OPI Horoscopes: Capricorn Season

OPI Horoscopes: Capricorn Season - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • OPI Horoscopes: Capricorn Season - The Drop Blog by OPI

    It’s the New Year and there is truly no better sign to start out under than Capricorn! With the Sun in Capricorn our attitudes become tenacious, focused and ready to get things done. Capricorn tends to guide us in being ambitious and determined to bring our goals into reality. It’s a bit ironic that “New Year’s Resolutions” start out under this powerful Earth Sign! Take advantage of the energy at play this month and really set your mind, body & spirit to achieve something that carries weight in your life. You may feel incredibly empowered and motivated to make necessary changes and get the year started off on a powerful foot. Capricorn is all about practicality and responsibility so be sure you create “how to” steps to lofty goals. Start with the easiest goal first, one step at a time! Life may feel more grounded and even slightly more serious than usual, as there will be about 5 major planets circulating through the ambitious sign of Capricorn this month. A major boost of energy to all of the Capricorns out there!

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      Start your year off daydreaming & getting inspired, Aries! The more exciting it seems in your mind the more real it can become in your life.

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      Meditation and a bit of self reflection will have your year starting off on the perfect foot Taurus. It’s still Winter so be sure to get plenty of rest and you will have more than enough energy & time for everything you want to do.

      Suggested shade: Wanna Wrap?

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      New beginnings color your month Gemini! How can you reinvent yourself and your year? What makes you feel like a leader? Action is the keyword this month. 

      Suggested shade: My Wish List is You

    4. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, I can Never Hut Up, Cancer

      Money, money, money for the Cancers this month. Saving or spending, it’s totally up to you. What are your financial goals for 2018? How can you start off the year feeling powerful, especially with regards to your finances?

      Suggested shade: I Can Never Hut Up

    5. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, Excuse Me Big Sur, Leo

      Take a short adventure out of town Leo, the perfect way to start your 2018 is in your element of having fun! 

      Suggested shade: Excuse Me, Big Sur!

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      Start the year off nesting and resting Virgo. I know you more than most signs want to hit the ground running for 2018, but just be sure to nurture yourself and your health in the process. 

      Suggested shade: Wanna Wrap?

    7. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, Time For A Napa, Libra

      Start your 2018 off on a light hearted foot Libra- romance, creativity or spending time with children are all highlighted to begin your 2018! Be grateful. 

      Suggested shade: Time for a Napa

    8. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, Coconuts Over OPI, Scorpio

      Balancing health and well being are of the utmost importance for you Scorpio! Start 2018 with a nice morning routine or be sure to stay on your workout game. 

      Suggested shade: Coconuts Over OPI

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      Balance with relationships and partnerships are where you begin your 2018 Sagittarius. If you have projects near and dear to your heart, consider taking on the responsibility with someone you trust and love. 

      Suggested shade: Dulce de Leche

    10. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, Hold OUt For More, Capricorn

      Happy Birthday Capricorn! This month you begin your 2018 empowered to be your most powerful self. Let go of any bad habits (it may be easier than you think) and take this year on as your best self ever.

      Suggested shade: Hold Out for More

    11. OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Natalia Benson, Show Us Your Tips, Aquarius

      Learning and traveling are both excellent ways to begin your 2018 Aquarius. Consider booking yourself a long distance ticket to get inspired or taking a course on something that you find fascinating. 

      Suggested shade: Show Us Your Tips!

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      Pisces, you begin your year off encouraged to set goals and knock them down. Career and vocation take a front seat at the start of 2018, and you may be noticed even more than usual for your skills and gifts this month. 

      Suggested shade: Raisin’ The Bar

    Written by NATALIA BENSON -