Nail Art Trends to Watch Out For

OPI Spring Tokyo Collection Nail Art Trends to Watch for
  • OPI Spring Tokyo Collection Nail Art Trends to Watch for

    If you want the inside scoop on the hottest new nail trends, where do you look? Tokyo of course.

    On the front line of beauty is this vibrant city where being kawaii (cute) is almost a legal requirement. In fact, they are so obsessed that every year, you’ll find nail enthusiasts at the Tokyo Nail Forum, a two-day convention where pro’s show off the newest trends and techniques. On a recent visit to the city that inspired our new Spring '19 collection, we curated an edit of the trends to bring to your salon this year.

    1. OPI Spring Tokyo Collection Nail Art inspiration


      Adorning fingertips with standout 3D art is nothing new for Tokyo, with chains, threads, beads, feathers, flowers, and even tassels spotted hanging off nails. Ideal for the client who isn’t afraid to stand out, traditionally in Tokyo locals have adorned all five nails, but recently they’ve cut it down to two or three. If full on 3D is too much, tiny embellishments, typically in shades of gold, are a hallmark of Japanese nail design.

    2. OPI Spring Tokyo Collection Nail Art inspiration


      Think of those cartoon inspired nails you loved as a teenager, and then bring the grown up version in your salon. Intricate and cool, illustrative motifs are the perfect way to brighten up spring days with flowers, foliage, hounds tooth, and anime characters popular in Tokyo. Insider tip - before attending anime conventions, Japanese super fans often get their hero’s embellished onto their nails before meet and greets to stand out.

    3. OPI Spring Tokyo Collection Nail Art inspiration Bright Fuchsia


      If your client wants to go full “kawaii”’ then pastel shades are the way forward. From bright fuchsias, to orangey corals, and flamingo pinks, a recurring trend in Tokyo is to combine pink shades to create a subtle yet stated look. We recommend trying Ombre styles or color blocking pink shades, and for clients who want to go more OTT simply add subtle diamante.

    4. OPI Spring Collection Nail Art inspiration


      Tokyo nail salons really do take art to the next level, with nail professionals literally hand drawing iconic art onto tips. From Van Gogh’s sunflowers to Andy Warhol’s pop art, these intricate designs bring nails to life allowing your clients to show off their artistic side.

    5. OPI Spring Collection Nail Art inspiration


      If your client is into subtle nail art don’t panic. Styles are trending back toward simpler designs with easier maintenance in Japan. We’re seeing clients showing a preference to short and simple using three nail colors. Moodier shades are also making a comeback utilizing a black, gold, chocolate, or maroon base and squiggle of detail on the top.

      We hope you and your clients feel extra ‘kawaii’. Use this guide to give your clients nail art that will immediately make them #OPIObsessed. Don’t forget to tag your incredible art you made with #OPITokyo on our OPI social channels.

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