Must-Have Back-to-School Nail Colors

Must-Have Back-to-School Nail Colors
  • Must-Have Back-to-School Nail Colors

    The good news: Class is around the corner. The bad news: Class is around the corner. School is back in season and you’ve got your new wardrobe, stationery (don’t pretend you’re not excited about a new notebook), and now’s the time to update your back-to-school nail color. From deep reds to new gym kit whites, we’ve curated the shades to get you through the school year. What better time than the first day of class to debut your new nail polish?

    1. Shop the shade No Stopping Me Now

      New school year, new start so make sure there’s No Stopping Me Now for an extra dose of motivation. A classic coral nail polish not only brings back memories of summer, this bright shade is guaranteed to give an uplift to any back-to-school blues.

      Shop the Shade: No Stopping me now

    2. Shop the shade Never Give Up

      Why wear only one nail color when you can go for two? Start your school year off with the classic combo of cool, airy blue Reach For The Sky nail polish teamed with a dark, inky Never Give Up! With motivating names to match, sharpen those pencils and try a new nail art look in our gallery here.

      Tip: We love an accent nail if you’re going for more subtle style.

      Shop the Shade: reach for the sky

      Shop the Shade: never give up

    3. Shop the shade Raisin the Bar

      A warm pumpkin spice latte and deep berry nails are the perfect combination for back-to-school nail colors. The deep burgundy nail polish Raisin The Bar is timeless, classic,and guaranteed to ensure you rule the school. Wear until Halloween when we guarantee you’ll love the extra vamp.

      Shop the Shade: raisin the bar

    4. Shop the shade Big Apple Red

      Bringing your teacher a piece of fruit may have gone out of style, but Big Apple Red nails never will. It’s a classic red shade that will take you from back-to-school nails to spring break fashions. This award-winning nail color is guaranteed to get an A+ in style.

      Shop the Shade: big apple red

    5. Must-Have Back-to-School Nail Colors

      It’s time to kiss summer goodbye and say hello to a new semester. Show us the light at the end of your algebra-filled tunnel and share the shades you’re rocking this school year with #OPIObsessed.

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