#MakeItIconic - An Ode to Shades that Made the Memory

OPI Blog: Make It Iconic Memories
  • OPI Blog: Make It Iconic Memories

    We all know the feeling, that delightful relief when you find the time to sit down for a mani-pedi before heading off on that long-awaited vacation or to the job interview that might change your life. All you need is your favorite vibrant and colorful shade (and an hour of uninterrupted self-love), and the last to-do is DONE!

    That got us thinking. Obviously, our team at OPI has so many stories of major milestones in our lives made most memorable by the shade of our manicures. But, we know our fellow lacquer-lovers must have memories to share as well! So, we asked those closest to us for stories of iconic life moments associated with OPI. Our moms, our friends, almost everyone had something to say about a time memorialized by their mani. No matter what the moment is, let OPI #MakeItIconic.

    1. OPI Cajun Shrimp

      “I always keep it simple these days, nudes and neutrals, the occasional shade of red. But I’ll always remember wearing Cajun Shrimp on my first big Spring Break trip. A group of girls all got our nails done before we left, and that saturated red-orange screamed sunshine. So, we all chose the same shade. That always come to mind when we laugh about old times.”

      Shop the Shade: Cajun Shrimp

    2. OPI Big Apple Red

      “I was driving through the winding, wooded roads of my small Mid-Western town for the last time in a long time. Both my parents were in front, and the Jay-Z song Empire State came on the radio. Between that and my unabashed Big Apple Red mani, I knew I was ready for bigger, better things.” 

      Shop the Shade: Big Apple Red

    3. OPI Tiramisu for Two

      “I’m not one to keep my nails done, but a girlfriend insisted we go get manicures. She even said she’d pay for mine! I picked this funky blue green, and I could not figure out why she was so against it. So, I got that on my toes and Tiramisu for Two on my fingers. Low and behold, my then boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé was behind it all. He proposed the next day.”

      Shop the Shade: Tiramisu For Two

    4. OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress

      “I’d had jobs as a teenager, but I got married right after high school. Life as a mom was all I really knew. But, once my daughter left for college, I knew I needed more. 6 months later, I walked into my first showing. As I shook the client’s hand, I caught a glimpse of my manicure. The color I’d loved for years took on a whole new meaning. I’m Not Really A Waitress reassured me I’m not really just a wife and mom.”

      Shop the Shade: I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS

    5. OPI Malaga Wine

      “That moment when I got my first set of keys. I’ll never forget I had just started wearing Malaga Wine, which made me feel so grown and sophisticated. It was my first deep shade, instead of something saturated. I can still see that set of keys in my hand, and of course, the shade of Malaga Wine on my fingertips.”

      Shop the Shade: MALAGA WINE

    6. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

      “It’s so corny, but the shade Lincoln Park After Dark was literal for me at the time. I’d never lived in a big city before or worked in an office environment. Work was stressful and I always stayed late, so the sun was down by the time I hopped on the red line to my apartment in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. At some point during that time period, I saw the shade and couldn’t resist the irony. But I still wear it today!”

      Shop the Shade: LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK

    7. OPI Make It Iconic

      We know that colorful nails have made an impact in all your lives. Show and tell us what shade you’ve made unforgettable memories with while wearing it and share your story on social media. Tag us @OPI and use #MakeItIconic!

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