Leo Season: August Horoscopes

Happy Birthday Leo!
  • Happy Birthday Leo!

    Welcome back to another month of Colorscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month highlighting the sign of Leo!

    Leo Season - A fiery time of creativity and celebration

    When everything is in bloom (in the northern hemisphere) and we revel in the fruits of our labor! An array of colors and smells envelop us in a midsummer breeze, and we are reminded that all things are possible if we simply enjoy what’s in front of us. Leo in Latin, meaning Lion, was named for its gallant demeanor after the Nemean Lion in Greek Mythology; the Lion that wore a coat of gold, whose teeth were sharper than any man’s sword. To put it frankly, Lions are strong, and like the natives born under the constellation, so are they, should you cross them. In the heart of the Lion, you’ll find one of the most fortunate stars in our galaxy, called Regulus–vibrantly sparkling just above the ecliptic. It is believed to bestow a regal disposition to those born under its influence. It’s no wonder Leo’s garner such attention without seemingly having to try for it. And for the rest of us? We too are under the Sun in Leo’s influence. Leo season marks the peak of Summer when the days are longer and light promises more creative solutions. Tis the season to celebrate life, to commune with your inner child, and to play.

    1. Shop Samurai Breaks a Nail in Infinite Shine


      Celebrating this month would be an understatement for how life seems to be moving in your direction. Focusing on your own creative prowess and expression proves more fulfilling than any form of flattery thrown your way. The New Moon + Jupiter going direct are cheering you on, meaning that it’s entirely up to you how things work out.

      About your sign

      Born from the creative fires of the hot Sun, this Royal native feels comfortable when all attention is on them. They lead with their heart, are courageous, proud, respectful, and tapped into their inner child. When they create from the purity of their heart, others follow.

      Shop the shade: Samurai Breaks a Nail

      Your match shade – This color says, Leo. It’s royal, captivating, glamorous, and confidence boosting–just like you.

    2. Shop Pearl of Wisdom in Infinite Shine


      Going strong on the domestic front–your home life reignites. This means that family relations are strengthened through better communication–stay open to the process. As the month progresses, so does your sense of excitement and confidence. Remember that your strongest asset is in speaking your mind.

      Shop the shade: Pearl of Wisdom

      Your match shade – You don’t like crazy, and this color reaffirms your predisposition of calm, collected, and with pure intentions.

    3. Shop Princesses Rule in Infinite Shine


      Like a social conductor, you’re orchestrating this month with precision and enjoying every moment of it. You have a way of motivating others that’s admirable. There are opportunities flowing your way by means of travel, association, and goodwill. Be grateful for all that you have and are, and be present with what unfolds.

      Shop the shade: Princesses Rule!

      Your match shade – This color screams elegant, feminine, and graceful and would you have it any other way? We don’t think so.

    4. Shop V-I-Pink Passes in Infinite Shine


      If you could imagine life without secrecy, that’s this month. Normally not one to subjugate yourself to public opinion, you’re seemingly less and less fearful about what others think. Perhaps it’s your fear of losing control, or that people, not as deep as you, wouldn’t get you–but this month helps you put your old fears to rest and inspires you towards new possibilities.

      Shop the shade: V-I-Pink Passes

      Your balancing shade – For a mega strong sign like yourself, you radiate magnetism in neon pink. Aside from red, it’s your power color, just ask Katy Perry.

    5. Shop Positive Vibes Only in Infinite Shine


      Your ruling planet, Jupiter, wakes up on August 11 after being retrograde for nearly four months, your welcome said the universe. This month feels like you’re being slung-shot into your imagined future. You’re reworking the vision that you have for your life, only with more creative insight. All signs point to yes!

      Shop the shade: Positive Vibes Only

      Your match shade–in the hierarchy of colors, purple is most notably associated with honor, integrity, and regal prowess...need we say more.


    6. Shop You've Got Nata On Me in Nail Lacquer


      Your dream life becomes rich with meaning. Keep a dream journal this month, you’ll need it. Invest in your altruistic nature, and most importantly, be compassionate with yourself. The Eclipse last month is still affecting you, causing you to look more starkly at your responsibilities and to decide which ones to let go of, this includes bad habits and people.

      Shop the shade: You've Got Nata on Me

      Your match shade – although a little lighter than you prefer, it’s helping you to consider all the possibilities and to choose the ones that feel best.

    7. Shop This Color's Making Waves in Nail Lacquer


      Reaching beyond the means of your social networks into something more vast and interconnected. This month, you’ll need to reconnect with others in order to move your ideas forward into something more tangible and experiential. The Full Moon in your sign on August 15 reminds you to let go of detachment and move more into your heart space.

      Shop the shade: This Color's Making Waves

      Your match shade – dark enough, unique enough, persuasive enough that wearing it will make others flock to you.

    8. Shop Altar Ego in Nail Lacquer


      Things feel about right. You’re gaining recognition for the creative, soft-hearted, intuitive type that you are. This month is about connecting with who you are to the world and finding your place in it. Let your need for experience outweigh your desire to escape into idleness.

      Shop the shade: Altar Ego

      Your match shade – this soft Venusian hue is ethereal, reflective, galvanizing like you.

    9. Shop We Seafood and Eat it in Infinite Shine


      You’re less inclined to sweat the small stuff this season. Think about what you need to do in order to maximize situations that are presented to you. Is it education, travel, or networking that could mend the gap between where you are and where you want to be? Time to try something new!

      Shop the shade: We Seafood and Eat It

      Your match shade – You’re comfortable in a red because it’s direct, energetic, and keeps your blood pumping! 

    10. Shop Do You Sea What I Sea? in Infinite Shine


      Foretelling of your spiritual contentment–this season you’re less inclined to let others threaten the quality of your life. Through a deepening of your own self-awareness, you’ll feel more comfortable asserting yourself. The stakes are higher if you invest more acutely in one thing or person, but that’s where your mastery lies.

      Shop the shade: Do you see what I sea?

      Your balancing shade –this shade isn’t your norm, but with Uranus in your sign now things are getting exciting. You need something refreshing, spiritual, and creative, this is that.

    11. Shop Living on the Bula-vard! in Infinite Shine


      Invested in others big time this season, it’s like they are a mirror for you. You’re either more committed to making things work, or completely letting a relationship go now–this isn't just romantic this can mean friendship or work. Trust that whoever is walking into your life now is here to stay.

      Shop the shade: Living On the Bula-vard!

      Your match shade – your secret color weapon–energizing, mentally stimulating, jovial, and infectious like you.

    12. OPI Nail Lacquer Music is my Muse


      Health is wealth, said poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. Focused on streamlining your routine i.e. eating better, sleeping whenever you need it, and being more active. This season you’ll feel so good you won’t want to stop! Remember that it’s variety you like, so long as you make each day an adventure you’ll be flying high this month.

      Shop the shade: Music is My Muse

      Your match shade – it’s one of your secret favorite colors–wearing it reminds you to tend to the unkept parts of yourself.

    13. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora


      Rose Theodora is a long time astrologer and writer. With a degree from UCLA in neuroscience + art, and a long list of name brand clientele–Theodora is expert when it comes to color and lifestyle. Each month she'll be selecting polish colors that are thoughtfully selected with your sign and the current astrological landscape in mind. You can read for your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign here.

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