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    Libra Season! The halfway point of the year when day and night equally share the sky. We’re coming from Virgo season when discernment, refinement, and organization were a prelude for today. Libra season is focused on weighing what matters most: what is of value (Venus is Libra’s ruling planet that governs quality and value), what brings us mental proclivity, and where we are more sensitive to our environment and thus; how our environment and relationships affect our thoughts and ideas about ourselves. Libra, an Air Cardinal sign, shows where we take initiative to bring out better harmony and balance within ourselves so that we can feel better in balance with the world around us. Notice where during this season, you are particularly aware of needing balance and willing to create more beauty and harmony in your life.

    This season, Mercury will go retrograde once again from October 13, starting in the sign Scorpio and ending on November 3, 2020, in the sign Libra, making this Libra season particularly sensitive to our relationship to everything, especially ourselves.


    1. Leonardo's Model Color


      Happy Birthday!! It’s that time of year again when you’re leading, just like your opposite sign Aries! The New and Full Moons in both signs are shedding light on where we are not in harmony with our actions so that we can work on being better at it. The New Moon in your sign on October 16 initiates a new cycle of better relationships.

      Shop the Shade: Leonardo's Model Color

      Color: Complete me color. Leonardo's Model Color, a shimmering purple, exudes the essence of your beauty.

      Love: Soft and in service to your soul, this season, your season, isn’t about being loud or demanding attention, it’s about giving back to yourself through self-care and attention.

      Career: Your success is related to your ability to maintain healthy relationships; for you, this means speaking up when you have something constructive to say!

      Money: Research how to better invest your resources for a rainy day.


    2. Galleria Vittorio Violet


      Libra season is when you rethink the last eleven months and find empowerment, purpose, and motivation so that when Sun enters your sign on October 22, you’re powerfully connected to your destiny. Mercury going retrograde in your sign on October 13 will help you to dive deeper to find meaning.

      Shop the Shade: Galleria Vittorio Violet

      Color: Complete me color. Galleria Vittorio Violet. Insightful, clear, and non suspecting–are where you’re at during this Mercury Retrograde.

      Love: All month, Jupiter and Neptune aligning, exact on October 12, are inspiring you to be a poet.

      Career: On October 2, Venus moving into Virgo will allow you to capitalize on the contacts you’re making.

      Money: Mercury Retrograde is supporting you to think of your future.

    3. You Don't Know Jacques!


      Your planet Jupiter aligns with Neptune on October 12, but you’ll feel it all season long; that combined with Mercury Retrograde, you’re being asked by the Universe to listen to your inner knowing, to your intuition now–let it lead you this season.

      Shop the Shade: You Don't Know Jacques!

      Color: Remedy color. You Don't Know Jacques! It’s not what you think you know, but rather what is felt.

      Love: When you take spontaneous action that is lead by your intuition, you win.

      Career: After October 2, expect that your expertise won’t go unnoticed.

      Money: The Full Moon removes obstacles that are impinging on your ability to have better financial balance.

    4. Stick to Your Burgundies


      The New and Full Moons illuminate your work-life balance. Libra season is when career matters most to you, but allow the pieces to fall in place slowly. The Full Moon, in particular, supports you in letting go of unhealthy home habits in favor of focusing on your future.

      Shop the Shade: Stick to Your Burgundies

      Color: Complete me color. Stick to Your Burgundies Burgundy, as your go-to inspires creative resolution and staying power.

      Love: Your love for higher learning gifts you the solutions you need this season.

      Career: Career isn’t just what you do; it’s an expression of who you are.

      Money: Creative self-expression stimulates your cash flow.


    5. Lincoln Park After Dark


      October 23, on the last quarter Moon, you’ll be challenged to act in favor of what you value most. The New and Full Moons orchestrate situations that spark innovative ideas that stem from collaboration with others. This season, you’re reworking your finances.

      Shop the Shade: Lincoln Park After Dark

      Color: Complete me color. Lincoln Park After Dark. Penetrating and resolute are the qualities that this color gift you during this Mercury Retrograde.

      Love: Being able to merge with another person means hearing them, but also knowing what feels balanced in terms of give and take.

      Career: Mercury Retrograde acts as a catalyst for clarity and inspiration.

      Money: The New Moon in fellow air sign Libra on October 16 allows you to find a better balance.


    6. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

      Libra season is one that feels less tangible to you, but simultaneously takes you to greater emotional depths. You’re rediscovering your sense of empowerment, emotional, and financial resources that you’ve been neglecting.

      Shop the Shade: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

      Color: Remedy color. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. This creamy nude allows you to focus your mind in new and investigative ways.

      Love: Venus moving opposite your sign into Virgo on October 2, chauffeurs you into a place of clarity better relationship harmony.

      Career: A process of aligning with the right people and building those relationships.

      Money: The New Moon on October 16 is a portal that allows you to pay off debt.


    7. /shop-products/nail-polish-powders/long-lasting-nail-polish/humidi-tea

      Libra season is when you consider taking the right action vs. spontaneous action because you want to. Libra, your opposite sign is everything that you’re not–they are your other half–illuminating the road to wholeness. The Full Moon in your sign nudges you to let go of your need to lead all the time.

      Shop the Shade: Humidi-Tea

      Color: Remedy color. Humidi-tea. Balancing, patient, and considerate are all traits worth cultivating.

      Love: The New Moon on October 16 inspires patience.

      Career: Building steadily towards lasting success.

      Money: Mercury Retrograde is provoking you to dig deeper into your process of emotional security.


    8. Barefoot in Barcelona


      This is a season of delegation and time management, also where you’re learning to balance your sugar cravings better. The Full Moon on October 1 brings you back to reality, so it would be an ideal time to kickstart a new and healthier routine.

      Shop the Shade: Barefoot in Barcelona

      Color: Complete me color. Barefoot in Barcelona. Healthy yet assertive, during this Mercury Retrograde, this neutral beige helps you to balance your cravings.

      Love: Mercury Retrograde in your opposite sign Scorpio + Venus are supporting to do relationships–in a healthier, empowered, and more balanced way.

      Career: The New Moon on October 16 opens a window that says, “there’s a different way.”

      Money: Mercury Retrograde is rooted in your relationship to financial security. Thoughts affect your ability to make more–be mindful of what you’re focusing on.


    9. Tickle my France-y

      In like-minded Libra season, romantic nuances are just your speed. You have a natural proclivity for charming others, but this season it’s even more on point. The New Moon on October 16 is awakening you to your need for more romance and fair play.

      Shop the Shade: Tickle my France-y

      Color: Complete me color. Tickle my France-y. Your planet retrograde means that you’ll need to feel comfortable and reassured, that’s this color.

      Love: Refinement, intellectual, and foreplay are what you crave most this season.

      Career: Mercury Retrograde will motivate you to find deeper satisfaction in your day-to-day activities.

      Money: October 10 is the most auspicious financial day for you–just watch overspending because you want to have fun!


    10. Indefinitely Baby

      Emotional balance is your focus this season. Your relationship with your environment is everything to you–it affects you on so many levels. Adapting your environment to fit your needs is where you’re at. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio inspires you to feel into what beauty means to you.

      Shop the Shade: Indefinitely Baby

      Color: Complete me color. Indefinitely Baby. Keeps your thoughts positive, while your feelings meander.

      Love: Mercury retrograde is allowing you to take a scenic detour, enjoy it without trying to control when and where you have fun.

      Career: The Full Moon on October 1 reminds you to consider others before throwing yourself into the wind.

      Money: The New Moon on October 16, present you with new ideas about how to generate more money by working from home.


    11. Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink


      You’re a jack of all trades this season–flittering from here to there and why not. The New and Full Moons stimulate you into you and exciting ideas. Mercury retrograde, although challenging your direction in life, inspires a new way of looking at your living situation.

      Shop the Shade: Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink

      Color: Complete me color. Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink. Mentally stimulating enough, yet purifying and relaxing.

      Love: Your love language this month is service–both giving and receiving.

      Career: Reconnecting with your family will give you the clarity you need to move forward.

      Money: You excel at money management, in particular, this season.


    12. Dulce de Leche


      Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, moves into your sign on October 2, gifting your grace, intelligence, and flow. Venus + the New Moon on October 16 is aligning you to an unshakable self-confidence that seems to draw from life what you need.

      Shop the Shade: Dulce De Leche

      Color: Complete me color. Dulce De Leche. Creamy, neutral, just your speed.

      Love: Magnetic to others because you care about presentation and finesse.

      Career: Your career goals will affect your approach to life–make a list and trust that you are professional and attractive to any employer.

      Money: Flowing in more than one direction, mainly when you invest it in that which you value most.


    13. Rose Theodora


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