OPI Healing Hands: Yoga Poses to Instill Peace

OPI Healing Hands: Destiny Taylor
  • OPI Healing Hands: Destiny Taylor

    We believe that color has the ability to spark joy and empower us - that color can be the answer to self-expression, healing, and wellness for mind, body, and soul. It is through our hands that we find that enlightenment, so we’re introducing a new series called Healing Hands. Each month, we’ll take the time to spotlight someone within the community who strongly feels that power and connection by asking them to share the story of their hands that heal.

    To kick off our series and to celebrate September being National Yoga Month, we sat down with Destiny Taylor, yoga instructor, wellness influencer, tarot card reader, and social media marketer. Just like the power of color, modern yoga- inspired by ancient Hindu practice- has become a common source of finding healing and balance. We asked Destiny about how her practice transitioned into instructing, how she feels hands can be healing within her practice, and how color inspires her.

    1. Destiny Taylor's Yoga Beginnings

      OPI: Hi, Destiny! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with us, how did you get started in your personal practice with yoga?

      DT: My yoga journey began shortly after I moved to LA circa 2017. I would take kickboxing, pilates, and Zumba step classes about three times a week in college and I wanted to continue that here in LA, and Google recommended Hot Yoga Sculpt. Which is an upbeat heated yoga class that incorporates weights and high-intensity cardio bursts. It was love at first class for me.

      OPI: What are some of your favorite postures or styles of yoga?

      DT: I've only been practicing traditional yoga for about a year now. The styles I flow through the most are Hatha, Bikram, and, most recently, Kemetic yoga, which is the Egyptian system. I love postures and stretches that are naturally detoxing, so Happy Baby, Supine Spinal Twist, Bow Pose, and any Chair Pose variation.

    2. Destiny Taylor's Healing Hands

      OPI: What made you want to pursue yoga teacher training? What was that experience like for you and your overall journey into a wellness-based practice like that?

      DT: I pursued my hot yoga sculpt teacher training because I was ready to deepen my practice and wanted to further be a light in people's lives. It was a challenging experience for sure. I quickly discovered that it takes much more than a physical skill to be a fitness instructor. You have to observe the room, understand the body, know how to cue and make adjustments, and also be a Poppin DJ lol.

      OPI: How do you feel the practice of yoga can be healing?

      DT: I believe Yoga is healing to people in many different ways. I prefer hot Yoga because the heat and intensity keeps the mind on the mat. I push my mind, body, and internal support team beyond its limits in every class. When I leave, I feel so powerful and proud of myself; I heighten my self-worth. Traditional Yoga similarly challenges me. When I stretch deeper than I anticipated or hold my crow pose longer than the day before, I magnify my love for self.

    3. Destiny Taylor wearing her favorite OPI shade

      OPI: What impact does color have on the healing journey for you?

      DT: Color ignites my senses, memory, and promotes different emotions. I love jewel tones because they remind me of my royal lineage and the woman I am becoming every day. My apartment is dripped in green accents to represent growth and life.

      OPI: Is there a particular color or shade that feels more healing for your practice?

      DT: Bright and bold yellows like Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet are important to me because yellow ignites joy and playfulness. This may be an interesting shade to reach for as we transition into fall, but I need to be reminded of sunny days all-year-round, especially with the ways of the world today.

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    4. OPI Healing Hands: Destiny Taylor

      You can follow Destiny @destinytaylorxo on Instagram for tons of beauty, fashion, wellness and yoga inspiration. As well as follow her spiritual and wellness-based account @themamagreen for monthly tarot readings.


    5. OPI Healing Hands

      Be sure to stay tuned for more wellness-based content coming soon, as we continue highlighting experts in the community and sharing their stories and practices with healing hands.

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