OPI Horoscopes: Cancer Season

OPI Blog: Horoscopes - Cancer Season
  • OPI Blog: Horoscopes - Cancer Season

    Cancer Season is upon us! To celebrate the changing of the stars, we brought in the magical and mystical Natalia Benson to bring her effortless insight to this month’s astrological reading.

    Cancer is focused on self care, so use that feeling of security to feel more inspired, especially near a comforting body of water - beach day anyone? If you’ve been feeling moody or a little imbalanced, taking time to do some of your favorite beauty routines or self-care rituals is a must. Think manicures complete with the foot massage, time at your favorite spa, or even just some extra time spent at home can really recharge your batteries are all excellent ways to make use of the Cancerian energy at play this month.

    1. OPI Stop It I'm Blushing!


      Happy Birthday Cancer! Get adventurous this month and do something out of your ordinary routine, especially when celebrating your year around the Sun!

      Shop the Shade: Stop It I'm Blushing!

    2. OPI A Red-vival City


      Focus on career goals and/or your productivity this month Leo. You have some incredible things going for you & this is a great time to shine.

      SHOP THE SHADE: A Red-vival City

    3. OPI Closer Than You Might Belém


      Just think Virgo, there are so many amazing ideas and opportunities just waiting to be seized. Get inspired by your social circle this month.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Closer than You Might Belém

    4. OPI Do You Sea What I Sea?


      Meditate and cool your jets this month Libra, trying a new meditation practice or even just being sure to get enough sleep will feel great.


    5. OPI Toucan Do It If You Try


      Fresh energy & new beginnings color your month. Reinvent your look or at the very least, try a new nail color totally outside your ordinary.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Toucan Do It If You Try

    6. OPI Never a Dulles Moment


      A focus on money colors your month Sag, so the question now is, to save or to spend?

      SHOP THE SHADE: Never a dulles Moment

    7. OPI Crawfishin' For a Compliment


      Get social this month Cap, try a new restaurant or have a night out with a new group of friends. It’ll feel good to try new things this month.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Crawfishin' For a Compliment

    8. OPI No Room for the Blues


      Spend some time in your home sector this month, updating your bedding or home decor could make being there all the more enjoyable!

      SHOP THE SHADE: No Room for the Blues

    9. OPI La Paz-itively Hot


      Romance, creativity and all around good vibes are up for you this month Pisces so be sure to share the wealth!

      SHOP THE SHADE: La Paz-itively Hot

    10. OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around


      Get grounded and balanced this month, focus on tasks around the house that make you feel accomplished. Be sure to make space for movement or exercise if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

    11. OPI Russian Navy


      Focus on your relationships this month Taurus, do they feel balanced and enriching? Check in and invest in the ones that do.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Russian Navy

    12. OPI Do You Take Lei Away?


      Meditate and slow your roll this month Gemini. Time spent reading, resting or meditating will do wonders for your energy levels this month.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Do You Take Lei Away?

    13. OPI Blog: Horoscopes - Cancer Season


      This is the month for self-care, so treat yourself to a manicure whenever you want!

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    Written by Natalia Benson -