Leo Season: August Horoscopes

OPI Leo Colorscope
  • OPI Leo Colorscope

    Leo Season! A fixed fire sign, Leo is ruled by the Sun–the center of our solar system, shining bright daily, never asking for feedback. Like the Sun, (we all have Leo somewhere in our birth chart, look to the house cusp). Leo is innocently comfortable being himself or herself. During Leo season, there is a childlike innocence that emphasizes individuality. Now is the time to become more aware of yourself, your soul purpose, to strengthen your self-confidence by being proud of who you are, and to radiate that awareness out to others. Leo season is about enjoying life, about playing hard like a child, innocently, and authentically. Leo’s pride themselves on being integral, honest, and unapologetically themselves. Cheers to Leo season and enjoying who you are–think of it as a responsibility! We’re all learning to love ourselves more open-heartedly this month!

    For the most part, Leo season is relatively laid back with Uranus as the only planet going retrograde. p> Those who indulge during Leo season most are like-minded fire signs, Aries and Saggitarius, plus Libra’s and Gemini’s.

    1. Big Apple Red

      Happy Birthday!! The New Moon (August 18) + Mercury moving into your sign (August 4) are like a ray of gold sparkling around you all season long. Uranus going retrograde on August 15 is gifting you a different perspective so that you can evolve and find liberation. However, this feeling will build within you before exploding outwardly, cultivate it intentionally.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Big Apple Red

      Color: Complete me color. Confidence, ardent, and alluring–red speaks for itself just like your presence.
      Love: Loving yourself is perhaps the most rewarding when it’s sincere, modest, and kept close to your heart.
      Career: Your career is more fruitful when you communicate more.
      Money: Money is circulating more freely in the first half of the month.


    2. Kanpai OPI!

      The majority of the month, you’re answering a calling from your higher self, which is to rest more, to feel the subtle whispers of nature, to hear your inner voice, and to dream more vividly. Mercury, your planet moves into your sign on August 20, luring you into discernment but never self-criticism.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Kanpai OPI

      Color: Remedy color. Gifts you spiritual insight, mystery and is self-accepting.
      Love: Learning to love yourself through your ability to care for others selflessly.
      Career: The full moon on August 3 shift your focus in favor of a better vision.
      Money: Showcasing your brilliance until August 7 can earn you more cash if you ask for it!

    3. Rice Rice Baby

      Socially acclimated in favor of a more expansive future. Your focus this season isn’t on just one person but instead on the art of relating to the groups, i.e., family, friends, co-workers. Where and how you show up as your authentic self is what matters.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Rice Rice Baby
      Color: Complete me color. Its neutrality reminds you to live in the moment–so that you align easily with your future.
      Love: Intellectual, spiritual, varied is what tickles your fancy this season.
      Career: Dependant on your feeling nature, especially after August 7.
      Money: Uranus retrograde on August 15 allows you to look more closely at your motivation for security.

    4. Chicago Champagne Toast

      Leading through love and service grants you more accolades and recognition than if you were to aim directly and selfishly at your goals. There’s no getting around the spiritual journey that you’re on. This season is about leading with your heart!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Chicago Champagne Toast

      Color: Complete me color. Regal, refined and conveys a commitment to oneself.
      Love: After August 7, you could very well meet someone traveling or fall in love with your partner’s way of seeing the world.
      Career: All season long, you’re supported to shine. Notice how the Full Moon on August 3 helps you.
      Money: Financial freedom has to start in your mind and then trickle out into your actions.

    5. Samurai Breaks A Nail

      Solemnly vowing to care passionately about the world take you far, especially this season. Being yourself means allowing your beliefs to motivate you into action. Both the New and Full Moons this month are reigniting your ideas towards more meaningful.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Samurai Breaks a Nail

      Color: Remedy color. Positve Vibes Only Integral, meaningful, and self-assured. It’s who you are, but it’s also what you need more of.
      Love: Successful when you communicate clearly and give in to your feelings.
      Career: On August 20, Mercury moving into Virgo enables you to be more focused.
      Money: After August 7, better when you are open to vulnerability and open to receiving.

    6. VIVA OPI !

      Amorous, ardent, and showy but only behind closed doors. You have a soft spot, and when you nurture it more life opens up to you, people are drawn to you, and you become magnetic.

      SHOP THE SHADE: ¡Viva OPI!

      Color: Remedy color. “No, stopping me now” Let this alluring color speak for you.
      Love: Sensitive and feeling-oriented when Venus moves across from you in Cancer on August 7.
      Career: When you consider the feelings of others, you win.
      Money: The Full Moon on August 3 asks that you let go of rigidity and open more to generosity.

    7. Cozu Melted In the Sun

      Leo season means that you’re focused on your better half, on feeling complete, and on becoming more well rounded by recognizing where you can improve. Like Leo, you thrive at being yourself, and it comes naturally to you. The Full Moon in your sign on August 3 symbolized that you moving from your head into your heart.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Cozu Melted in the sun

      Color: Remedy color. Ushers you to think less and feel more–to move from head into your heart.
      Love: Comes easily and affectionately to you.
      Career: You can expect more work after August 7.
      Money: After August 20, you’ll be able to think your way into more fruitful solutions.

    8. Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

      You thrive during Leo season, especially when you get passionate about how you’re managing your time and expending your energy. Remember what motivates you to work so hard and consider whether it’s worth it. Radical about serving your soul should rank high on your list.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

      Color: Remedy color. A hint of shimmer coral and pink keep you grounded in your soul work.
      Love: Comes naturally, especially near the end of the season.
      Career: Active and thriving when you live in the moment.
      Money: You’re spending a little more than you like, but it feels good.

    9. Toucan Do It If You Try

      The season is recognizing that you have the quintessential Leo qualities expressed during Leo season: proud, passionate, comfortable with risk, willing, and ready to assume the attention that you rightly deserve. Remember that it’s you who is capable of replenishing yourself rather than expecting it from others is vital.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Toucan Do It If You Try

      Color: Remedy color. Inspiring, free, creatively unbound, and limitless.
      Love: Romantic, fearless, and ready to ignite!
      Career: Let your passion and enthusiasm be a gauge for how interested you are.
      Money: Financial flow is more natural when you communicate clearly and remind others of why you’re valuable.

    10. Arigato from Tokyo

      Homebound, nestled in your castle, and excited to share your space with others. Home is where your heart is, and this month, you remember how important it is for you to showcase that, to entertain, and make it yours!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Arigato from Tokyo

      Color: Remedy color. Softhearted, quality, oozes quality, and nurturing.
      Love: Uranus retrograde on August 15 will help you to digest what has felt unstable lately and get more clarity as to why.
      Career: The Full Moon on Aug 3 is allowing you to focus more on creating security within your domestic life.
      Money: Comes from two different sources if you’ll let it. Be willing to put your money where your mouth is.

    11. Red Vival City

      Your surroundings are everything and affect your mindset more than anything else. Being integral is key to your mental state, and gifting others the same amount of respect that you demand is where you shine this season.

      SHOP THE SHADE: A Red-vival City

      Color: Complete me color. Confidence-boosting, outgoing, and uplifting.
      Love: After August 7, your confidence boost allows you to be more comfortable and, thus, more attractive to others.
      Career: Mars is motivating you competitively to fight for what’s yours.
      Money: Instinctually, you know what the public needs and can intuitively tap in financial abundance.

    12. Suzi Without a Paddle

      Leo season brings all facets of your identity into focus–motivating you to express yourself creatively and to be more devoted to your goals. The New moon on August 18 gives you more opportunities to share your ideas with others.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Suzi Without a Paddle

      Color: Complete me color. Balancing, soothing–consider this a passive spiritual attunement.
      Love: You’re the affection of someone’s desires.
      Career: Showcasing your creative ideas earns you the respect you deserve.
      Money: Venus is in your sign for the first half of the month, and then moving into your money sector, aligns you easily to financial flow.

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