July Colorscope: Cancer

July Cancer Colorscope
  • July Cancer Colorscope
    Happy Solar Return Cancers! It's been a crazy run for you this year with lots of lessons but things are about to get easier with Jupiter in Pisces. Enter into your new year with confidence and faith because all the work you’ve been doing is finally about to pay off. On June 24th we have a full Moon in Capricorn at the 3°. This full Moon will give you the confidence to speak up and speak out about what is important to you and what you're worth. On July 9th we have a new Moon in your sign at the 18°, this new Moon might be more difficult than others because you will be faced with a situation that might need immediate change or transformation.
    1. Coastal Sand-Tuary

      On July 9th we have a new Moon in your sign at the 18°, this new Moon might be more difficult than others because you will be faced with a situation that might need immediate change or transformation. Honestly, this is the push you actually need! Whatever happens, take it as a sign to let go of the past and redirect your future. It's time you start living life on your own terms unapologetically and without resistance. On July 11th Mercury moves into your sign making communication emotional and deeper. You can have important conversations with your loved ones, and finally get your perspective across.

      Color : Your color of the month is Coastal Sand-Tuary by OPI. This beautiful white color is pure like you and invites new beginnings from a place of purity & love.

      Love : You might be feeling drowned in love or not able to think correctly until Venus moves into Leo. Positively, you have so much love to give others and the love that surrounds you is deserving. Don’t make any important decisions regarding love until Venus moves into Leo on June 27th.

      Career : Your career will thrive when you use your charming energy paired with your beautiful spirit. This is a great time to connect with others to help you reach your goals. Beauty and grace are favored so be the best both internally and externally.

      Finances : There are important contracts that need to be made to confirm your financial situation within your work & projects. Don’t take anyone’s word, but instead get everything in contract.

      Health : You’ve been feeling stagnant in the body or the limbs might feel numb. It’s important to exercise or at least move your body consistently.


    2. Bee-hind the Scenes

      On June 27th Venus enters Leo making it a fun time in your life. It might be hard to say focus on yourself as you are so caring and nurturing to others. This will be a great test, it’s easy to take care of others before ourselves but different results require different actions. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9 at the 18° will show who or what is keeping you from your highest vibration. This is the moment where you get rid of all self deprecating thoughts or habits, there are new beginnings when you give yourself a positive perspective.

      Color : Your color of the month is Bee-hind the Scenes by OPI. This soft yellow represents who you are in your spirit. You are the Sun and a force of nature.

      Love : Love feels very mystical and magical right now. In this moment you can truly have fun with a loved one. On June 27th when Venus moves into Leo remember to play and be childlike, not everything has to be so serious.

      Career : You have so much passion and energy to create and inspire. This is a wonderful time to focus on your work because you get a lot done. Your ambition soares and will help you in the long run.

      Finance : Your financial situation is fluctuating up-and-down. This can feel unsettling, so it’s not the best time to spend unnecessary money. Use your money and your resources wisely.

      Health : Be careful of over indulging in too much food and weight gain. Having fresh bone broth or veggie broth weekly can heal the metabolism.



    3. To Infinity & Blue - Yond

      On June 25th the next day Neptune goes retrograde at 23° Pisces. After this date think twice or give yourself time before making decisions, you might not be given all the information you need the first time. The new Moon in Cancer will be on July 9th at the 18°. This new Moon will be a chance to communicate things you may have hidden. It’s important to think before you speak but make sure your point comes across, you deserve to be heard and listened to. Shortly after Mercury enters Cancer making you more emotional than usual. There are other ways to communicate and express yourself so look to new ways for communicating.

      Color: Your color of the month is To Infinity & Blue - Yond by OPI. This beautiful blue reminds you that it's ok to feel all your feelings. Your feelings are valid and true.

      Love : It can feel like you are not loved enough, but you are not seeing things clearly when it comes to love. The truth is, love is constantly surrounding you. Look around with gratitude.

      Career : You have many new career opportunities coming your way you can barely decide which one you want to do. Don’t rush into anything right now, you have time to make a decision. Just know everything you were asking for is coming.

      Finance: Your financial situation is stable, but you might be burning a lot of money.

      Health : Avoid overworking yourself or overthinking for it may cause headaches. Get more rest than usual.



    4. Indefinitely Baby

      The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th at the 18° will bring new beginnings through a situation that happens close to home. You or a loved one might be triggered about a situation through another person. You’re very protective of your loved ones so be alert. This can turn out to be for your good but you might not feel this way in the beginning. Venus is moving very quickly and so is your mind and your energy. On July 21st before the Sun moves into Virgo, Venus moves into Virgo. This transition quickly shifts from fun to tedious. You’ve had a bit of fun but now it's time to get back to work.

      Color : Your color of the month is Indefinitely Baby by OPI. This beautiful soft shade pink is calming and relaxing helping you make the best decisions regarding your relationships.

      Love: You feel very connected to your partners but in an unhealthy way. You might need to take a break to focus on yourself. Sometimes you can merge yourself too much with the identity and emotions of others. Having strong boundaries is key.

      Career : Work life seems to keep building and adding more pressure. Some of you work well under pressure while others do not. Seek help if it's too much to find a balance.

      Finances : Your financial situation is stable after June 30th when Mercury leaves the shadow phase from retrograde. Until then, avoid overspending and extraneous purchases.

      Health : This is a great time to go to your doctor and get your thyroid checked out. A lot of you are dealing with hormonal imbalances.


    5. Award for Best Nails goes to…

      There is a full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th at the 3° which will highlight your friend circle. You are learning how to communicate when you need help and how you’re feeling with your social circle. On July 9th there’s a new Moon in Cancer at the 18° which can bring up a situation with a loved one or project. Don’t let the moment or an opportunity go by because you are so used to hiding, get out and show your skills.

      Color : Your color of the month is Award for Best Nails goes to… by OPI. This beautiful midnight blue makes you feel seen and vibrant. Use this color to harness your magnetic energy.

      Love : Your love life is fiery, passionate, and has a little bit of drama just the way you like it. There might be multiple people who want to date you and this is a great time to be yourself unapologetically. Have fun!

      Career : You have a lot of responsibility at work and a lot of tasks to complete. Don’t let the issues at home keep you from your business, you will regret it. This is a time where you really need to find balance between work and home.

      Finances : You’re spending more money than usual because you’re having fun, going out to eat, and spending it on friends. If you have it you have it, but if you don’t, use discernment.

      Health : You’re feeling a bit nervous and anxious. Magnesium bicarbonate helps regulate stress in the body.



    6. Oh You Sing, Dance, Act, and Produce?

      You are getting a preview of 2022 and all the good news is coming your way. If things are getting worse this is a direct reflection of the work you have not done. You’ll need to go back and begin now with consistency. The full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th at the 3° will highlight some of your fears that have been holding you back from doing the work. For some of you this could be actual recent experiences with lost love ones that have been holding you back. Loss is never easy but your ancestors want the best for you and you deserve the best for you. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th at that 18° will show you what work you need to get done and the best way to complete it. They might show you through a dream or someone coming to help or guide you. Take the help and guidance you need, don't be too proud.

      Color: Your color of the month is Oh You Sing, Dance, Act, and Produce by OPI. This hue of purple ignites Jupiter in your chart which is essentially your luck.

      Love : You have many options for love as you are shining bright and looking great. Everyone wants a piece of your energy, but you have so much to do you might not have time. Don’t waste this beautiful moment making connections that cannot elevate you.

      Career : Your career is blossoming and blooming with opportunities from left and right. Take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

      Finances: You are financially blessed. Money flows to you from different directions.

      Health : Be careful to not overindulge, it can lead to weight gain. A consistent health routine can keep you on top of over indulgence.


    7. Rated Pea-G

      This full Moon is a powerful time to communicate in your close relationships things that have been left unsaid. It will highlight how your lack of communication is causing a drift in your relationships. The new Moon in Cancer will be on July 9th at the 18° which can bring new spiritual awakenings. This spiritual awakening might come suddenly or without reason, but it’s what you need to put you back on the right track energetically. Be open to change and transformation. As long as you’re open and adaptable things will flow in your favor.

      Color : Your color of the month is Rated Pea-G by OPI. This beautiful green reminds you of balance but also money is flowing in all different directions.

      Love : Your love life feels structured but weak at the same time. Add a little bit of adventure in your love life. You don’t want to make things too routine.

      Career : Your career is extremely demanding but luckily there are a lot of amazing new connections to be made. Look around you and use what you have in front of you. Other people are looking up to you.

      Finances: Your financial situation is booming. This might be a good time to invest.

      Health : You might need to remind yourself to rest because you are going, going, going. Take herbs for your adrenals.



    8. My Address is Hollywood

      Right now some people close to you might be asking for money or have been asking for money or your time. You are in every right to say no and exercise your boundaries. This full Moon speaking up is better than being silent. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th at the 18° will be highlighting new information regarding a partner or shared resources. With this new information there will be things that must change and transform regarding the way you deal with others and the resources you share. Focus and prosper.

      Color : Your color of the month is My Address is Hollywood by OPI. This beautiful burnt orange is eclectic and powerful like you. Don’t forget you’re the original creative.

      Love : Your love life seems to be the main topic this season because you are balancing your needs with the needs of others. You are very good at seeing all perspectives but this time you might be drowned in the energy of someone else. Spending some time in solitude can help you re-gather your thoughts.

      Career : You want to make new changes in your career or job but you have to be willing to go after them.

      Finances: It feels like your finances are mixed with someone else. Put money aside simply for yourself.

      Health : Your health is focused on healing your gut and metabolism. Bone or veggie broth with organic natural ingredients helps heal the metabolism.


    9. Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants

      The full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th at the 3° will highlight a personal situation in your environment. Use your expression and creativity to talk about yourself and the things that you do. If there was ever time to boost yourself the time is now. Make sure you’re planning for the best and not the worst, you will get whatever you spend most time thinking about. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th will be at the 18° which can bring a new perspective and thought process. A situation may arise which heightens your intuition but also changes the way you feel about yourself. This is a positive change and you are needing to see yourself in the highest light.

      Color : Your color of the month is Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants by OPI. This beautiful vibrant yellow stimulates your creativity and activates your pineal gland.

      Love : You love everyone, which can be hard for most people to understand. Right now don’t try to be understanding to everyone, focus on what makes sense for you. Love as many people as possible, as you wish.

      Career: Your career will blossom through the connections you make. Get out and socialize.

      Finances : Your financial situation is finally finding some stability. Try not to spend but to say unless you are going to invest back into yourself.

      Health : It can be really hard to make healthy decisions regarding your food choices and the way you take care of your body. Do your best and don't be so hard on yourself, this energy is temporary.


    10. Tile Art to Warm Your Heart

      You’re going to have to make a decision to choose work or family. Through communication you’ll find the best choice for you and everyone involved. You’ll be surprised when you communicate how your needs will be met. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th at the 18° will bring a shocking beginning or information regarding someone related to your work. Not everything is what it seems and spirit is helping you break down what you should give your attention to.

      Color : Your color of the month is Tile Art to Warm Your Heart by OPI. This beautiful vibrant blue gives you hope and faith for what’s to come.

      Love : Your love life is beautiful and blossoming. You are so fulfilled and happy and your partner truly supports you. You can now focus on work freely with this type of love.

      Career : Career is the main theme this month because there are boundless opportunities for you to be creative. You can create something in your own field that gives you the freedom you’ve been looking for.

      Finances: You are prosperous financially and money is flowing to you very easily. Don’t start spending and ask for help if you need to make a budget.

      Health : There can be issues with your skin during this time. A detox might do you good.



    11. Be There in a Prosecco

      Be careful of people trying to control you or hold power over you. The full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th at the 3° will highlight a situation where you will learn to express yourself. Trust yourself and free up that throat chakra. On June 27th venus enters Leo helping you be more expressive and open as well trusting. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th will be at 18° focusing on a situation that might need your immediate attention. Be aware of your energy and how you show up with others.

      Color : Your color of the month is Be There in a Prosecco by OPI. This creamy white color Accentuates your beauty & purity.

      Love : Your love life feels possessive and controlling right now. Don’t allow others to control how you feel about yourself or your boundaries. Set strong boundaries for yourself out of respect. You’re having a lot of fun, enjoy yourself.

      Career: You are looking beautiful and everyone is paying attention to you. All eyes are on you so what are you going to do about it? Go after what you want with firm energy and you will succeed.

      Finances : Don’t buy the things that you don’t need right now. You are usually good at saving your money but now it feels like you are over shopping and spending.

      Health : You have good health but you’re over indulging too much. Try to find a balance between health and satisfaction.


    12. 15 minutes of Flame

      The full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th at the 3° will highlight a work or health situation that you’ve been avoiding and need to take care of. Seek help if you need it and don't avoid the mundane task when it comes to taking care of yourself. The new Moon in Cancer on July 9th will be at 18° and will trigger a new epiphany or awakening regarding a situation that has been hiding in your psyche. The energy is asking you to face what has been holding you back in your thought process and moving forward.

      Color : Your color of the month is 15 minutes of Flame by OPI. This beautiful color is inspiring to help stimulate your mental activity and social conversations.

      Love : You have so many options it’s hard to make a choice. The point is you don’t have to make a choice right now. Make the choice to choose yourself and focus your energy on being creative. You don’t have to search for love, you have to search for alignment.

      Career : When you are practical and organized you get a lot more done. This month you need to focus on organizing your plans and goals to find the proper way to execute more efficiently.

      Finances: Your financial situation is going through a lot of change which can make you feel insecure. Spirit is asking you to be more inventive and come up with new ways to make more money.

      Health : You might be experiencing back pain because you are worried about something. Stretch, get a massage, or go see a chiropractor to help alleviate stress.



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