OPI Horoscopes: Libra Season

Libra Season: October Horoscopes
  • Libra Season: October Horoscopes

    Welcome to Libra season! Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra energy is concerned with beauty, harmony, and balance in all your relationships. Utilize this season to focus on your most prized relationships, so do something kind for someone you care about in your life.

    Libra is also a very intellectual Air sign, so anything related to reading, studying, creative activities or other mentally stimulation is easier to access and explore from September 23rd through October 22nd. Ultimately, be kind to yourself and to one another during this journey through Libra. Watch your life balance, and witness natural harmony in return.

    1. From Here to Eternity


      Happiest Birthday Libra! Expand your horizons, go on an adventure, travel, or treat yourself to a study session on whatever you find fascinating.

      Shop the shade: From Here To Eternity

    2. I'm Not Really a Waitress


      Expanding your career or life path is your focus this month. Get productive, write down your goals and hit the bricks! Accomplishment has never felt so good.

      Shop the shade: I’m Not Really A Waitress

    3. Icelanded a Bottle of OPI


      Get social this month and expand your network. Don’t forget to donate your time to a cause you love and believe in.

      Shop the shade: Icelanded A Bottle of OPI

    4. Withstands the Test of Thyme


      Try something to calm your mind this month. Meditation, a breath-work class or yoga are all great places to start.

      Shop the shade: Withstands the Test of Thyme

    5. You've Got Nata On Me


      New beginnings and fresh energy color your month Aquarius. Begin a new project or re-invent your daily routine this month!

      Shop the shade: YOU'VE GOT NATA ON ME

    6. My Private Jet


      Money on your mind Pisces. Make that budget this month so you can take yourself shopping for something you adore!

      Shop the shade: My Private Jet

    7. Toucan Do It


      Communication, self-expression and connecting with others colors your month. Step out, be bold and say what you mean!

      Shop the shade: Toucan Do It If You Try

    8. Follow Your Bliss


      Cozy up and chill out this month. Take care of your home, re-decorate or sleep in a little later than usual when you can. #SelfCare

      Shop the shade: Follow Your Bliss

    9. Charged Up Cherry


      Get creative and playful this month Gemini. Any activity that makes you feel free is the way to enjoy yourself. Share your joy with others!

      Shop the shade: Charged Up Cherry

    10. Olive for Green


      Create a healthy and empowering routine for yourself this month Cancer, whether that's some yoga, gym time or hiking!

      Shop the shade: Olive For Green

    11. Rose Against Time


      Romance yourself or the one you love. Your energy turned toward your relationships and creating balance in your life can happen seamlessly!

      Shop the shade: Rose Against Time

    12. Whisperfection


      Meditate and slow down this month Virgo. You will feel more calm with every moment you give to yourself. Get out in nature and in the sun.

      Shop the shade: Whisperfection

    13. Libra Season: October Horoscopes

      Libra Season is the time to try out new nail shades, or revisit some old favorites, so treat yourself to a manicure and make a salon visit a priority.

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    Written by Natalia Benson -