OPI Celebrates Earth Day with OpenClosit

OPI Celebrates Earth Day with Open Closit
  • OPI Celebrates Earth Day with Open Closit
    Some parts of modern life are, at this point, widely known to cause environmental harm — flying overseas, using disposable plastic items, and even driving to and from work, for example. But when it comes to our clothes, the impacts are less obvious. We’ve been working with Open Closit at our social shoots to reduce our carbon footprint, and got a chance to speak with them on how they are impacting the environment in a positive way.
    1. Rated Pea-G

      What is OpenClosit?

      OpenClosit is a sustainable platform to list and rent designer dresses.

      Why did you start OpenClosit?

      I guess I ultimately started OpenClosit out of a personal need. The idea originally came about years ago. My group of friends would rotate our dressy attire religiously, sharing outfits freely. I thought to myself – surely there’s a fairer way of doing this, and potentially on a larger scale.
      It wasn’t until years later when I was working in advertising strategy, specifically conducting consumer research, that I decided to properly test out the idea. I did a gut check among 1,500 women and the results were clear -- generally speaking, we’ve got way more clothes in our closets than we wear and a number of dresses that have only seen the light of day once or twice. I stuck with my corporate job for a time until I dedicated myself full time to OpenClosit. What feeds my soul now is trying to inspire a new mindset – less focused on outright possessions and more cognizant of the resources that go into each garment.

    2. Rated Pea-G

      Why does a business like OpenClosit help the planet?

      Well every garment that you rent prevents something new from being produced. So if we can all get behind renting we will certainly all have more sustainable wardrobes. More adventurous ones too!

      How do you hope to inspire people and other brands with your brand’s mission?

      I hope to inspire people to consider the resources that go into each garment that they bring into their closets full-time. To put the resource problem into perspective, 100 billion clothing items are produced each year. For 8 billion people. That accounts for more carbon emissions than international flights and ocean shipping combined. That makes the fashion industry the second greatest consumer of our world’s water. There’s just so much room for improvement here and I see the sharing economy being a combatant against this reckless consumption.

    3. Strawberry Margarita

      What is the #NoNewClothes pledge?

      The #NoNewClothes pledge is an incredible way to reset your relationship with fashion and visualize how much clothing we consume by pledging not to buy any new clothes for 90 days. I know for me, I noticed I had a bit of an addiction to shopping when I took the pledge. Anyone who takes the pledge with Remake and goes 90 days without buying new clothes we give 30% off with an OpenClosit dress rental as a little guilt-free reward.

      There are so many beautiful and vibrant pieces. How does color play a role in the pieces you source?

      #ColorIsTheAnswer! I definitely see renting as an opportunity to take a fashion risk with color that you wouldn't normally take. We love stocking vibrant colors and prints as they stand out gorgeously for special events and show up beautifully on camera.

      What OPI shade do you think goes with any outfit?

      Honestly, I love a vibrant color paired with something that might seemingly clash. Who says you can't pair a bold blue nail with a baby-doll pink dress? Color is meant to be played with!

    4. Johanna Moonan

      Johanna Moonan is the founder of OpenClosit, coined ‘the Airbnb for your wardrobe’. OpenClosit was created to extend the lifecycle of designer garments. By renting a dress from the marketplace, you're tapping into someone's wardrobe and renting a garment that would otherwise go unworn. On the other side of the coin, OpenClosit also represents a way to run your own side hustle from home by safely renting out designer pieces you rarely wear. In this way, OpenClosit is putting money in the pockets of women who invest in a quality fashion but also immediately reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Fun Fact! Johanna has been a hand model for OPI on several shoots! 

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