Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru
  • Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru
    1. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      What does Peru mean to you? What gives you a sense of pride about Peru?

      To me, Peru is my home. It represents my roots along with my beautiful and loving family, who have made Peru a place of comfort and calmness to me. I’m very proud to be from Peru! The rich history has endless depths in various parts of the country. The nature is spectacular and full of vibrant colors that are always changing as you travel through the land. The people are beautiful, kind-hearted, and always incredibly inclusive. It’s really a special place - like an oasis on this earth, which is also why Peru is now one of the biggest tourist magnets on Earth. On top of that, you’ll taste and experience food that you’ve never had before!

    2. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      Favorite must-sees in Peru? Must eats? 

      A place that most people are aware of now, and is a place that you MUST experience at some point in your life is Machu Picchu. Words can’t explain it, so you must go feel the energy for yourself. Other sites include Rainbow mountain, the Amazon jungle, Paracas deserts, the oasis in Huacachina and many more.

      When I go home, I love to eat ceviche! Other places on Earth make a nice effort to try and make a similar ceviche dish, but really nothing compares to how it’s made back home in Peru. Other dishes I love are Lomo Saltado and exotic fruits pulled straight out of the jungle such as Lucuma, which is one of my favorite fruits to this day.

    3. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      Tell us your favorite part about growing up in Peru and being part of our collection of new shades?

      My favorite part of growing up in Peru was having the freedom of life, having the family connection, and being able to travel around Peru because every city would be completely different from the others. Peru really has it all, with the coast, the Andes, and the coast being perfectly divided. Being part of the newest collection was very inspiring because it allowed me to be myself all the way through!

    4. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      What was it like working with the OPI team in such a beautiful country? Any funny memories to share?

      Working with the OPI team was a very exciting experience, especially because I got to share all my knowledge about my home country. We made so many magical memories while traveling, it’s hard to pick just one! We became a family during this trip. I remember when the team came with a hawk and they said, “This is your new friend, hahaha”. I actually had a really good connection with the hawk, and we got some beautiful shots together!

    5. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      What does it mean to you to be chosen as an OPI ambassador for the Peru collection? What makes you excited about this opportunity?

      I’m very honored to have been chosen as an OPI ambassador! I’m always proud of representing my country, and this collection from OPI has given me a great opportunity to show the bright colors that truly make Peru beautiful.

    6. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      Talk to us about the new shades. Do you think OPI “nailed” the colors? Which color is your favorite in the collection and why?

      Yes, OPI nailed it! They chose the right colors that represent Peru. I love the Machu Peach-u color as it is the shade that I always use for my everyday nail look - and the name definitely defines it!

    7. Jungles, Rainbows & New Shades: Juana Burga’s Peru

      What’s next for Juana Burga? Any upcoming projects that you are working on that we can look forward to seeing?

      I’m working on a project called Nuna Awaq ("Soul of the Artisans" in Quechua), where I want to unite culture through the art of knitting and promote sustainable fashion.

      With Nuna Awaq, I seek to show the world that sustainable fashion has always existed, and that artisans are at the core of it. I want to preserve the art that is being passed down from generation to generation and will soon be lost unless the light of attention is being brought upon this lasting tradition.

    8. We’re so thrilled to share our newest shades with Juana Burga and you in our #OPIPeru collection! Tell us about your favorite spots in Peru, and be sure to share your favorite Peru colors on social media with #OPIPeru.

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