Nail Salon Tipping: The Rules

Nail Salon Tipping: The Rules
  • Nail Salon Tipping: The Rules

    A visit to the salon is supposed to be full of relaxation and rest. Whether you’re squeezing it in between a busy day of meetings or making an outing of it with your friends, it’s supposed to be an hour spent free of stress, ending in perfect nails.

    The only stressor? Tipping. Understanding what's polite and standard when it comes to salon tipping can be tricky territory, especially since nail artists average a minimum of 30 to 40 hours a week in a demanding and tough job. To quell any awkward moments, we’ve compiled the best practices for tipping at the nail salon. Follow these guidelines below to have a stress-free salon experience.

    1. Nail Salon Tipping: The Rules


      Always tip in cash. While some salons allow tips to be put on a credit card, you'll never be entirely certain your nail tech will end up receiving it, so cash if your best bet.

      Make sure you’re satisfied. In the end, tipping is about customer satisfaction, so a standard 15 to 20 percent per service, is reasonable, as long as you are happy with the finished result. Though take note, the longer and more detailed the mani, especially when it comes to nail art and embellishments, the bigger the tip earned.

      Tipping on your pedicure is similar to tipping on your manicure. We suggest tipping a little more around 22%. If you are getting a discounted manicure/pedicure combo, we suggest you tip 25% for your nail tech’s extra hard work.

      Had a different nail artist for your manicure and pedicure? Make sure you tip both and as above, we recommend using cash.

    2. Nail Salon Tipping: The Rules

      Not happy with your mani? Rather than decreasing your tip, it’s better to tell your nail tech in person you aren’t satisfied. This helps them learn for the next time and means they can fix the issue.

      Late? It’s nice to tip your nail tech a bit extra, but not necessary. The salon would prefer you called ahead to warn them you may be late and are open to using another artist.

      No cash on hand? Try an app like Venmo or PayPal to thank your favorite manicurist!

    3. Using these OPI approved tipping guidelines will ensure a great time at the salon. Discover our list of OPI approved salons here, and next time you visit one, be sure to snap a photo of your new mani and tag us on social media!

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