OPI Horoscopes: Pisces Season

Pisces season nail polish shades
  • Pisces season nail polish shades
    Pisces Season encapsulates all things dreamy, spiritualized, cosmic and kind. We may feel more adept to sleeping and dreaming than going at a fast and furious pace (that’s next month…) Dreaming awake can be the vibe of Pisces Season, as the dualistic fish are ruled by the lord of the Ocean, Neptune. Neptune embodies all things other worldly: our ability to day-dream, meditate and be creative. Pisces Season can be an excellent time to get creative, sleep in, paint, write music, swim, enjoy the spa or ocean, etc. Any down time you can take to nurture these deeper parts of yourself, the better. You’ll be grateful to enjoy the chill vibe that Pisces can offer because get ready - the fiery energy that is Aries comes up in April!…
    1. OPI shade A Red-Vival CIty

      Are you feeling the Travel Bug, Aries? Get adventurous this month! If you can’t skip town take a class on something you’ve been wanting to learn or do something out of your normal routine.

      Shade: A Red-Vival City

    2. OPI shade Funny Bunny

      Get on your hustle this month Taurus, you’ll feel right at home in boss mode. Write down your goals and get to work. Get creative with problems at work.

      Shade: Funny Bunny

    3. OPI shade I Am What I Amethyst

      Daydream & visualize your best life Gemini! You have to believe it before you can see it. Make sure the people around you are supportive & positive.

      Shade: I Am What I Amethyst

    4. OPI shade Enter The Golden Era

      Meditate and slow your roll this month Cancer. Any time chilling out will feel rejuvenating. Don’t worry, you won’t get behind.

      Shade: Enter The Golden Era

    5. OPI shade OPI Red

      Step out and be bold this month Leo. Where can you be a leader in your life & innovate your routine? Wardrobe Renewal or taking care of your appearance are also highlighted.

      Shade: OPI Red

    6. OPI shade Suzi The First Lady of Nails

      Money on your mind Virgo- budget yourself this month and stack your cash, or, make a bigger purchase on something you’ve been wanting

      Shade: Suzi The First Lady Of Nails

    7. OPI shade Made You Look

      Socializing and trying new things are up for you this month Libra. Try a new restaurant around town or adventure somewhere totally new. Inspiration is revitalizing this month.

      Shade: Made Your Look

    8. OPI shade Kyoto Pearl

      Meditate and get some rest in this month Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling like life has been going a mile a minute, it has and you need a minute to yourself.  

      Shade: Kyoto Pearl

    9. OPI shade Mod About You

      Get creative, romantic and have fun this month Sagittarius (that’s not hard for you) There’s a ton of energy in your sign this month with Mars cruising through, so don’t forget to slow down for a second to avoid burnout! 

      Shade: Mod About You

    10. OPI shade Made It To The Seventh Hill!

      Balance is key for you this month Capricorn. Take some time in the mornings for a quick meditation, yoga class or at the very least a great breakfast.

      Shade: Made It To The Seventh Hill!

    11. OPI shade Closer Than You Might Belém

      A focus on relationships, balance and diplomacy take precedent in your life this month Aquarius. Do something for someone else or do some form of community service this month.  

      Shade: Closer Than You Might Belém

    12. OPI shade Glitzerland

      Happiest Birthday Pisces! Don’t be afraid to slow down and pamper yourself for your birthday. A Solar Return is the best time to take on great habits for your next lap around the Sun. Enjoy yourself! 

      Shade: Glitzerland

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