s manifested. Talk with peers and close family members and share your goals. This is about finding work that feeds your soul while also paying the bills. Maybe the more you talk about it the more you can manifest it in your vibration. You got this Virgo and you have all the energy and drive to accomplish your goals. The full moon in Cancer will highlight the logical side of things that need to be done for you to move forward. Intuition is only half the step, you must also be practical which you are usually great at. Use this full moon to make a plan for yourself. The new moon in Capricorn will show you how well this plan will work out by new outcomes you may experience during the new moon. Maybe you meet someone on a similar journey or you’re offered a job position. All of these things are an inclination that you’re on the right path.

      Color: Your color of the month is Lincoln Park After Dark. This deep purple represents the stability and grounding you are manifesting to accomplish your goals. Wear this color to feel grounded and empowered.

      SHOP Lincoln Park After Dark

      Love: You're in a good mood and want to spread your love and positivity everywhere. People also want to be around you because you are naturally helpful and a good listener. You’ll find romantic relationships being put on display if they aren’t already in the spotlight.

      Career: This is an excellent time to make connections for your career and reputation. You are likable and charismatic. Help can best come from feminine energy during this time.

      Finances: Your financial situation is increasing slowly but surely. You’re good with keeping your money and investing properly.

      Health: You have the tendency to overwork and not recognize the limitations from your body. This can cause headaches. Remember to schedule rest when you need it.


    10. Heart and Coal Infinite Shine

      You’re focused on your career now more than ever before. You’ve grown so much this year and a lot of your values have changed dramatically. You’re recognizing the genius within and now are applying your skills. You are literally a friend to everyone and for once you’re focusing your energy more inward and to the energy you want to attract. Now more than ever you want to also pay close attention to your thoughts. You can be easily swayed sometimes. Spend some time alone to really think about what you want and what you believe. You don’t want to keep changing your mind every time you hear another opinion. Once you gain clarity about what you want and what you believe stand firm and move forward. This will help you make strides instead of steps towards your goals. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will focus on your home and family. Wherever you have neglected your inner needs will start to show up now. This is a great time to be home and journal. The new moon in Capricorn on January 13th can bring opportunities for growth in your career depending upon the work you’ve been doing. If not you, you may notice growth for your Father or masculine dominant energy in your life.

      Color: Your color of the month is Heart and Coal. This shimmering black is beautiful but also grounding. This color brings in protection and stability.

      SHOP Heart And Coal

      Love: You’re more focused than ever before so love has to be someone who you can build a friendship with. You’re looking for a team player and a support system right now.

      Career: Your career is being highlighted with many opportunities for growth. Using this energy wisely has a lot to do with not being indecisive about your wants and your goals.

      Finances: You are being asked to be practical with your finances. Avoid extraneous spending.

      Health: Your health is in good shape but there can be issues with not getting enough exercise. Remember you don’t have to do strenuous exercise for it to be relevant. Start small like taking walks in your neighborhood.


    11. Shop Chocolate Moose

      You’re redefining your inner circle and it shows. You may find that bringing new people in your life will actually be very inspiring for you. You’ve never been the type to follow things exactly as they are but now more than ever you’re feeling electric and want to be involved. Some of you may involve yourselves with what’s going on around the world while others may take a different approach. Whatever you decide is fine as long as you’re committed to growth and expansion. New groups of people can get change and transform you in positive ways. You may even be getting inspired for a different approach for your career or reputation. The full moon in Cancer on December 29th will highlight what you want to do for fun and how you can nurture that inner child within you. Nurturing the inner child can along with meeting new people can create a creative spark in you for those who may be struggling with their creativity. The New moon in Capricorn on January 13th will be about integrating and connecting new ideas and change. You’re feeling a surge of energy to change and inspire. Use this energy wisely and get creative in these new circles of friends you’ve been cultivating.

      Color: Your color of the month is Chocolate Moose. This color reminds you of grounding and stability. You are building a firm foundation for growth and healing to occur.

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      Love: A part of you wants to be alone but then the other part wants connection. You may struggle with this in the beginning of Capricorn season. You may over give when giving isn’t deserved until you learn how to balance your life and your wants.

      Career: Your career and reputation are expanding slowly but surely. Be innovative at work or in your career. Share your ideas with others and don’t be afraid to speak up.

      Finances: You may have the desire to spend but it will cause you more harm than good. Capricorn’s energy is about building and not depleting so do your best to fight your urges to spend.

      Health: You may be feeling more anxious than usual, this could be due to all the new change around you. Make time to be off your phone if you find yourself feeling anxious.


    12. Shop Barefoot in Barcelona

      Sagittarius the theme for you this Capricorn season is transformation and release. You’re in the reflective mode now and some of you may be battling some deeply rooted fears but what you will find is that when you let go and allow, everything will start to flow. Sometimes letting go can be difficult especially when it may feel like you’re letting go of your freedom. What you will learn is that no one can take that freedom away from you. Trust the process and allow life to unfold without so much strict control. You can be so free that you choose bondage. Situations and life experiences will come up for you to decide to surrender instead of force. You’ll notice you are getting closer to some of your long term aspirations and goals, which can be scary. Don’t start to self-sabotage just because you may not have control of the timing of everything playing out for you. The full moon in Cancer will be highlighting your day to day routines. What do you need to shift about and change in your day to prepare yourself for the next step in your life. Maybe there are habits you need to break. The New Moon in Capricorn will bring in new beginnings from what you’ve let go of during the full moon cycle. Maybe these new beginnings start with first a new perception, not every new beginning will be something tangible.

      Color: Your color of the month is Barefoot in Barcelona. This color is neutral, reminds you of a clean slate. This month you are honoring a clean slate to welcome in the new.

      Shop Barefoot in Barcelona

      Love: The most important thing or person to love right now is yourself. You’re actually in a relationship with yourself before you’re in a relationship with anyone else. Nurture this relationship above all to attract the kind of partners who can reflect this pure love.

      Career: Your career is a manifestation of how you feel about yourself. The more time you dedicate to getting to know yourself the better outcomes you’ll see in all aspects of your life.

      Finances: Your finances are very important to you and it shows. Keep holding onto your resources, you’ve been good about saving your money lately. Don’t become too identified with your bank account or else you may end up losing something. Find the balance. It’s important but it’s also just another reflection of you and how you truly feel about yourself. So enjoy it too.

      Health: You are healthy but you may have some difficulty with bloating and digestion this month. Try to not eat and drink at the same time. Eat your food first and then drink. This can help with digestive issues as well as chewing slowly. Ginger tea can help with inflammation.


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