Lisbon Skin Tone Guide

Hello Spring!

Spring is all about renewal and is the perfect season for our clients to transition to new light and bright shades. As we all know, our nail shades are a reflection of our personality, and what better way to match our clients’ excitement for blue skies and sunshine than with a refresh for their hands! From Spring Cleaning to Springing forward this is the best time of year to keep it Light, Bright and Fresh.

Is this shade right for me? Shades that are requested by the client are usually their go to. Asking questions like, “Do you wear jewelry?” and “What colors do you like to wear the most?” will allow you to help choose the best shade for them.

We can also educate our clients on what shades compliments them the most. One of my favorite tools for this is OPI’s pre-painted palettes that allow us to test the shade on our client without actually applying it by simply laying it on their hand. This allows them to get a feel of what that shade will look like on them prior to application. (PRO TIP) Have you ever had a shade that looks great and when you leave a few days later you are not loving it. I promise this will help ALL of us love our shade for the entire duration of our manicure. Our clients appreciate when we remember what they like and keeps them coming back for more.

Prior to any service ask yourself, is my guest Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

Here are some suggestions that will look the best in Lisbon.

  1. Nail polish colors for warm skin tones

    Made it to Seventh Hill, Lisbon Wants Moor, We Seafood and Eat it, Now Museum Now You Don’t, A Red-Vival City, Sun, Sea and Sand in my Pants, and Closer than you Might Belem.

  2. Nail polish shades for neutral skin tones
  3. Nail polish shades for cool skin tones

    No Turning Back from Pink Street, Tagus in That Selfie, Tile Heart to Warm Your Heart, Suzi Chases Portu-geese, Closer than you Might Belem, Sun, Sea and Sand in my Pants, We Seafood and Eat it, and Made it to Seventh Hill.

  4. Be sure to share this information with your clients and suggest they take purchase those hand selected shades to add to their at home beauty care kit. Keeping a record of your clients’ information will benefit everyone and make every visit seamless. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to PREBOOK! #smileandfile - Jeany Perez

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