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Taurus Colorscope
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    Happy Solar Return Taurus! The focal point for you this year is yourself. You can evolve into a better you by being open and flexible to change. Pay attention to who and what provides an inner emotional security. Sustainability of self is of the utmost importance. You might find that you feel most comfortable changing something unique about yourself or the things that you do. Some of you might be changing careers or thinking of new avenues to make money. Whatever you do, make sure you are passionate. Your ability to stick things through is admirable but you’re manifesting a new energy with a change of perspective. You recognize that your life is meant to be enjoyed, and you’d rather work less for much more. The full moon in Scorpio on April 26th at the 7° will focus on your most intimate relationships and how they’re changing too. If presented with the opportunity to get real with your partner then do so. The full moon in Scorpio can bring out secrets but also a deeper level of intimacy that you may have been looking for even if you weren’t aware of it. This is a Moon about passion so use it wisely and don’t be afraid to have some tough conversations. You are not in the mood to argue but you are in the mood to speak with conviction & clarity; your expression will most likely be taken well or for your benefit. The New Moon in Taurus on May 11th at the 21° is an opportunity for success through personal gain or creativity. The success might not come right away. The Sagittarius degree is an emphasis on taking the road less traveled, meaning, the journey might be longer than expected. You also might have to do more research or put in more studies for the things you want to manifest. A stroke of luck and expansion comes your way to those who have been putting in the work both spiritually and physically. Carry the stone Opal this Month for creativity & self-confidence.
    1. Mod About You Infinite Shine

      Color: The color of the month is Mod About You by OPI. This pink for Taurus is soft yet firm like the crystal Opal. Pink is a healing color and promotes balance & peace.

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      Love: You are more than ready to love and devote yourself in the beginning of Taurus season. This will be a good time to follow through with any commitments. Once Venus moves into Gemini you might be a little harder to hold on to. The Gemini energy might ignite you and make you aware of what is missing. It’s ok to change your mind and ask for what you need, again.

      Career: You are super busy but you’re also being supported this month. Whether that support is through an intimate partner, a coworker or a boss you should be able to get things done seamlessly with the support from the people you love.

      Finances: You are an emotional spender this month. You’re enjoying yourself and this is perfectly fine. You must factor in fun to your monthly budget.

      Health: You are healthy and happy. Try not to overindulge too much in food.

    2. Alpine Snow Infinite Shine

      Color: The color of the month is Alpine Snow by OPI. This white is beautiful for the middle of spring but also reminds you of your purity. Good things are coming because you are pure and a good person.

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      Love: At the beginning of the month, love is firm and stable. When Venus moves into Gemini you become more playful and free. For those of you who are single, you will feel inclined to date and meet new people. For those of you in a relationship, you might need to do fun and exciting things to keep the relationship stimulating.

      Career: This is a month to find grounding and stability within your career with the sun in Taurus. Don’t make any sudden changes without thinking it through thoroughly.

      Finances: Your financial situation is strong and stable. There are some unexpected changes but hopefully for the better. You should expect good things to happen but save your money just in case. Do not make any big purchases.

      Health: You naturally have good health. This month there can be some back problems if you’re worried. Worry and stress are both manageable. Take magnesium bicarbonate.

    3. That's Hula-rious Infinite Shine

      Color: The color of the month is That's Hula-rious by OPI. This beautiful pastel mint green is good vibes and good money karma. Wearing this color keeps your spirit light and optimistic. The Aura of greens bring new energy into our lives.

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      Love: Love is all around you and within you. The point here is to learn to love with boundaries. You can love someone and still have to teach them to respect you. Make sure the amount of love you’re giving is being reciprocated.

      Career: You might need to establish some things at home first or maybe your career is done at home. Your space is a reflection of your work. Create a secret space to work diligently and focus on your long-term goals. There are multiple sources of income, never limit yourself.

      Finances: Your financial situation can be strong because you know how to save, but now you must learn how to invest. Take some time and do some research on how you can invest your money.

      Health: Don’t forget to move your body with everything you have going on. Chaga tea is beneficial for energy and natural minerals.

    4. Crawfishin' for a Compliment Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is Crawfishin’ for a compliment by OPI. This light creamy orange is the perfect color for your vibe right now. It’s a slight flex. Orange reminds you to use your sacral chakra because you are creative and abundant.

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      Love: You are still very hesitant about your love life. Venus entering Gemini is not going to bring you a sense of comfort. It’s a time to be free above everything else and choose yourself first. If you’re currently in a relationship make time to date yourself as well. Getting to know yourself is an option.

      Career: Your career could take a turn for the better during Taurus season. It’s all about how you execute your plan, apply pressure, and stay persistent. You might not receive what you wanted right away. You should expect delays, but a delay is not a no. Don't give up too easily.

      Finance: Your financial situation is unstable and you seem to be spending more money than needed this month. Avoid impulsive spending and buying.

      Health: If you are experiencing health issues they might be hard to decipher this month as things are a bit unclear. It’s best to take care of yourself before you get sick. You can get whole food vitamin C from pineapple, papaya, or oranges.

    5. This Cost Me a Mint Nail Lacquer

      Color: The color of the month is This cost me a mint by OPI. This refreshing pale green reminds you that you are calm, cool & collected because you are in alignment and everything always works out for you.

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      Love: Your love life is wonderful and romantic. Make an effort to go on frequent dates and have fun with your significant other. If you’re single you might be asked on a lot of dates, be open to receiving.

      Career: Your career is exciting with many new opportunities left and right. You might have to discern what’s for you and what’s a waste of time. Learn how to delegate your time wisely. You need to make time for relaxation just as much as work.

      Finances: Your financial situation is stabilizing itself and you’re doing well at managing your money & resources. Keep up your discipline and save your coins.

      Health: You are so busy and doing a million things you might be more prone to headaches. Exercise is great for calming the mind down. Take magnesium bicarbonate.

    6. I'm Sooo Swamped! Nail Lacquer

      Color: Your color of the month is I’m so Swamped by OPI. This creamy green is bright, busy, and luxurious. It’s just as ready and inviting as you are now to take over the world. Green rules the heart chakra and lately, you are leading with your heart.

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      Love: Love surrounds you but the choice is yours. Right now the best choice for you is selflessness. If you choose yourself, love will follow - but first, you want to be the love that you wish to reflect in your partner. If you are single, have fun in love.

      Career: It’s easy for you to focus on your career and work right now so do so diligently. Focusing on a tedious task will be easier this month than others. Try to start with the tough stuff first to have the rest of your days to relax and be free.

      Finances: Your financial situation is practical and stable. You’ve done a good job at storing your resources and now you can enjoy or invest. You would be lucky to invest your money right now if you do the right amount of research.

      Health: You must keep a disciplined health and exercise routine to thrive during this time. You are more inclined to eat very rich foods. Stick to plain lean meals for now to avoid overeating.

    7. Eternally Turquoise Infinite Shine

      Color: The color of the month is Eternally Turquoise by OPI. This pale green-blue color is soft like blue lace agate and reminds you of how powerful your stillness is. Water can be both deadly and silent, just like you.

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      Love: Love is fun and passionate during this time. If you are single try not to rush anything right now, it can feel like love at first sight. Take things slow and enjoy the ride.

      Career: There are a lot of connections and networking to be done regarding your job or career. This is a great time to really put your best foot forward, you would be surprised at who is watching you right now. Don’t be afraid to use your connections or ask for help when needed. You will be supported.

      Finances: Your financial situation is firm and strong. You deserve to buy something nice for yourself although you may not. The choice is yours.

      Health: You have more stress and anxiety than usual. It’s best to drink herbal tea to calm your nerves. Chamomile tea is light and also caffeine-free.

    8. To Be Continued Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is To be continued by OPI. Your story is uploading now and this light blue reminds you that you are pure and anything can happen. Dream big.

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      Love: You are fortunate in love for the most part. If your relationship is draining your resources it’s probably a sign that this person might subconsciously be an energy vampire. If you are single this is a great time to meet someone for fun but nothing long-term.

      Career: You might feel a bit confused or uncertain regarding your career because what you want is changing. Surrender to the flow and don’t make any impulsive decisions based on pure emotion.

      Finances: You’re in a lucky position financially. It’s a great time to do heavy research on financial investments.

      Health: Pay attention to digestion during this time. Your stomach can be more sensitive during this time. Plain foods and tea will ease you.

    9. Dulce de Leche Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is Dulce de Leche by OPI. This beautiful nude color is about balance and serenity. You’re on a journey right now. The journey is just as important as the destination.

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      Love: There can be a lot of stress surrounding your intimate relationships because there's a lot of pressure coming from outside circumstances. Do your best to communicate with your partner and don't leave them out in the cold. If you’re single, journal and talk with your friends.

      Career: You’re passionate about your career. Turn this passion into action. Your actions might feel delayed so don’t be impulsive. You can make solid plans for the future.

      Finances: Your financial situation is only going up for those who are working within the community, investments, or their own businesses. For others, you might be struggling with resources because you have to learn new ways to make money. Don’t quit anything, this is not about being impulsive, but do start to research for techniques or skills you might have.

      Health: You are healthy with great vitality. Keep taking care of you. Don’t let anxiety override your manifestations.

    10. My Solar Clock Is Ticking Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is My solar clock is ticking by OPI. This beautiful desert red is rooted in grounding and radiance just like you. You are grounded yet you radiate.

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      Love: You are in love with your creativity and your passion is leading you to the right person with whom you can explore these with. This person is your soul tribe. Trust the vibe.

      Career: Super focus on the career. Try not to self-sabotage. Remember to stay consistent even during setbacks.

      Finances: You’re in saving mode and should pay close attention to your resources. Saving will be easily supported.

    11. Polly Want a Lacquer Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is Polly Want A Lacquer by OPI. This beautiful pastel purple is third eye-opening and compassionate. This color will spark creativity

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      Love: Your love life is passionate and spicy. You can fall in love with romance and with sex. If you’re in a current relationship try new fun things in the bedroom. If you’re single, be open to dating.

      Career: Your career has a lot to do with your aesthetic right now. Don’t underestimate how cool and creative you are. Share that with others.

      Finance: You’re in a great position financially where you can really trust your passion to make you money. This can be a good time to put out a new project.

      Health : Your health is solid and you’re taking care of yourself. Just remember that you’re always picking the right choice when you choose to cook at home.

    12. It's a Girl! Infinite Shine

      Color: Your color of the month is It's a Girl by OPI. This soft pink opens up your femininity with creativity and passion. Wearing this color opens your heart chakra.

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      Love: Your love life is focusing on self-love first. You’re always pouring into others. Make it a point to pour back into you during this time.

      Career: Your career is taking an unexpected turn as you get more creative and passionate. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and do things differently.

      Finances: Your financial situation fluctuates dramatically. Have a rainy day fund.

      Health: This is a great time to take your health regime to the next level. You might have to practice more discipline for stronger results. You got this.

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