Nail Art Inspired by the Female Silhouette in Celebration of Women’s History Month

Nail Art Inspired by the Female Silhouette in Celebration of Women’s History Month
  • Nail Art Inspired by the Female Silhouette in Celebration of Women’s History Month

    While the month of March may be over, we’re continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month with a spotlight on a trend we love, nail art inspired by the female silhouette. Read on to get the scoop on nail artist extraordinaire Karla Chavez (@karlasoriginailkolors), find out what inspired her work, and how to get the multicolored nail art look that will be trending all year long.

    “My Women’s History Month design was inspired by our own feminine silhouette. I wanted to incorporate bright colors to represent the inside of our bodies with a soft background while incorporating the latest swirl nail art trend.”

    What You’ll Need:

    To recreate this look, Karla suggests starting with a more neutral or softer shade for the background and then adding the outline of the silhouette. Pick several contrasting and bold colors for the remainder of the design. When it comes to the silhouette itself, “Choose your favorite body part (curves, belly, breast, etc., and just have fun with it).”

    Get the Look:  

    Step 1: With properly prepped nails, apply one coat of OPI GelColor Stay Classic or Stay Strong, and cure for 30 seconds in the OPI LED Light. Then apply 2 coats of OPI GelColor Bee-hind the Scenes, cure each coat for 30 seconds.

    Step 2: Use OPI GelColor Black Onyx and a liner brush to draw silhouettes onto each nail. Pro Tip: flash cure for 5 seconds during the design process to hold the look in place. Once done, fully cure for 30 seconds. 

    Step 3: Select one color at a time and use a liner brush to add each shade to the silhouette to build up the design. Flash cure after each shade for 5 seconds, and fully cure once done with each nail for 30 seconds.

    For Karla’s look, she used shades My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants, Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?, Gelato on My Mind, She’s a Bad Muffuletta, and My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore in OPI GelColor. Pro Tip: “Highlight all the colors by using baby blue or teal for the middle part of the silhouette.”

    Step 4: Re-outline your silhouette using a nail art brush and OPI GelColor Black Onyx. Cure for 30 seconds. Pro Tip: “By repeating this step it will make the inside colors of the design pop even more.” 

    Step 5: Apply 1 Coat of OPI GelColor Matte Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds.

    Step 6: Apply 1 Coat of OPI GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat to just the silhouette. Cure 30 seconds. Pro Tip: “Make sure not to touch the base color of the nail during this step.” This will allow for the silhouette design to stand out even more against the matte background.

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      “Hi, I’m Karla, I’m 34-years old I’ve been in the nail industry for 10-years now. I specialize in natural nails and hand-drawn nail art. I love to travel and meet new people.

      There are so many women who inspire me. But my everyday inspiration is my mother. She is a warrior who has surpassed many obstacles and has never given up. She inspires me to reach further and to never stop until I’ve accomplished my goals and dreams. 

      My main advice for other women in the beauty industry is to never give up and never stop learning. There is always something new to learn. Value your work and never compare yourself to anyone else. We are all unique and special.”


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