November Horoscope: Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season November Colorscope
  • Scorpio Season November Colorscope

    October 22–November 20, 2020.
    Scorpio Season! Perhaps the most reflective time of the year! When we are moving vastly into greater darkness (if in the Northern Hemisphere), or towards greater illumination (in the Southern Hemisphere). Scorpio Season, following Libra Season, echoes the inner voice of our soul, and says “don’t forget about me.” This season represents a time of inner push and pull when we must contend with our soul’s will in a material world; somehow, we feel threatened that life, the material world, even others threaten the livelihood of our experience. We feel defensive (Scorpio’s ruling planets–Ancient Mars, contemporary, Pluto) of our right to live a passionate and full life. And so, when we arrive at Scorpio Season we are cultivating greater awareness, owning our will. Instead of feeling threatened, we must recognize where we are empowered to prevail no matter what hardships we have endured–and find peace and solace in that spiritual truth.

    Scorpio season, in particular, Samhain, today called Halloween is famous during the Scorpio season because of the thin veil between worlds, when the Sun in its pathway through the Ecliptic dips below it into other worlds.

    This season, Mercury November 3 and Mars November 13 go direct (will no longer be retrograde) + A significant aspect, Jupiter and Pluto align in Capricorn–growth in the direction of where you’re efforts of being thwarted. For your nails, this means a deeper reflection of you.

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    1.  This Shade is Ornamental

      You need no introduction! You know you’re magnetic, powerful, and capable of anything–so long as you seek empowerment and extend that same right to others. This season Mercury going direct + a New Moon in your sign on November 15, and Venus entering your sign–are evidence that the stars are on your side.

      Color: Complete me color. More lighthearted than you like, but still, it evokes presence, and you wear it well.

      Love: Owning your magnetic prowess, especially after November 21, makes you irresistible.

      Career: Mars, one of your ruling planets, supports you in moving forward towards your career goals.

      Money: Comfort and security, familiar surroundings motivate you into a better financial position.

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    2. Russian Navy

      This Scorpio season suggests that you escape from the world a while and take a personal sabbatical if you can. Mercury going direct gifts you new knowledge about yourself. The New and Full Moons align you to a restored state.

      Color: Complete me color. Lapis represents Spirit, Vision, and universal truth.

      Love: “Behind closed doors” would be a description of your love life this season. Career: You do best this season when you’re quietly grateful about being able to support others and investigating behind the scenes.

      Money: November 12 signifies the start of a turning point in your finances, which way depends on how you’ve been managing them for the past year and a half.

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    3. Yes My Condor Can-do!

      November 12 is particularly worthwhile for you, both Jupiter and Pluto will align in your sign; gracing you with confidence and untapped will power–especially if born between December 7–17, then this is a sweet spot. Use your superpower wisely!

      Color: Complete me color. Not only does this color command respect, but it screams intelligence and ambition.

      Love: Sometimes, feeling loved is all we need to know that we are appreciated simply for being ourselves. This season is about you feeling seen.

      Career: Mercury going direct gives you the career focus and clarity that you’ve been asking for.

      Money: November 12 is a prelude for what’s to come–make the most out of your resources.

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    4. To All a Good Night

      The first half of the season, you’re traveling, learning, and preparing for your next phase. The New Moon on November 15 is an annual moon that graces the reputation sector of your solar chart, being prepared to put your best self forth is only beneficial.

      Color: Remedy color. A deep aquatic hue reminds you of your depth and untapped resources.

      Love: Communication is your love language, only this season with your love planet Mercury going direct–you’re clear about wanting to dig deep.

      Career: Honoring your intensity and recognizing where you have an effect on others is what makes you successful, own it!

      Money: November 12 is financially rewarding when you reveal what you’ve been secretly working on.

      SHOP THE SHADE: To all a good night

    5. Can't Find My Czechbook

      Scorpio season is a fellow water sign which enables you to get more in touch with how your beliefs are playing a strong if not dominant role in your life. Mercury and Mars going direct gifts you clarity and a self-esteem boost!

      Color: Complete me color. Turquoise is one of the many colors of your soul–it’s wise, attuned to the subtle whispers of life, and non-judgemental.

      Love: The New Moon on November 15 inspires you to fall in love passionately again, even if that means with the same person or a place.

      Career: November 12 is a power day for you to socialize, so powerful in fact, that it’s life-changing.

      Money: Mars going direct motivates you to spend more, but also to take action to replenish the dent in your wallet; In other words, you’re breaking even.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Can't Find My Czechbook

    6. Suzi Talks with Her Hands

      Your planet Mars has been retrograde for a while, which means that the world hasn’t been working as quickly as you’d like it to–with Mars going direct on November 13, expect to have streamlined your action. Be mindful of how powerful taking action is! Think about Right action vs. impulsive action.

      Color: Remedy color. Balance, mindful, and considerate of others, especially while Mercury and Mars slowly settle back into a comfortable place.

      Love: There’s a beautiful vitality about you and an equally seductive passion that is drawing others to you. Mercury going direct in your opposite sign, implies that you’re ready to take action in a relationship!

      Career: November 12 for you reminds you to use your powers wisely.

      Money: You’re willing to see other’s perspectives this season, which means that those same people want to treat you to the niceties of life, let them.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Suzi Talks with Her Hands


    7. I Love You Just Be-Cusco

      The Full Moon in your sign on Halloween makes it a particularly sensual holiday with someone special. November 12 implies that you’re ambitious about what you’ve learned and ready to share that with someone else. Venus is in fellow ruled sign Libra, is making your daily life more beautiful.

      Color: Complete me color. Sensual and so empowering that it is capable of hypnotizing you into a more productive place.

      Love: The New Moon on October 15 catapults things to the next level, either in your current relationship, or a new one.

      Career: Work will seem better, more fluid, and peaceful, but if you haven’t been happy with your job before now–it would be an ideal time to find a new one.

      Money: Mercury going direct means that you can expect news.


    8. If You Persist…

      Your planet Mercury going direct has aligned your life in favor of allowing you to incorporate your creative talents into your work because they’ve gone untapped and unexpressed for too long. Halloween is more mystical for you this year. Mars going direct will mean a rush of invitation, be selective with which ones to choose.

      Color: Complete me color. Feminine, lighthearted, and a creamy hue neutral tickles your creative ideas into manifestation.

      Love: After November 15, expect your obsession with love and romance a reality.

      Career: Thinking your way into a better-balanced situation will open you to more prospects.

      Money: November 12 is an auspicious portal for you to invest more wisely–to allocate your resources into something bigger, to make an investment.

      SHOP THE SHADE: If You Persist…

    9. Good Girls Gone Plaid

      Scorpio season allows you to bask in your emotions and to make a holiday out of it. When you feel deeply, you invoke a stirring feeling in others. The New and Full Moon are lovely, sensual, and social for you. In the first half of the season, your focus is on beautifying your home.

      Color: Remedy color. Dark, contained, empowering, magnifying your alluring quality.

      Love: You’ve focused on partnership in a way that you never have before, on November 12, a relationship takes on a more empowering tone.

      Career: Mars going direct lights up your career sector. You may have to be more straightforward to get what you want, but it will happen fast, so be ready to take the right actions!

      Money: To prosper, you’ll need to do some investigating to find creative solutions. Managing your money should be a fun process!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Good Girls Gone Plaid

    10. Pearl of Wisdom

      Mercury Retrograde was a pretty standard one for you–we expect that you likely had some hiccups that we’re allowing you to slow down and recalibrate. Communication is particularly vital for you this season, so be mindful and stay open-hearted.

      Color: Remedy color. Clear, pure, and communicative keep you in perfect planetary alignment.

      Love: Love is a constant, but it’s in rediscovering parts of ourselves that we feel loved, or “in love.” Rediscovering your passion for life opens you to romantic possibilities.

      Career: The Full Moon on Halloween is illuminating how quality is important to you.

      Money: Your financial flow is related to your thoughts–keep them positive and fair.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Pearl of Wisdom

    11. Red Heads Ahead

      Your planetary Ruler Mercury going directly awakens you to your self-worth and your purpose in this life–even if you aren’t there yet, you can begin to walk down that path. The New Moon on November 15 is allowing you to appreciate where you’re at, rather than where you think you should be.

      Color: Complete me color. Vibrant, energized, and spontaneous so that you don’t overthink things too much.

      Love: November 12 is a poignant one for your romantic life–it means that you’ll have to think long term about where things are going.

      Career: You’ll know which option to choose, the one that makes sense to you. Money: Pouring in from every direction, not entirely but almost–because you can find life beautiful, it reflects that back to you.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Red Head Aheads

    12. Turn On the Northern Lights!

      Mercury direct happens in your sign and signifies that your perception of yourself is clearer. Being everything to everyone isn’t healthy for you or anyone else. Mars going directly in your opposite sign, awakens you to assert your desires and inspires you to go after what you want!

      Color: Remedy color. Evokes deep feelings, empowerment, and is your balancing color.

      Love: Venus is your sign until November 21, so spoil yourself and make this a make-over self-love season!

      Career: The New Moon on November 15 can mean a raise if you ask for it.

      Money: Better after November 21, just make sure to stash some away for when you need it most.

      SHOP THE SHADE: To All A Good Night

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